Radenko Fanuka started a small cabinet business back in 1967.  Being the old school European that he is, he decided to teach his son the art of cabinet making at an early age.  Radenko would bring Stephen to work, make him sit and watch, while Radenko would teach him all the ins and outs of the trade.  Stephen continued to study under the watchful eye of his father throughout high school and college.  After graduating from St. Johns University, Stephen did a brief stint in advertising at Young & Rubicam.  In 1991 Stephen left his job at the agency and joined full time with his father, creating Fanuka Custom Cabinets.

In 1994 Stephen got his break, changing his life for good.  He was offered his first contracting job, obtained his license and was off to the races.  Stephen started out with a simple mission statement that still exists today:  “Give the client what they paid for – a first rate job with Class A service.  Make the experience a pleasurable one – one that the client will brag to his friends about.”

Stephen and Radenko have done something special.  They’ve combined an in-house millwork, carpentry and custom cabinetry factory with high-end renovating, forming Fanuka Inc.

Fanuka has been blessed with working with some of the world’s top designers, architects and celebrities – along with all the beautiful people who love to live in fabulous homes.  Fanuka has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on television.  Not because we got lucky, but because we love what we do.  “Nothing but the best for our clients” is our policy here.

Our success has a lot to do with the people we employ. Fanuka has some of the best project managers in the business along with outstanding cabinet makers, carpenters, laborers and installers.  First class service all the way.   When it comes to other artisan trades, we subcontract only top notch proven people who we’ve worked with for years. 

At Fanuka Inc. we believe that each trade should be done by special people committed to that particular art.  Other firms use one crew to do it all, in some cases lowering cost, pocketing the savings and crediting only a fraction of the cost back to the client – NOT here.

We’re a firm that you can count on.  A firm that will not only build you a home, a firm that will maintain your home afterwards.  A firm that will come back for even the smallest detail.  No job is  too small or too big.  You need a radiator cover or a vanity fabricated?  Great!  You want to commission Stephen to renovate a 10,000 square foot flat or a flat sooooooo small that the bathtub’s in the kitchen?  We’re the firm for you!

Your home is your castle – so why not treat it like one?

Welcome to Fanuka Inc.  Enjoy the ride.