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• Thursday, December 06th, 2007

God and America

I can still remember so vividly my sad days of WWII when I was a young boy, and I suffered and cried along with so many other people. We all prayed each and every day, and we asked God and America to help us in our desperate time of need. I can still envision, in my mind, all of the times during the early sunrises and the late sunsets how my Mother and I sat by our warm fireplace and begged God and America to send us some relief and help. The fresh days of W. W. II were still on my mind when I received my first Holy Communion, and on that same day when I first received the body of Jesus Christ, I also received my first one dollar bill from my Godfather, Alex. I remember the joy I felt in my heart as I said, “Thank you God, and Thank you, America.” This dollar and I became the best, inseparable friends for the next twelve years of my young, tough and impressionable life. This friend built up my hopes as I carried it with me daily in my old, torn up, empty wallet that once belonged to my father. I made sure that whenever I had it in my pocket, it stuck out and it showed just a bit. Everyone who lived in my town of Croatia “knew” my one dollar bill better than they knew me, a ten year old boy. Then, one day when I got older, this same one dollar bill served the former Yugoslavia’s Communist Army with me for two lengthy years. It always stuck its head out of my big, empty, wallet. It was the kind of a dollar which meant the world to me, and there wasn’t anything in this world that I would have traded it for. My dollar tested and evaluated minds of many people and it discovered the truth for twelve years, as it traveled with me no matter where I’d go. I can tell you America, that “little people” around the world always loved you and they still do, but I am sad to also tell you that you do not have any “big friends.”

In 1961, I carried with me my one dollar bill back to its home, to its birthplace, and to his own mother’s hands. It was then that I once again thanked God and America for all of their help. It was at this time when I first set my foot on the American soil that I knew my wishes and my dreams of so many years have been fulfilled. I was now able to “taste” the beautiful, peaceful life that America offered. At the same time, I was not longer able to live my life with my good friend, the one dollar bill I possessed and carried with me for so many years. This bill woke up my tender mind and aided me to think and learn about life. It was not easy to depart from my good friend and send my first treasured piece of good luck out there to go from hand to hand. As I slowly let go of it, I had fond flashback memories of the day, of the hour, when I had the fortune to receive it in the first place. It was an unbelievable experience for me, and I am unable to express my exact feelings of how lucky I felt at that moment. Only God, my one dollar bill, and I could relate to that special moment, but we all knew how many other people in this world were also waiting and praying to God and America to help them, as well.

On the second day of my arrival to America, and on the second day of walking on the soil of this great land, I began to think about America and the world that’s around us. I remember how I reached into my pocket very slowly, pulled out my wallet and faced my one dollar bill as I said, “Today, before the sun sets, you must go and help the world.” I put my friend back in my pocket and walked down a street where I saw a store. I walked inside and, there, I bought my first pair of something every person could use. Yes, it was underwear. I took out my friend, my one dollar bill, and before I reluctantly departed with it, I kissed it and said, “Now, go out there, from hand to hand and help build their hopes as you once helped build mine.” The dollar left my hand and I was left with an empty wallet, holding a brand new pair of underwear. However, I was left with a hope, and the same wish that the sun expresses to this nature and the world, each day as it shows its face to us.

America, you always possessed certain beauty and you still do. You were able to do what the world could not, and you must do what the world couldn’t and will not do. Not so long ago, you adopted, and the world adopted, what our nature’s health cannot; you adopted a child. Now, this world needs you. It is at our present time, and at a time which our nature faces, that I am unable to separate the American power from God and His nature’s power. No matter how I examine and look at our life, freedom health and the philosophy of life, I cannot, in any way, see how the bottom can be separated from the top. America, you need the world, and, World, you need America and its life’s drops. However, World, please try not to ever squeeze out the last drop, because its taste will be neither sour nor sweet.

I am kindly asking the world not to burry my life’s philosophy, because the soil of that grave may not want to accept it. America, you are the mother of our world. Please, make a sharp turn, as quickly as you possibly can, and no matter what can happen, and will happen, follow God and the power of His nature. You will not fail, in your attempt, to find what this nature is missing, and more importantly, the entire world will follow your footsteps. You, America, have the sole power to do what the rest of the world cannot, and will not do. Save, not only yourself, but also your child, the beautiful world.

World, as I am coming to the end of this writing, I’d like to leave you with my last wish; it is the very same wish that the sun possesses at its daily morning’s rise, “Today is for tomorrow!”

• Tuesday, December 04th, 2007

I strongly believe that no matter what we, writers, write, or what the educators teach, it is a food consumed by the mind, and for the mind. My love for writing and art existed ever since the early childhood days when I lived on a farm in Croatia, and this burning sensation grew as I grew. However, my life took me in another direction. It took me to a new faraway land, to a family of my own and, as it seized my hand, life walked with me on the other side of the road. It was a long, uneasy road. I walked down this road and lived with a tremendous load on my mind and in my heart. As years flew by I very often conversed with God and asked him, “God, why am I not writing?” I always made myself content when I thought, “Well, I am sure there must be a good reason for it!” Just the same, each new day greeted me with the beauty of Nature, God’s worldly creation, and I could almost hear it whispering to me, “No, it is not too late for your dreams to come true. Nature’s power and truth is still here, a very predictable future days. It is not too late for you to write. The day will come when you will be able to speed up and catch up to the other existing writers, time, and to some of the writers who are now resting in peace.”

I can recollect the very early times of my life when my writing and illustrating was accomplished, not by the use of a pen and paper or a brush, but simply by my mind. I scripted and drew people’s faces and thoughts in my mind, and my perseverance and beliefs always assured me that I was very fortunate to have a wonderful good friend who will help me how to write and tell me what I should write. I continued observing, enjoying and respecting God’s creation, the many plants and various fruit trees, and His creation brought me to a realization of why I was unable to write in the earlier years of my life, and, why, at the same time I haven’t really lost any time. It was obvious to me that my life developed and grew in the same way that the plants and the fruit trees grow. Plants are unable to have their seeds, and the fruit trees are unable to bare fruits, before it is their time, the right time. This is exactly what has happened to me, as well. I, just as the seeds and the fruit ripen, or should I say, used to ripen, ripened at the right time.

It was not long ago that in the middle of a deep dark night, I was awakened by it. It was then, that I seized a pencil in my hand, and as I held it, I knew in my mind and heart that I was facing God, his Nature, and the many beautiful faces of children who had bright thirsty minds as they were waiting for that sunrise, waiting and waiting for the daylight. As I continued to grip the pencil, I began to have thoughts about some parents, teachers and writers. These thoughts flew through my mind and there was in particular one thought, one life’s very late question, which in reality, I felt was the greatest early life’s answer and that was, “What are our children able to learn so that at the same time they are learning, they can also gain Knowledge?” I knew that I was facing Nature and the waiting children, and as I continued to hold onto my writing instrument, although there were so many existing words, I had a tremendous difficulty to begin writing. However, my inspiration came from within my own heart when I heard myself saying the words, “Help me, God! It was then that I was finally able to put down my “first dot’, and slowly I began to make a line, as I pondered to myself, “Will this line, my written words, change my lifestyle?”

The first eighteen years of my life were wonderful, because most of them were spent, working with my father, in the family fields, under the scorching sun. Yes, it was hard work, but I was satisfied and pleased with my life because it gave me a tremendous happiness to know that I was able to help feed other lives. I asked myself and God, “Can I do it again? As a writer, am I able to feed the human mind with my words, and can I aid my love, the rest of the Nature’s minds, bodies and hearts?” I know that every writer who writes, does so, for a good reason. A writer could have one, two, or more reasons, or it could be because of life itself which compels him to write. My reason for writing is life itself. Some of the written words, as well as the spoken ones, possess the power to turn, and to turn this world around, whereas, others have the power to stop and destroy. I believe there is a major difference between the spoken and the written words. Some of the spoken words that come out of our mouths, can dry up and disappear like the raindrops, while others will remain in our minds and hearts as the first beautiful spring flowers. Some spoken words can also dry up in our minds and hearts and leave a residue that’s similar to a spot of black ink. Written words, I feel, cannot dry up. No matter what we, the writers, write, or the teachers teach, our words are a vital food for the human mind, body and heart. These words should and must, therefore, be sound, “healthy” words. They should possess the same power which is contained within the organically grown food. Remember, health is freedom, but not without health. “Healthy” words are the greatest food God ever could’ve created. They are the healthy, sweet words possessing the power to move a sick person out of bed, and on his feet. We as teachers, healers and writers need to exercise the use of words which can, and should help “wake up” the human mind and help us create a good day’s work and a peaceful night’s rest and sleep. We must, with our words, help prevent, especially the young people, from wasting their sweet lifetime away. They must think, learn and write and participate in reading that will teach them something useful in life, and not just entertain themselves with “nothing,” because this nothing could be much worse than “nothing. Nothing doesn’t exist. However, we can very easily create “nothing,” and as a result have nothing. I believe that we, the people, must be held accountable for irresponsibilities.

May I ask you writers, teachers, healers, young people, parents and grandparents, a very simple, yet a very important question? Why are we allowing ourselves to lose respect for life, freedom and health? No matter what we involve ourselves in, whether we are learning, talking, reading or writing, it all falls into one funnel of life and into one huge world’s bottle of life. No one can escape from it. Each and every person in this world will, and must, take a taste, eat, and drink from it. No matter how we turn or examine this bottle we will find the one truth and, our truths.

I must tell you that before I became a writer, I was an ordinary farmer. I did not study philosophy in school; I simply tasted the nature’s truth which I found in our Nature. I am still able to recall the days of long ago, when I was only a teenage boy of fourteen. Even back then, I found myself worrying about “these days” and their physical existence. However, then, as well as now, I always relied on religion, as a base, to give me a sound, strong and healthy life’s support.

I lived through the treacherous days of W. W. II and I realized even then, when I was a young boy, that once the war ended, we began to change very rapidly. We started to lose respect for our nature, which in turn, is the respect for our life, freedom and health. We began to “feed” our children with less and less each day. We started to quickly build a new history, a quiet revolution between Nature and us, humans. We erected big world’s life pressures, but I fear that we haven’t yet been able to successfully and completely separate the night from the day. Too many of us, however, did succeed to forget the rest of our nature’s language, the one single language. Now our one world is at a standstill, and it doesn’t know how to ask for that which our freedom and health is asking us. As a new writer, I am deeply worried about our many truths. I believe that some of my worries and thoughts were inherited by me from my Mother, because although it was so long ago, I am still able to remember how my Mother always worried about the next approaching year. I can still hear those impressive, repetitive words she uttered to me almost on a daily basis, “Don’t hurt yourself! Tell me what are you doing, and where are you going? Don’t get lost and make sure you’re home early.” I was a young boy then, and now I am a father and a grandfather, and I, too worry! I worry about many truths. I ask you, world, can you possibly tell me, “Who wouldn’t worry and why wouldn’t they worry?

As a writer, I am constantly thinking and worrying about the dilemma, which is, that most of the world may not care to hear, or know, what my wishes are, but I cannot tell what they are not.

I am specifically addressing the children and the young people of the world. What are you doing, and where are you going? Please, make sure you are home early. I am also asking all of the writers, teacher and healers, “Please, help me to write. Help me to plant your words and mind in a similar way in which the skilled farmers spread and plant their organic seeds over their farmland. Help me to plant healthy food for the mind.

• Thursday, November 01st, 2007

Unbound and free from freedom, science, and technology, human power raised its foot too high over the nature’s power, the world’s freedom and health, and over too many undiscovered nature’s truths. Every second of every hour, day and days, we ignore nature, use it, abuse it, and destroy it, in thousands of different ways. We highly insult the earth’s soil and it is fatigued from the diabolic wars. We people, have very little use for this nature and the earth’s soil. We simply need land. Who is this power over nature’s freedom and health? WHOEVER it is, it cannot be the power of God. It is a power that is too much and too much is not enough. It is a might, possessing a power that can make this world into less than nothing. God and his believers of nature, teachers, healers, and pure life’s philosophers, you are aware of the fact that time is unable to stop and wait, and the rest of nature cannot forgive. Beautiful children, women and men of all colors, sizes, and shapes, we all have the need for nature’s virginity and truth -God’s truth. There’s no other power over God’s power that we can trust. We must stand together as one, and pray to God for each other, and we must pray with an immense respect for the rest of his worthy nature.

God, please forgive me for my sad thoughts, but, I very often ponder, “How can you help us on this earth, without nature’s help? WHO can and How?”

Beautiful people throughout this world, rich and poor alike, we need very little to be rich, but we need a lot to be poor. We face extremely critical times of nature, times which this nature lost. Tiny nature is already battling the human sperm. Now is the time when we must speed up, not with autism, cancer, bird flu…, but it is essential that we catch up to time and make our speed faster than that of time, and quicker than the speed of man’s worst enemy, the fly, and anything else that grows. Quickly, we must gain knowledge how to learn to speed up, in this circle of life, and follow nature’s speed, but not supersede it. It is then, that we will be able to discover the many existing life’s truths, the very same truths which parents can discover and predict when, and if, they spend some time to follow their young children’s life’s steps. Who follows? Teachers, healers – who follows? More definitely than ever before, we would then, be able to discover, as well as prevent many of the life’s unanswered questions, the WHY’S and the WHY NOT’S. Time cannot stop and wait. World please, let us not be late. A pure life philosophy, especially in this 21st Century, which in the long run could help us, has not yet been born, and will not be born, unless we can help the holy scale, nature’s balance. Nature’s balance is God’s law. The umbilical chord between us, humans, and Mother Nature, has been severely damaged on both ends. I ask you, people, how far away from nature’s good power, from our freedom and health, are we able to walk?

We are huge country, we are big people, so let us stay close together, in unison. We must tell our children and grandchildren the truth about what nature is, who is the power, who has the power, and who is always there to help maintain their freedom and health, now, and in their future days. It is then, that the other children of the world will follow their road. How healthy, wise and wonderful it is that some people, just like the rest of nature, always follow the light.

Regardless of what topic I may be writing about I always find, that God, nature, life and America, preoccupy my thoughts. As you may already know, I was not born in America, yet I feel very thankful and extremely proud when I am able to say, as many of us often do, “We, Americans.” It is we, the Americans, who are going to be facing a forked road on the election day of 2008. We will be facing number eight, a very philosophical number. It is the only number from the other nine numbers that meets and holds its two ends together. I am thankful to God that it is not number nine, because nature, freedom and health, throughout the world, are unable to wait any longer. I strongly believe that 2008 is a philosophical year, and that we, Americans, will make a wise healthy step, a giant world step. Nature, freedom and health, throughout the world, are begging us, and they await our help. Nature is everything. Therefore, we must help our nature, so that we as well, as the rest of the world, may have “something” before we have “nothing.”
If on election day of 2008, the whole world made a decision to stand on one side of the life’s board, my decision would be to stand on the other side of it, accompanied by nature and children. I would look down from this board, alongside the children and nature, no matter how long it would take. I would then be able to exclaim to them, “We did not fall.” People can criticize people! No one can criticize nature!

I am addressing this to all of the beautiful children of the world. Please, know that nature is everything and so are you. Don’t allow anyone to sell your world. It is yours. Whatever you possess too much of, share with others, pray to God, and respect and love His nature. Life loves you, and so do I.

• Thursday, August 30th, 2007

A Woman Did Not Change the World


During the days of WWII, I was a young, little boy, a boy, searching for love and peace. Each day I searched, I found a big, cold, empty world. “Nothing” is a very wrong word to use, but, nothing could help to heal my tender, wounded mind, body and heart, nothing, except for the earth’s soil, a woman and the sun. Every morning when I woke up, I gazed through the window, waiting for the sun to rise. The warmth of the sun’s rays touched and healed my wounded mind and heart, but, there were days, and hours in a day, when the sun’s power was unable to reach and help heal my mind and heart. Layers of clouds, dark shades, decreased the power between the sun’s power, and my tender thirsty heart, thirsty for love and peace. The sun could not always reach, what the beautiful power of beautiful women, mothers, with their warm respect and love, always reached. Because we are human, and are the parents of Nature, war and fighting are very weak, unhealthy powers. Our love is our healthy power, a love which a little boy, now an old man, cannot forget; a power within power, the earth’s soil, women and sun, a power which cannot be washed away or dried up, but it cannot be wounded any more than it already is. World, we are losing the parents of our freedom and health, and the worst part of it is, and it can’t be any worse, is that more than half of this world is staring and looking, at what it is unable to taste and see. The sunpower could not reach what women, mothers, always reached.

I can still feel the warmth of the women’s warm arms, their embrace holding me tight, close to their warm bodies and hearts. I still have memories of their healthy warm wishes and words. They called me “child” and “son.” They talked to me and built my hope each and every day. I can still hear the words “Child, son, don’t be afraid. The bombing will stop very soon. The war will come to an end. Your father will return home, soon.” I can still feel their spilled tears, running down on my face and neck. Love is a beautiful power, a power that is still “melting” an old man’s heart. “Son, the war will come to an end.” Their warm healthy wishes have not yet, come true. To have one child, one parent killed, is too much, and it is TOO MUCH, but to have killings and loss of life by the thousands, is not enough.

World, we, in many different ways, have very badly wounded nature in our gardens, our green earth. We are definitely, and in every way, losing the battle. We are unable to ask our health and freedom questions. Why not? What is good, and what will help our green earth is that God possesses the power and His NATURE is holding the truth. Once a young, little boy, now an old man, I walk from one end to the other, but never far from Nature and God.

It’s a beautiful early morning of 2007’s spring and the sun has not yet risen. All nature awaits, as I do, for the sun to rise. Why ……. waiting for a healthy power to rise!? Standing in my garden observing nature’s power, the words cannot express how beautiful the truth is! As I await for the sunrise, world’s life questions fly through my mind, and there’s one answer, only one life’s answer __ the big Mother, the beautiful America.
It is springtime and it is a beautiful morning. The sun rose; love and peace rose just in time. America, “colorful” world, beautiful people, in our lifetime, time controls everything, and it could be, as it is, too late for many things, but, America, for love and peace in our lifetime, it is never too early and never too…! But, sooner is better than later! As I miander in my tiny garden, from one fruit tree to another, I see nature’s power, the beauty of the spring’s truth. The fruit trees blossom before their leaves grow. Why? Why is it before their leaves grow? I, a long time ago, asked my Mother this same question, over and over again. Why? “Why do you feed me, Mom, before you feed yourself?” I call fruit trees, beautiful women, beautiful mothers. A powerful power; power is love. This world, our nature, and our children, need only respect and love. My Mother fed me first, with the first and the best power, love. Just as my Mother has done, mother fruit trees also feed their babies, their flowers, their children, first. It is a sweetness and a power which endures a lifetime. It’s a power, which in too many ways, is taken away from our young children, women, mothers, earth’s soil and the sun. Why? Oh, God, how close, and yet how far we are, from your good Nature’s power! The time is here! We are facing time __ not politically, but physically, religiously and mathematically. We must give, before we can have, and, we will give. The future has been planted for our past, and it was planted, as well, for the 21st century. It was planted quickly in a thousand different ways, by the use of manpower over nature’s power, and the bad weeds sprouted before the good bread seeds. 21st Century’s spring was a dormant spring. The power, earth’s soil, women and sun are still waiting to sprout, bloom and blossom. The weather was, and still is, cold, cloudy, windy and dry, but before the 21st Century’s spring is over, this weather will change.

Physically, mathematically and religiously, a huge life’s wave is coming in, from the two ends. God possesses the power, and His Nature holds the truth, a colorful world for all of us. The power which exists between the earth’s soil and the sky, has the might to help the nature’s balance and the young buds, its young children, of this world. How little it is that we need to get, what we are not fighting for! Love! All of us were born and brought into the world with a tremendous love, and we didn’t have to fight for it. It truly was a beautiful gift for us all, for each other, and for the world, that women, our mothers, carried in them for nine months and, then, delivered to the world, just with love. If there’s no love, it is the end. How beautiful and healthy it is, just with love! Without love, physically and mathematically, God could not have created “nothing” before “something.” What God couldn’t, a human being could?!?! America, the world’s questions, one life’s answer, is lying on our table. American people, let’s not tear it apart! Nature is fighting us, as never before, and we, ourselves, are fueling that fire! Why? World, don’t you see that we, humans, are standing in the center of this battle, fighting each other? There’s no love!
“Global warming” may not say much, but it’s true that, the grass can stop growing before the ice melts. Global warming has created a very unhealthy world dish, and it is now serving it to the rich, to the poor, and to all of us, alike, in the form of air, water and food. This dish came about from many different unhealthy layers and shades. “Global warming” are only two simple words that may not say much to most of us, but autism, cancer, heart disease, obesity and bird flu are telling us our life’s truth. A very closely-related family is standing on one line, and the line is extremely long. Can we see where the line has begun, and can we see where is its end? Do we need God and His Nature’s help? Without the love and the respect for our nature, what God couldn’t, human being definitely could! More than half of our world is looking at a very unhealthy sight that it cannot see, and there are some who live with a hope that money can come to our aid of our green earth. Yes, it is true that money could’ve helped all of us, but not before life’s education, respect and love could, and can, help us. What money accomplished for our nature, money is still lacking the power to “buy” for it. Some of our life’s philosophy has the same power as the one who created the fruits without the seeds.

God, how close and, yet how far!!??!! We must learn quickly how to divide and we must learn a great deal about pressures, and life’s speed. Global warming, green earth, our world needs to build a strong economy composed of nature’s balance, freedom and health, a balance that is as sweet as it could be – a sweet God and His Nature’s law. World, a closely-related line began to form and grow when someone’s “unripe” life, yet, an educated mind, decided to step over the power of nature and play a game with Mother Nature’s huge breast, in a similar way as with the power of a woman, a mother’s breast. The end of the line is where the line began. Within our lifetime, we should never forget the two letter word, “IF.” We ran through too many life’s STOP signs and red lights, and, if we continue to do so, autism, in this young 21st Century, will not be able to help autism.

The world’s life questions, one life’s answer, and the life’s key, is lying on our American table. I strongly believe that America possesses the powers that the rest of the world lacks. America, and the world, stand close together, as one, and there shouldn’t be any questions, because there is only one life’s answer. In order that we may have peace and love, it is never to early, and it is never too…but, sooner is better than later.

One world, nature, is counting hours and days; it is waiting for us, for parents’ help. America, the life’s answer, and the life’s key has been lying on our table for a long time. Nature’s doors are locked, as is the world’s health and freedom. They are locked up behind the doors of Nature.

Women did not alter the world. Women, our mothers, delivered beautiful gifts into this world, for this world, simply with love, not battle. Physically and mathematically, not politically, our world is facing the power of pure nature, the power of women and mothers. How very little is so much! The weight of a bit longer strand of hair can help and hold nature’s balance; God and His Nature’s law, as sweet, as sweet could be!

Once a little boy, now an old man, I am now standing on one side of my life’s board. My love, my beautiful nature, as I have been walking from one end to the other, I found life to be so beautiful; at the same time, I also found that some human “huge” minds, not bodies, are a huge life’s waste. What we plant in our life, we must eventually harvest. Beautiful nature, my love for you I will not take with me, I cannot take it, it cannot die. Girls and boys, the day will come when my wishes for you will come true. Come to my grave, I will wait. Please, plant one fruit tree on top of my grave. I will wait, wait, for the first ripe fruit to fall on top of my grave. That will be the day, and the days, when love and peace will bloom and blossom. No matter what, this world must, and it will, make a turn.

Women have not changed the world. A woman will change the world. American people and the world united, it is better sooner than later – give the woman the key. I will wait, wait, for the first ripe fruit to fall on top of my grave. I will wait. That will be the day when the unborn children will no longer be afraid. Pressure! Women did not change the world. That will be the day when I will be able to turn in my grave, turn peacefully, rest, and wait. My love, beautiful nature, I cannot take with me what you will find is mine, my life’s gift for you. Beautiful nature, I will take your love, which I didn’t buy, but I do know it is mine. I will not say goodbye. I will wait.

• Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

War is an unhealthy power
Love is a power
Love is the answer,
What the devil can do,
But the devil doesn’t do,
No matter where you are,
And no matter who you are
And where you’re standing in this world
Drop your gun
Stop fighting
Your love and mine
Our love, will feed the devil
And tell the devil what to do

• Friday, May 25th, 2007


Walking behind ALL
People, please don’t rush
Flying above the birds
Flying above the sky
The drops, the sun the moon the stars
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind ALL
People, don’t be afraid
One drop, the earth’s soil holding in my hand
The soil is not dry
The sun is powerful and warm, as the child’s eyes
Without the moon, what the world can see will dry
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind the Time, the line is long
How can the earth’s soil be dry
When women and children cry
Tear drops are falling down
And they all fall into one drop
The sun, the moon, and the stars
The life’s drops – are all mine.


Walking behind a long line
People, why are you walking away from your home
Please, don’t rush
Those walking sad and in fear
And walking last on line
They will be served first
One drop
The world is mine.

• Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Zero is Not a Number

And that is the reason why this world is physically and mathematically suffering. Compared to the nine numbers, we created, and are creating, too many words. This earth’s soil and the sky is very rich, so why do we need so many words? Are we missing a number, a number from nine to ten? No, we are not. Number ONE, physically and mathematically, created numbers without a zero, but ends them with a zero, and without words. World, we are too soon, too early, adding too many zeroes behind one number, number ONE, and our health, and too many words behind too many lost lives. From nine to ten, we just need to stand behind the one number, number ONE. Why a zero? A zero was already added on. If we don’t stand behind number ONE, this world will physically, and mathematically collapse.

• Wednesday, May 16th, 2007


God is good
God respects and loves
All of his Nature the same
The power of Nature is telling us
“We trust God. We obey God’s laws
And work for God.
As Nature, we work together
For ourselves.”


God is as good as a good teacher
Children in a classroom
Will work with warmth in their heart
For a good teacher
First with their hearts
Then with their minds
We need good teachers
The same way as we need a good God
All Nature obeys God’s laws
And we need teachers who can obey Nature’s laws.


Let’s start to feed the devil with little
Let the devil suffer, but not die
We don’t need a perfect world
We need a better world
Let’s leave the heights of the mountains as they are
Let’s stay away from a perfect love
Pound for pound will be enough
Let the devil suffer, but not die.


God, please tell me what the world doesn’t want to know
Almighty, is it too late to ask?
We can help ourselves and Nature
By working together
For a good God
Together, for ourselves
We cannot work and live, as we live and work
One against all Nature
If we live, as we live, the devil will die.


All Nature obeys God’s laws
This world needs teachers who can obey Nature’s law
Who can teach children and tell the world
“God will not increase his power, for us
Over his Nature’s power,”
Let’s feed the devil with very little
Let the devil suffer
But don’t let him die from hunger.

• Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

(It’s Beginning in the 27th Century and ending in the 21st)


Why, far away from home?
For the very first time I slept and dreamed peacefully about life,
As a tree dreams in the winter,
And as a fruit tree dreams its early spring dream, and blooms and blossoms.
It’s a dream that a fruit dreams in the summer and fall, and it ripens.
A dream, a very last dream.


In my dream, for the very first time,
I let my mind fly and speed,
As free as a bird from its cage could fly,
Underneath the clear, peaceful sky,
And above the blooming and blossoming creeks, rivers, and the deep seas.
I dreamed what I have been searching for since my young days,
My dream is to find love and peace underneath this beautiful sky.
Why, far away from home, in my home?


Far away from home.
It is the first peaceful night,
And the first peaceful dream.
In my dream, no one woke me up,
And no one asked me to write.
I let my mind fly and speed as a mind, but not faster than the speed of daylight,
With the intention of landing,
Before the night closes its eyes.
Speed up as a mind,
But, only, the quickest speed which God had the power to create.


Far away from home, in my home
In my dream, voices of birds, love and peace
Woke me up, before the sunrise.
This happiness made me cry.
I found myself living in a small house,
A house with one door,
A door without a lock.
In my dream, I found the living truth
Existing between the reality and the dream
Far away from home.


Far away from home,
A beautiful morning has risen,
Filled with peace and love.
All nature bloomed and blossomed, like truth.
In my dream, as in my life,
I looked down before I looked up,
And I could tell how happy and peaceful the face of the earth’s soil was.
It was as happy and peaceful,
As a good lover can make
A woman’s face
In the later years of her life.


In my dream, I looked down before I looked up,
And I found the human footprints positioned unusually close to each other.
These footprints made me ponder, “If God created another quicker speed than that of the
human mind, what could IT be?”
I lowered myself to my knees,
And I touched the footprints with my fingers and my mind.
I found the answer to what IT could be
Underneath the footprints


In my dream, a beautiful morning was born.
Forests were covered with large dew tears, love and peace,
And the sun’s healthy rays
Aided the lizards and snakes in removing their winter clothes,
The same as they made me remove mine.
It was the very first moment in my life’s dream
When I could not see anything else in front of my eyes, except the truth, peace, and love God and his nature, truth, peace and love.


It was a peaceful dream, and a peaceful morning
Underneath the crystal-clear, blue sky.
I looked up and I could see
Many angels who were flying very high in the sky
And, flying very low, just above the trees,
Were three angels with large wings,
Holding onto something large and white.
As they flew, far away from home, in their home


I shouted up to them, very loudly,
“Friends, who are you?”
One of them answered,
“Now is the time to say it, “We NEVER WERE, friends.”
The angels flew very low
As they held a blank map of the world in their hands,
The likeness of an animal skin with two large ears, and not too long of a tail


The three angels whose wings were large
Were flying very low.
Two of them held the map of the world, by its shoulders,
And the third one held it by its tail, not willing to release it.
They dropped this map from their hands
And, then, flew away, very low.
I woke up from my beautiful dream,
And I’m unable to stop myself from crying.


World, please, remove your shoes and your socks
And step, with your bare feet,
Onto the face of the earth’s soil.
That answer, to what IT could be,
Will be found there!
Good, almighty God,
It is a long, rough road!
Why, far away from home?

• Friday, February 09th, 2007

I cannot see any existing difference between the religions, and the various colors of flowers, in this beautiful garden. Which flower, and which color, is beautiful? What is beautiful? Is it the color, itself, or is it that, which we are looking at, that is beautiful, the beautiful truth? How would this world and the honeybees look and feel, if there were only one kind of a flower, or no flowers at all? What could happen to the honeybees and the world? Thank God, IT didn’t happen in W. W. II. Beautiful people, have you ever tried to taste honey that was made from many different flowers, of many different colors? It is the best! It’s not only sweet, but it is healthy. It is as sweet as the God’s sweet truth. It is nature’s power and truth. Without the raindrops, nature would slowly wilt and dry. Without religion, what would happen to this world? It would happen slowly, and much, much worse. God, help our minds, so that we may help our beautiful, honest children, and ourselves. Human, healthy power, hasn’t been born yet, who could destroy another healthy human power without destroying his own. A human being cannot harm any other religion without harming his own. WHY? It is because our human life is built the same as that of a spider’s web. No matter where, or how, it is touched, our life’s entire web will shake and it IS shaking. God, how great of a human being Pope John Paul the 2nd was! This earth’s soil will forever miss his respect and his “lips,” and all religions will miss his words, and his truth.

There are many existing books about religions and God, and many more will be written. Pope John Paul the 2nd’s philosophy and truth, WAS, IS, and WILL BE, one big umbrella which will always cover all of them.

My Mother often told me, “It’s enough! My son, please, just stop!” The world should just stop and start where His philosophy, and His truth left us. We should all look back just one more time, and see history which hasn’t helped this nature, cannot, and will not help our children’s future days. Just stop and think, “How can we cross over this narrow, long bridge?” Pope John Paul the 2nd, revealed to us, a thousand different ways where our shadow began and where the light, for us, exists.

As a young boy, I remember, I asked my Mother so many questions, BUT, remember, I WAS JUST A CHILD. I asked her questions about life, lives, religion, religions, and God. She gave me an answer consisting of a few words about religion, religions, life, lives and God. Small world, can you believe it! My mother was able to tell me everything in just a few words about what God is asking us to do, and to be. Her reply to my questions was as follows, “My child, you have to learn how, and why, you MUST respect all human beings. First, you must HAVE respect. Then, you will be able to respect, help and love all other people. First respect, then help, then love.” Why is love the last, and not the first? It is because our love could spill in the same way that the water spills and without the existence of respect, it cannot be controlled.

Many written words exist, and I only hope that many more good ones will be created which will always remind us of how important education about life and religion is, and religions and lives. My Mother told me everything in only a few words, how A LITTLE IS A LOT.

Beautiful people, can we walk quickly over this bridge, give a little and have a lot? Religions are the same as anything else that grows, sprouts, blooms and blossoms. It’s life! It’s the same as life, the trees and the fruit trees whose deep rooted roots need daily nourishment, first with our respect, help and then, love. Religions are the same as the food, a healthy, organicall_grown, food. I know that in every harvest there are a few bad seeds, and that we know how to separate them from the good seeds, but it is extremely important to know that a human being, as a human, deserves to be respected, helped and loved. It is God’s deep-rooted law to have respect for THAT, from where peace and freedom grows.

Parents, please teach your children and help your children. Healthy life’s education, and only healthy life’s education, will benefit our lives and that of nature. Good God, please do not allow to happen to our religions, that, which has occurred to our healthy, organically_grown foods. Our processed foods cannot grow, and, although it could be planted, it will NOT grow. How far are we from a dead road?

All our religions, combined, are one, big, shiny star that can be observed from a distance. With the use of good words, heart and mind, its roots can be nourished. Whoever you might be, and whatever you may be occupied with, please, don’t try to turn religions into what processed foods have become. Our web, like the spider’s web, you and I may be able to shake up, but you and I will not succeed to grow. It will be a very unhealthy and painful life for your own children, as well as mine, and for our world’s future generations to come.

It is a very deep, dark night of January 19, 2007. Spring is already knocking on our doors. Can we open our hearts and try to being planting, TOGETHER? World, lets plant the flowering plants God’s truth, TOGETHER. How beautiful it could be, IF we could open the doors, for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future days! Please, good God, give us your help so that we can do this. Let us plant our respect in only one planter. I believe that freedom, peace and love, will definitely, grow. Then, we will be able to look back and clearly see where our own shadows have begun to grow, and where the light, for us, exists. How LITTLE to HAVE A LOT! God loves US ALL!