• Thursday, November 01st, 2007

Unbound and free from freedom, science, and technology, human power raised its foot too high over the nature’s power, the world’s freedom and health, and over too many undiscovered nature’s truths. Every second of every hour, day and days, we ignore nature, use it, abuse it, and destroy it, in thousands of different ways. We highly insult the earth’s soil and it is fatigued from the diabolic wars. We people, have very little use for this nature and the earth’s soil. We simply need land. Who is this power over nature’s freedom and health? WHOEVER it is, it cannot be the power of God. It is a power that is too much and too much is not enough. It is a might, possessing a power that can make this world into less than nothing. God and his believers of nature, teachers, healers, and pure life’s philosophers, you are aware of the fact that time is unable to stop and wait, and the rest of nature cannot forgive. Beautiful children, women and men of all colors, sizes, and shapes, we all have the need for nature’s virginity and truth -God’s truth. There’s no other power over God’s power that we can trust. We must stand together as one, and pray to God for each other, and we must pray with an immense respect for the rest of his worthy nature.

God, please forgive me for my sad thoughts, but, I very often ponder, “How can you help us on this earth, without nature’s help? WHO can and How?”

Beautiful people throughout this world, rich and poor alike, we need very little to be rich, but we need a lot to be poor. We face extremely critical times of nature, times which this nature lost. Tiny nature is already battling the human sperm. Now is the time when we must speed up, not with autism, cancer, bird flu…, but it is essential that we catch up to time and make our speed faster than that of time, and quicker than the speed of man’s worst enemy, the fly, and anything else that grows. Quickly, we must gain knowledge how to learn to speed up, in this circle of life, and follow nature’s speed, but not supersede it. It is then, that we will be able to discover the many existing life’s truths, the very same truths which parents can discover and predict when, and if, they spend some time to follow their young children’s life’s steps. Who follows? Teachers, healers – who follows? More definitely than ever before, we would then, be able to discover, as well as prevent many of the life’s unanswered questions, the WHY’S and the WHY NOT’S. Time cannot stop and wait. World please, let us not be late. A pure life philosophy, especially in this 21st Century, which in the long run could help us, has not yet been born, and will not be born, unless we can help the holy scale, nature’s balance. Nature’s balance is God’s law. The umbilical chord between us, humans, and Mother Nature, has been severely damaged on both ends. I ask you, people, how far away from nature’s good power, from our freedom and health, are we able to walk?

We are huge country, we are big people, so let us stay close together, in unison. We must tell our children and grandchildren the truth about what nature is, who is the power, who has the power, and who is always there to help maintain their freedom and health, now, and in their future days. It is then, that the other children of the world will follow their road. How healthy, wise and wonderful it is that some people, just like the rest of nature, always follow the light.

Regardless of what topic I may be writing about I always find, that God, nature, life and America, preoccupy my thoughts. As you may already know, I was not born in America, yet I feel very thankful and extremely proud when I am able to say, as many of us often do, “We, Americans.” It is we, the Americans, who are going to be facing a forked road on the election day of 2008. We will be facing number eight, a very philosophical number. It is the only number from the other nine numbers that meets and holds its two ends together. I am thankful to God that it is not number nine, because nature, freedom and health, throughout the world, are unable to wait any longer. I strongly believe that 2008 is a philosophical year, and that we, Americans, will make a wise healthy step, a giant world step. Nature, freedom and health, throughout the world, are begging us, and they await our help. Nature is everything. Therefore, we must help our nature, so that we as well, as the rest of the world, may have “something” before we have “nothing.”
If on election day of 2008, the whole world made a decision to stand on one side of the life’s board, my decision would be to stand on the other side of it, accompanied by nature and children. I would look down from this board, alongside the children and nature, no matter how long it would take. I would then be able to exclaim to them, “We did not fall.” People can criticize people! No one can criticize nature!

I am addressing this to all of the beautiful children of the world. Please, know that nature is everything and so are you. Don’t allow anyone to sell your world. It is yours. Whatever you possess too much of, share with others, pray to God, and respect and love His nature. Life loves you, and so do I.

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