• Tuesday, December 04th, 2007

I strongly believe that no matter what we, writers, write, or what the educators teach, it is a food consumed by the mind, and for the mind. My love for writing and art existed ever since the early childhood days when I lived on a farm in Croatia, and this burning sensation grew as I grew. However, my life took me in another direction. It took me to a new faraway land, to a family of my own and, as it seized my hand, life walked with me on the other side of the road. It was a long, uneasy road. I walked down this road and lived with a tremendous load on my mind and in my heart. As years flew by I very often conversed with God and asked him, “God, why am I not writing?” I always made myself content when I thought, “Well, I am sure there must be a good reason for it!” Just the same, each new day greeted me with the beauty of Nature, God’s worldly creation, and I could almost hear it whispering to me, “No, it is not too late for your dreams to come true. Nature’s power and truth is still here, a very predictable future days. It is not too late for you to write. The day will come when you will be able to speed up and catch up to the other existing writers, time, and to some of the writers who are now resting in peace.”

I can recollect the very early times of my life when my writing and illustrating was accomplished, not by the use of a pen and paper or a brush, but simply by my mind. I scripted and drew people’s faces and thoughts in my mind, and my perseverance and beliefs always assured me that I was very fortunate to have a wonderful good friend who will help me how to write and tell me what I should write. I continued observing, enjoying and respecting God’s creation, the many plants and various fruit trees, and His creation brought me to a realization of why I was unable to write in the earlier years of my life, and, why, at the same time I haven’t really lost any time. It was obvious to me that my life developed and grew in the same way that the plants and the fruit trees grow. Plants are unable to have their seeds, and the fruit trees are unable to bare fruits, before it is their time, the right time. This is exactly what has happened to me, as well. I, just as the seeds and the fruit ripen, or should I say, used to ripen, ripened at the right time.

It was not long ago that in the middle of a deep dark night, I was awakened by it. It was then, that I seized a pencil in my hand, and as I held it, I knew in my mind and heart that I was facing God, his Nature, and the many beautiful faces of children who had bright thirsty minds as they were waiting for that sunrise, waiting and waiting for the daylight. As I continued to grip the pencil, I began to have thoughts about some parents, teachers and writers. These thoughts flew through my mind and there was in particular one thought, one life’s very late question, which in reality, I felt was the greatest early life’s answer and that was, “What are our children able to learn so that at the same time they are learning, they can also gain Knowledge?” I knew that I was facing Nature and the waiting children, and as I continued to hold onto my writing instrument, although there were so many existing words, I had a tremendous difficulty to begin writing. However, my inspiration came from within my own heart when I heard myself saying the words, “Help me, God! It was then that I was finally able to put down my “first dot’, and slowly I began to make a line, as I pondered to myself, “Will this line, my written words, change my lifestyle?”

The first eighteen years of my life were wonderful, because most of them were spent, working with my father, in the family fields, under the scorching sun. Yes, it was hard work, but I was satisfied and pleased with my life because it gave me a tremendous happiness to know that I was able to help feed other lives. I asked myself and God, “Can I do it again? As a writer, am I able to feed the human mind with my words, and can I aid my love, the rest of the Nature’s minds, bodies and hearts?” I know that every writer who writes, does so, for a good reason. A writer could have one, two, or more reasons, or it could be because of life itself which compels him to write. My reason for writing is life itself. Some of the written words, as well as the spoken ones, possess the power to turn, and to turn this world around, whereas, others have the power to stop and destroy. I believe there is a major difference between the spoken and the written words. Some of the spoken words that come out of our mouths, can dry up and disappear like the raindrops, while others will remain in our minds and hearts as the first beautiful spring flowers. Some spoken words can also dry up in our minds and hearts and leave a residue that’s similar to a spot of black ink. Written words, I feel, cannot dry up. No matter what we, the writers, write, or the teachers teach, our words are a vital food for the human mind, body and heart. These words should and must, therefore, be sound, “healthy” words. They should possess the same power which is contained within the organically grown food. Remember, health is freedom, but not without health. “Healthy” words are the greatest food God ever could’ve created. They are the healthy, sweet words possessing the power to move a sick person out of bed, and on his feet. We as teachers, healers and writers need to exercise the use of words which can, and should help “wake up” the human mind and help us create a good day’s work and a peaceful night’s rest and sleep. We must, with our words, help prevent, especially the young people, from wasting their sweet lifetime away. They must think, learn and write and participate in reading that will teach them something useful in life, and not just entertain themselves with “nothing,” because this nothing could be much worse than “nothing. Nothing doesn’t exist. However, we can very easily create “nothing,” and as a result have nothing. I believe that we, the people, must be held accountable for irresponsibilities.

May I ask you writers, teachers, healers, young people, parents and grandparents, a very simple, yet a very important question? Why are we allowing ourselves to lose respect for life, freedom and health? No matter what we involve ourselves in, whether we are learning, talking, reading or writing, it all falls into one funnel of life and into one huge world’s bottle of life. No one can escape from it. Each and every person in this world will, and must, take a taste, eat, and drink from it. No matter how we turn or examine this bottle we will find the one truth and, our truths.

I must tell you that before I became a writer, I was an ordinary farmer. I did not study philosophy in school; I simply tasted the nature’s truth which I found in our Nature. I am still able to recall the days of long ago, when I was only a teenage boy of fourteen. Even back then, I found myself worrying about “these days” and their physical existence. However, then, as well as now, I always relied on religion, as a base, to give me a sound, strong and healthy life’s support.

I lived through the treacherous days of W. W. II and I realized even then, when I was a young boy, that once the war ended, we began to change very rapidly. We started to lose respect for our nature, which in turn, is the respect for our life, freedom and health. We began to “feed” our children with less and less each day. We started to quickly build a new history, a quiet revolution between Nature and us, humans. We erected big world’s life pressures, but I fear that we haven’t yet been able to successfully and completely separate the night from the day. Too many of us, however, did succeed to forget the rest of our nature’s language, the one single language. Now our one world is at a standstill, and it doesn’t know how to ask for that which our freedom and health is asking us. As a new writer, I am deeply worried about our many truths. I believe that some of my worries and thoughts were inherited by me from my Mother, because although it was so long ago, I am still able to remember how my Mother always worried about the next approaching year. I can still hear those impressive, repetitive words she uttered to me almost on a daily basis, “Don’t hurt yourself! Tell me what are you doing, and where are you going? Don’t get lost and make sure you’re home early.” I was a young boy then, and now I am a father and a grandfather, and I, too worry! I worry about many truths. I ask you, world, can you possibly tell me, “Who wouldn’t worry and why wouldn’t they worry?

As a writer, I am constantly thinking and worrying about the dilemma, which is, that most of the world may not care to hear, or know, what my wishes are, but I cannot tell what they are not.

I am specifically addressing the children and the young people of the world. What are you doing, and where are you going? Please, make sure you are home early. I am also asking all of the writers, teacher and healers, “Please, help me to write. Help me to plant your words and mind in a similar way in which the skilled farmers spread and plant their organic seeds over their farmland. Help me to plant healthy food for the mind.

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