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• Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Croatia’s Wisdom, my beautiful native land, my young heart is still there. A long, long time ago, I collected a few organically-grown wisdom seeds. I cried and I ran away, but I didn’t run away from you, my beautiful land. WISDOM, I was unable to plant my wisdom seeds in Croatia, far away from God and His Nature’s power. Those organically-grown seeds are still with me today, which from time to time, cannot be planted in a frosty spring. Wisdom and Life, what is so good about life is that the wisdom seeds can sleep for a thousand years and they can still be planted and they will bloom and blossom. However, this cannot be done far from God and the honest power of work.

Croatia, during my early years, I did learn some life’s philosophy under the “uneducated” pressures of life, eventhough it was accomplished without the presence of any pleasures of life. At that time, work was starving and Croatia’s businesses and riches were dying. It was a very simple and painful life, and the truth did not have enough richness to spread around and share with the existing lie, the lie which work and the truth never did, and never will, please. I did not learn my life’s philosophy from the top going down. I continued learning my life’s philosophy in America, and FROM America, from the very bottom and all the way up to the top.

God and Croatia, or, Croatia and God, no matter how you phrase it, is a beautiful title, but it’s a title which is missing one very important word, the word WORK. The title, without the word WORK, will please those who love to eat, but not cook and work.

CROATIA’S WISDOM, Croatia’s LIFE PHILOSOPHY, there is nothing perfect in this world, but between the two words of God and Croatia, there is one word that would fit perfectly, and that’s the word WORK. LIFE, if anyone can tell you more, or less, than what I am telling you here about WORK, please don’t believe them. It is a lie, a lie that has no heart, and it is a power which possesses the power, like a fruit without its seeds. CROATIA, I am extremely proud that I was once a poor Croatian. As I lived and worked in America, WORK and AMERICA made me proud enough to say, “I am a proud American and I live underneath the same sky.” Croatia, my Mother died, but I consider myself fortunate to still have a Mother, the beautiful America, and I will plant and leave my Croatian and American wisdom seeds on the highest Top Life Philosophy that a human being can reach, and will reach.

My wisdom seeds, as well as America’s wisdom seeds, which can be dormant for thousands of years, could be planted through all four seasons of the year and they will grow, bloom and blossom. CROATIA, who will feed this world if WORK dies? Spread the word around the world! God, work and  CROATIA! CROATIA, don’t ever stop loving God, work and America!

• Monday, October 13th, 2008

                It’s not too early. America and the World, please wake up! Sara Palin is not a barracuda. She is a wise and a highly intelligent, beautiful human being, but she will fight like a barracuda, on dry land, against every world’s shark, before America has to raise its white flag, and before the world loses its last piece that it still has. Sara Palin did not remind the world too early about, “never again” and “genocide”. It is very sad that the “life’s uneducated” world is unable to see what the world is preparing for its main dish. WISDOM, the weather cannot be avoided, but every war could be avoided, and W. W. III could be prevented. WHY NOT? I was born during W. W. II too early, too late. God, please help all Muslim countries and Israel. God, please help the ants and every human being in this world to coexist in peace and harmony.

                I remember the early years of my life when my father used to teach me how to count and how to make the steps_ 1, 2, 3 … 1, 2, 3, and then all of a sudden he disappeared. He went to fight against one man’s war, ADOLPH HITLER’S WAR. I was only seven when he returned home from W. W. II. and I remember asking him, “Dad, did the war end?” He couldn’t lift his eyes from me when he finally answered, “I don’t know.” Not before too long I asked my father, “Do you remember how you taught me to count and make the steps_ 1, 2, 3 … 1, 2, 3, ?” He made a sign of the cross and said, “God, prevent us from W. W. III.” That was the day when I saw my father, for the first time, break down with tears. There are three classes of people who exist in this world – the rich, the middle class and the poor, and then, there are those who have very little love for labor, yet, they must, and they need to be fed. These people have a difficulty being pleased by any system. They’re unpredictable just like the weather.

                AMERICA IS OUR beautiful weather throughout the four seasons of the year. Thank you world, and thanks to some American psychologists and philosophers, but I could not, the world could not, and will not, be able to find better “weather” than America’s beautiful “weather” Young Americans, it is not too early! Build a strong step before it’s too late. This world is facing a bad world, the daily, “uneducated” life’s education. 21st century’s wisdom and labor is in deep trouble. “Drill baby,” your own land, could help to hold the trigger back from the other side. It doesn’t matter where the oil is drilled. People of one God, are suffering, directly and indirectly. Mother, the earth soil’s face, mind, lungs and heart are hurting. All Nature of this wide world is suffering. WISDOM, BOTTOM and TOP LIFE PHILOSOPHY, how do we live and think? Where, and how, can we build a healthy life’s economy? At our present time, OIL possesses a power which is mightier than the power of water and fire. The moon is not “dead.” The moon, the sun the sky and innumerable water drops, Nature, is telling us that we can do better than drill the earth soil’s face, mind, lungs and heart. How different could some of our minds and lips be from that of a great teacher, psychologist and a life’s philosopher, Pope John Paul II. He always used to kiss Mother earth’s soil’s face. Do some of us know, why we don’t “kiss” the earth’s soil. Some of us just enjoy eating and spitting through our lips on the face of our earth’s soil and on our own minds. Young world, young Americans, believe in WORK, believe in God, respect, and love. You will be helped and saved.

                America and the World, I hope I have not gone too far from our Mother earth’s soil and America’ 2008 election day. The presidential debate was a beautiful debate between a woman and a man, a Mother and a Father, and it is a great new history which will leave behind a deep mark, the kind that ink leaves on a white pine. I hope that a new history and a new future will come like the old days, and the old school, when children were holding their mother’s and their father’s hand.

                A woman, Hillary Clinton, a Mother and a wife, knocked on the doors and opened the doors for other women. A man, John McCain, let a woman in and it’s a huge step for the American women and all women of the world. Why? It is simply because America is one huge heart of the world. A woman, a wife, and a Mother , Sara Palin , made a step over the American door step, with one face, one heart, and one mind, a mind without any make up. She’s a beautiful face, a beautiful mind, and a beautiful woman who has beautiful speaking lips. Up to now, I haven’t practiced my right to vote, but I was so happy to have voted for a woman, a wife, and a Mother, Hillary Clinton. However, some people said that she was not strong, because she cried. America and the world, psychologist and philosophers, Hillary Clinton’s tears were warm and very rich. God forgive those who criticized her tears. Their criticism was a hook for the rich, the middle class and the poor fish. Now, some people compare Sara Palin to a barracuda. In thousands of different ways, life will not be able to forgive us. God, will you forgive us?

                How beautiful and how very powerful God’s creations are! The deaf never lost their natural instincts and each of us has, not one, but two healthy ears, two entrances and one exit. Our mind is that one exit. Pure life and truth have never confused me. I am married and I was prepared to be married without asking my wife any questions before and now, because without her own knowledge, she told me, and she answered all my questions. This is how you fight an enemy and a war. Today, and I mean today, for sure, I’d like to give my country of Croatia, to the strong beautiful America, and today, tomorrow, as well as the day after tomorrow, I would give my own children and the children of the world to hold Mr. McCain’s and Sara Palin’s hand.


YOUNG PEOPLE, history must have its time to ripen just like a fruit, and the spilled water which dries. No matter what it is, or what you do, without God’s power, woman, and woman’s – Mother earth’s soil, there will not be a debate or an election. Life’s healthy peace will not be found and wars will not come to an end. An immesurable power of women, a woman’s – Mother earth’s, soil, will end the wars, and create a long lasting and a healthy life’s peace.


Our beautiful color has never harmed us, but some of our “ugly” wisdom has hurt us all.

• Saturday, September 13th, 2008

I am extremely afraid that the poor life philosophy on 2008’s election day can make us poor, very poor. Normally, the poor, and the poor life philosophy feed us, the poor, just with a tasty taste, but we need real food for tomorrow. Truth exists that we can make the poor who feed us, just with a tasty taste, rich and very rich. Some of us poor and rich, should know how it is, and how it could be. If we change the rich sea into a shore, the small and the big fish will die; America, just the small and the big fish. As always, America is telling us that we can do better with our minds and our two hands. As I stand on America’s rich and blessed land, it is very difficult for me to say the word, “poor.” I feel a pain in my heart to say these words, because I know what poor is. I was poor and very thin. There was no clothing, no food, no sugar and no soap. There was just pure water and pure tears. I washed my mind and my face, daily. I was poor, but I had a strong mind and two strong working hands. Poor, if we did not have patience, we would not be here,  and neither would you, the rich, but we are all here, the poor and the rich. Let’s pray together for all of us and for the small, as well as the big fish. God, help us to open our eyes just a bit, to see how big, LITTLE is.

God created a man and a woman and put them together. In the year 2008, America put together a man and a woman John McCain and Sarah Palin. This is pure nature’s powerful power, a man and woman, a Mother and a Father. Physically, mathematically, religiously, a very healthy political power, made a turn over the political power and it doesn’t matter how it happened. It fell like the raindrops from the sky – a man and a woman, a Mother and a Father. Oh God, do we believe in you? Too many American children and the children around the world and their Mothers, are all waiting for man’s help and waiting for Father’s support. They are waiting, just like the wilted, thirsty grass waits for the raindrops. God created the water drops and the grass. God created a man and a woman and put them together to stay together. A great American, a great Democrat, a great politician as a politician could be, a woman, a good wife, and a good Mother, Hillary Clinton, faced one man’ power and an overpower.

She lost, just like the children and the many Mothers are waiting for the man’s help and support. She lost just like the blooming spring that’s covered with a heavy frost. Poor and rich, we need the food, not just the taste. Beautiful America, beautiful tender children, beautiful women and Mothers, be patient. God loves you and so does the wise world. A good woman, a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, opened the door for women. Senator John McCain, you must have been blessed twice. A wise man, John McCain, let a woman walk through his door in America. America’s poor and rich, this is the best step, from the very best that America and the world has ever made! It’s a great team, just like a good, healthy marriage. America was, and is, the Mother of the world. God, the truth is that the world’s and America’s children need not only a Mother, but a Mother and a Father. The first three seconds of my impression of someone are valued much more than the additional three hours. I love my life’s philosophy and I wouldn’t change it for the whole wide world, because the world must, and it will, change, but my life’s philosophy will not. I don’t know what some of you, Americans, are looking at, and, if you can see, but I would like to tell you what I am looking at, and what I am able to see. I see a beautiful America, the Mother of the world, walking through America and through a new world’s door, but not alone. How beautiful it is, and it could be, to show the world, a great example, of an American Mother and a Father, standing on a high pedestal. I think that America’s philosophy would be very beautiful and healthy, if everything that breathes and grows would be able to say, “Our great Fathers AND Mothers.” The day and everything God created, will come!

            Just like spring, one beautiful life’s power, exists. Have we forgotten the times when we were children, how we always called out, “Mom and Dad”? I did not forget. I would like to see a great balance, a man and a woman, sitting in the highest position of our great country; a Mother and a Father!

            John McCain and Sarah Palin are a powerful, wise team. They believe in themselves, what they are, and who they are. They are both workaholics who possess simplicity and honesty which will enable them to enrich every single heart and life of an American, be it a poor one, or a rich one, a simple one or a sophisticated one, a Democrat or a Republican. John McCain possesses a power which cannot be sped up, or grow fast, and that is, physically, mathematically, religiously and politically his long life’s experience. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am simply a human being, and a life’s helper. Life, go for it  – John McCain is a huge life’s helper. God, you, women, Mothers and children are always in my dream. If man cannot help women, man and the world will not be helped. Women will help the sky, the earth’s soil, love and the world’s peace. LIFE, not because Mrs. Clinton was a Democrat, but because she was a woman, I knew my vote would not have been wasted. I trust America and Mr. McCain. He reminds me a great deal of the good former president, Mr. Reagan, and Sarah Palin reminds me of my good Mother, a simple, but a wise woman. She was a woman who achieved monumental tasks. She worked daily on our family’s farm, fed many hungry mouths with homemade meals, scrubbed floors, handwashed the dishes and the clothes, hand-made all of our clothes and shoes, and finally, as she ironed her clothes, she prayed to God. There is one thing I cannot remember about my Mother. I never saw her close her eyes to rest. I remember her words, “Don’t worry about me. I can do it!” My Mother certainly did do it. She was not too busy to run a “tight ship,” and at the same time she raised two hard working respectable, self sufficient children.

            We don’t all have the same body, mind and power, but our minds could be very powerful and quick of, the quickest speed that God and a human being could create. My first “three second impression” of anything or anyone, have never lied to me. Sarah Palin has ONE beautiful face and ONE mind, a mind which can definitely speed up. How beautiful it is that John McCain already MADE without THE CHANGE. However, the truth exists, that the world and American must MAKE for everyone in this world to see, and taste, the big change, the world’s freedom and peace. American people, we should be proud of our leaders, the senators, who fight for us between the two powers- good God’s powers and demon powers, knowing that in ever harvest there are a few bad seeds, just as there are among us, the rest of the people. That in which you and I believe, time will be a witness to us and God.

            I strongly believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin will leave behind their hard working days, a beautiful history for America and the world.

            POOR and RICH, no matter what happens, my vote will not be wasted and my life’s philosophy will not dry up. I only wish that my life’s philosophy could be understood better than, at our present time, our daily meal. POOR and RICH, I will continue to write, to stay with you, and help feed the life’s essential balance and the earthsoil’s worms, until the very last minute I could. POOR and RICH, I know life and God loves all of us. Be very patient. Don’t hurt, or harm, yourself and America. America is beautiful and good. The days will come, love and peace will come, when not only America, the Mother, but Father AND Mother, will help America and the world.

• Friday, April 18th, 2008


A woman and the earth’s soil are the heart of the future. Earth’s soil and women, don’t you ever step down! What was, and what is wrong with our Mothers, our life’s heroes, and the earth’s soil? Earth’s soil is a woman and a Mother, a Mother of the world. So is a woman; she’s the Mother of the world. The earth’s soil deeply suffers, so do women, children and men. The whole wide world is deeply wounded. This world needs Mother’s and Father’s help! Woman, Mother, Earth’s Soil, and women and Mothers, don’t you ever step down! The heart of the future, this world, WILL DIE, God’s child will die.


This world is a God’s child. The sun, the moon, night and day, all of the planets we call stars, all planets, brothers and sisters will cry if God’s child dies. Good God, it will not happen! Good women and men, Mothers and Fathers, will help the earth’s soil without the big money. The day will come, and sooner is better than later, when good people will help the world, help, the beautiful God’s child not to die.


Good days will come and it doesn’t matter what happens, the earth’s soil and women WILL GAIN strength and power. Life’s power will be able to support life and every child to be born. From east and the Middle east, to the west, and from south to north, peace will cross over the unhappy roads. Peace will cross, but not before, before the earth’s soil and women are nourished with God’s truth. Innocent children will suffer. In the Middle east peace will not be found. The war will not stop. Wars will begin, worldwide. Two big powers will fight against one. The sky will suffer and turn into bloody rivers. A very unhappy, dirty devil will suffer and search for the dry bread crumbs. New century’s time will cry for a long time, but no matter what, good days will come. Why not sooner?


America, no matter how I think and how I look at it, something is in my eye. My philosophy cannot pass by without saying, “Hello America!” When I play like a child with water, mud and the top layer of the earth’s soil, I can feel and touch the tip of the life’s roots. America, you did take a first long, a little too long, life’s step. Now, please take, take the last step. The last one, will be America’s first blessed step. No matter how “small,” small is, it will grow. It is God’s power, through his Nature’s power, that enables small to grow. And whatever it is, what could be left behind the “big”? It is the words, “How big it was!” It is very big, and it’s time for America and the world, to share it. And no matter how sweet or sour it is, it is time to share and, it is not too early! It will be as blessed, as blessed could be.


Beautiful America, no matter how I turn it around, black, white, yellow and red, ARE BEAUTIFUL. America, you helped me a lot and I cannot repay you. I love you! I’d like to take you, America, to where, some of us, worldwide, have never been. I’d like to take you to where peace and love can bloom and blossom. America, please take the last step. It will be the first, the first, America’s world step. I could never repay my Mother and I cannot ever repay you, but from my mind, and the bottom of my heart, I’d love to introduce to the bottom and the top life’s philosophy, the highest philosophy which healthy life did and could create, a beautiful American woman, a wife and a Mother, Hillary Clinton. I’d also love to introduce Hillary Clinton, to God’s child, our beautiful world. America and the world, if you can say more, all lives and I would be able to say less! I love you world and I am leaving you without an end. I do believe in God and I cannot say what could not be the impossible truth!

• Thursday, March 20th, 2008

A Woman, Hillary Clinton, Possesses the Power to Stay Behind the Daylight Power


                What can a day be without a night, and what can a night be without the day? A dark night! How closely and beautifully someone has created the spaces which exist between nature’s life’s puzzles, and between the night and the day, a woman and a man! The same power that exists between the night and the day exists between the woman and the man. The day possesses the power like a man, the night possesses the power like a woman. The beautiful, powerful night’s power, behind daylight power, is revolving the world around. The quiet night is covered with the dew and with the many streams, creeks and rivers, waiting for the daypower’s warm touches_ of love. It’s waiting not for more, and not for less. It is waiting just for the day’s power. So is a woman, waiting, the same as the night, with the streams, creeks and rivers, her warm blood vessels overflowed; her lips, eyes, heart and mind are covered with the warm dew, waiting for manpower’s love. She’s waiting, not for more and not for less, just for manpower, but not for the one which will conceal her own power. From the time the sun sets and until the time it rises, night after night, if the night is unable to heal its own wounds and the day’s wounds, nature will not be able to rest and sleep. Good God, help America on election day, to find and reach the truth and peace. You will help the world. God, we have created more sleeping pills and all kinds of pills, than you have created seeds, and with all of these pills, we are unable to rest and sleep. Why? And, we need more pills, and we are looking for more power and over power. How far and how close are we? America and the world, we are very far, and we are very close. With our newly-made history, we are reaching the highest peak a human can reach. But, what is good about our colors, religions, our children and God’s truth is that from sunset to sunrise, every hour and even at three o’clock in the morning, night, and the woman’s power behind the daylight’s power, is still in power and it is turning this world around. If we would like to, we can criticize God, but we cannot criticize His NATURE. 21st century’s mother nature’s power combined with woman’s power, will reach history at history’s highest peak.

                America and the world, it is too soon and too early that we walked away from healthy nature’s power, with some of our LIFE’s studying and education’s power, a power which cannot ripen. In the 21st century, people on this earth live an unhappy life, a life which lacks trust. Some are very confused and some are lost.

                As I stare at our world’s puzzle and as I continue to observe America’s Primary day, in the same way that I observe the early morning’s sky, I find that there is one difference. Our old clouds do not move. We are asking very little of our leaders and they cannot offer us more. Because we are asking them very little, and we cannot ask for more, we are insulting the earth’s soil, the sun, the moon the sky, freedom and the health of our entire nature. We are asking for a better life, daily food, but we do not ask and cannot ask for the 21st century’s daily menu. Yes, we are insulting and reaching the highest peak in history that a human being can reach. With our power, processes, and lies, we are reaching over nature’s power, God’s power. Our lies turn and they are still turning into everyday’s very painful life’s truths, and we require more power to stay in power and over power. Time and power are here, the power which is willing to cut a child in half, in order to stay in power and over the power. God, can you help us? This earth’s soil is beautiful and rich and there is enough room for peace, respect and love to live. We live in very predictable days. We are far and we are close. Fathers, manpower around the world, nature, our beautiful women, and tender, beautiful, innocent children are all begging and asking us, just like the sea waves, to reach the shore.

                Dad, I still love you, but I could never trust your power which excelled the power. May God rest your soul in peace. In 1943, my father left me as I stood crying on our doorstep hungry, scared and cold. He was a man, and he went to fight other men, like a man. He went to fight a man’s fight, Adolf Hitler’s war, and fight an unknown man, a brother who left someone behind the same way he left me-scared, hungry and cold. My Mother told my Father before he stepped with his foot out of our doorstep, “Vincent, fighting never was, and never will be blessed.” I remember these words as my Mother said them to my Father. God, and many of us know that she was right. World War II’s ashes are still warm. My Father left me and my Mother in two cold, empty rooms. My Mother couldn’t pay her rent and daily, she was grateful for having our good friend, Pete, who never charged her any rent. When we did have food, we always knocked on the wall located behind our headboard, so that we could share a very small, but a very sweet meal with our good friend, Pete. For many long years, ever since my young childhood days, I cut his hair, made him laugh and sometimes I made him very mad. My love for my good friend, Pere Radic, will never die.

                My Mother worked on our small farm planting and growing vegetables and fruit trees. She fed all our livestock and very often got down on her knees to scrub our yellow pine floors. She baked her own bread, repaired my old wornout shoes, and mended my old clothes. Through many long days and years, she held me on her warm lap, combed my hair and nourished my tender heart and mind. Fathers of the world, God would punish me if I didn’t tell this world the truth. A woman, my Mother, did everything for me without “fighting,” what my Father could not. Why couldn’t he? She was a woman, and she did possess the power, the same as the nightpower, behind the daylight power, but not “over” the daylight power. All of her “fights” turned into patience, painful pain and warm tears. She converted fighting into a-two way road, an unpaved, blessed, two way road.

                Fathers of this world, I don’t believe a genius was born but, I do believe a genius dies. My Mother died a genius. She created, with God’s help and her patience, a beautiful healthy life. How beautiful it is, only life knows. She died as  God’s and  world’s life hero. A CROATIAN woman, Marija Fanuka was the world’s life’s hero.

                Fathers, how beautiful this world could be, and how we could all die geniuses and life’s heroes! Nothing is more important, or beautiful in this life, than a healthy life and our wives, children and grandchildren, whom we call our family.

                My love, my beautiful Nature, every single word you spoke to me is the truth and it will be the truth. Night is a very beautiful and a powerful name to give to a little girl, and Day to a boy. In the 21st century, it will be a very popular and a blessed name. Fathers, THAT which we must, fathers will! Help the night and the day, but not like this. Throughout my whole life, and for close to seven decades, I have lived in fear. It was only for nine months that I lived in peace. A mother’s power, a woman’s power, hid me behind the daylights power, from one sunrise to the next sunrise, every single hour. For the past seven decades of my life, the killing around this world has not stopped. It doesn’t matter who was killed or where; the spider’s web hasn’t yet stopped trembling. A human being, God’s child, was killed, for no reason. During my lifetime, I witnessed how during W. W. II man began fighting one man’s fight, and with shame, he walked away. Truth suffered and it’s still suffering. Man did not have enough power. We need more power, and we accept the woman to help us fight. It’s the biggest truth there can be, that the truth is suffering, and we don’t have enough power to fight. Today, young children are fighting in a war, on our streets, in our schools and they are fighting us, parents, in too many of our homes. The whole wide world’s truth is suffering. Only for nine months did I live in peace, hiding behind the daylight’s power, in a power.

                When I was twelve years old, I remember how I observed the lives of many people and the rise of a new city. The lonely farms began to cry. It was a big revolution. I told myself right there and then, “Goodbye freedom and health!”

                When in 1962 I landed on the beautiful American soil, I once again said to myself,  “Goodbye my love, my beautiful nature, the beautiful health.” In a relatively short time since 1962, the year 2008 arrived, and the world is looking at what it cannot see. We are looking for health and freedom and we are searching to buy organically grown foods. We don’t know what to ask our leaders, and we don’t know what we are purchasing in our stores, but what is good is that night and day are married forever and they are helping all of us. Hillary and Bill Clinton are also married. God help them to forever remain together, and I strongly believe just like the night’s and the day’s power, they will help all of us. America, you are beautiful. Stay beautiful. Don’t rush. The patient ones, are, and always will be, blessed. It is a dark night , as dark as the day could turn out to be. The patient are blessed. America, you are my beautiful second mother, and like every other American, I’d like to give you, and the world, my help on election day 2008, but I don’t have much to tell you about myself. I stepped over my grammar school’s doorsteps, but not exactly every single day. I am a human being, a farmer, a cabinet maker, and I love to write. When I am writing, I am leaning on my love’s shoulders, Nature’s shoulder, and God’s name, the power above all.

                America and the world, I am so happy to be able to endorse my love, Nature and God’s name, before 2008’s election day. This is my life’s philosophy and a power between the night’s and the day’s power. This world has changed, and it will change, but the power between the night and the day will not. America , the big Mother of the world, a wife and a mother, a woman’s power, Hillary Clinton’s power, is waiting behind the daylight power and she’s ready to help America and the world. Those who are asking for more, God help all of us, that they don’t succeed helping us with less. My seven decades have taken seven extremely long steps , steps which must be, and will be, healed. Power, an invisible power, for the bare human eyes, combined with woman’s power, will save the world. Lives, “the forever, I love you lives,” please call me and don’t forget to call me a farmer, and a grandpa, and you beautiful children don’t walk away! Walk closer and closer to nature and God’s name.

• Monday, March 03rd, 2008

America, Don’t Make Me Cry

I believe in God and as much as I believe in God, I believe in good health and honest work. World, can you tell what could have God created before he created health and work? Health and work are very powerful and they’re a huge power, but they’re not a bigger or a smaller power than this world. How beautiful it is that Nature’s reflection is knocking on America’s and the world’s doors. Hillary Clinton, a woman, a wife and a mother, is knocking on America’s and the world’s life’s doors. The cause of this is TIME, the power of nature , which is physically over powering our power. It is a power which could be politically blanketed in the same way that frosty dust of snow could cover springtime. At the same time that Hillary Clinton is knocking on America’s and the world’s life’s doors, horrible diseases of autism, cancer, heart disease, obesity, aids, bird flu and other diseases, as well as the unknown ones, are closing our life’s doors. People of the world, we need help, today, not tomorrow. World, what could’ve God created, before he created health and work? America, can you tell, at our present time, what could Hillary Clinton possibly create, before health care, and before introducing us to a big friend, work? World, health and work are very big and powerful, but they’re not bigger, and they are not smaller than this world. World, these words and Hillary Clinton’s newly made history, like raindrops, will never dry. Drop by drop, they will fall. God could not create NOTHING, before he created SOMETHING. America, what God could not, we can! America, you are holding the world’s key. Don’t make the children, and their great grandchildren cry.

• Thursday, February 21st, 2008

She Can Laugh and Cry With Tears


                America, don’t be afraid, be happy. The teardrops always were, and still are, blessed. Mrs. Clinton’s tears proved to America and to the world, that her beautiful God’s gift hasn’t been lost. She is able to laugh and cry with tears, in a similar way that the early spring “cries its tears.” How healthy and beautiful this is, and believe me, it is very beautiful and healthy. If spring couldn’t cry with teardrops, the rest of the seasons would wilt and dry up. Nature would dry up. America, world, WE ARE NATURE, and our daily lives require the same pure healthy nature’s powers that the rest of the nature needs. Beautiful, colorful world, a spring without tears would stop nature’s respiration.

                I lived through the treacherous days of W. W. II at a time when YOU, more than half of our world’s beautiful people, weren’t born yet. I served a tough Communist army for two long years and I played with guns, bullets, bombs, mines and knives. Eventhough I was only a young boy in 1943, the daily pressures of W. W. II’s life, aided the development of my dreams and wishes, which would one day come true for you, beautiful children and for all of those children who should, and who will be born. 1943 was the beginning of my observations, bondings and playing with nature, the human mind, nature’s power and the human’s powers and weaknesses. It was a power which made me hard as a rock, and yet, soft as butter.

                My heart and my mind, so far, possess the same power as my two eyes. Mrs. Clinton’s tears made me cry. I can lie, we can all lie, but our tears cannot lie. We can pretend, but with extreme difficulty. I believe it is unhealthy when one laughs, or cries without any tears. Are some of our hearts  so dry? We lose facial beauty and beauty of our minds, if we don’t possess the power to laugh and cry, and I believe that the one best existing medicine in this world which can help both our faces and minds to be beautiful, is a medicine called, LOVE FOR OTHERS. God, as well as many of us, know that this world is extremely thirsty and dry. It needs love and peace. Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s warm heart and her beautiful mind proved to me, and I feel, to the world, that she has enough teardrops to feed America and the world with respect and love. Her heart is warm and it is not dry. Dry rivers, who couldn’t cry with tears? Did you ask Mrs. Clinton, where was her heart and mind, a mind that possesses the quickest speed God could’ve ever created? At that instant, when Mrs. Clinton’s tears broke through her eyes, I saw a beautiful Mother America with a large heart. I saw America’s children, mothers and fathers, as well as the children, mothers and fathers overseas, who were ALL waiting and crying out, for love and peace.

                I was THERE, and so were my Mother and my Father. We were THERE, and we waited and cried. We fed the earth’s beautiful soil with our tears. Dry rivers, can you tell the world, who couldn’t cry, and why? How weak, unhealthy and sad could some of us, and our life’s philosophy and psychology be? We may be laughing very loudly, but no one can hear us. Why is that? Perhaps, we should practice crying and praying for one another a little bit more? I feel it in my heart and I strongly believe that the power of pure Mother Nature is waking up, and that God and His nature, the earth’s soil, is unhappy about how it has been treated. The sun is crying, but it seems that by the time its teardrops reach the earth’s soil, they have lost some of their pureness, and they are not clean. If the power of pure nature cannot cross our roads, we, the people, will eventually destroy this beautiful, green garden.

                As I am busy writing, most often during the peaceful, deep dark nights, I find myself thinking about and observing the power of Mother Nature and the minds of our leaders. That’s when Pope John Paul the second, comes to my mind. I’d love to endorse his life’s philosophy and psychology to this beautiful, rich earth’s soil. His bottom life’s philosophy, day after day, reached the peak of the top life’s philosophy in a similar way in which each daylight reaches another new day, day after day. He was a great teacher, a great leader and one great human being. His touches, and imprints, his kneelings down and his kisses will forever nourish this earth’s beautiful soil. Pope John Paul was real. He lived with one heart and a beautiful mind, and I am certain he cried with real tears. He did not die with a “dry” heart.

                Beautiful Mother America, world, and its innocent children, let’s not be afraid. Let’s be happy. Mrs. Hillary Clinton cries with tears and her heart is not “dry.” The teardrops have always been, and still are, blessed.

• Friday, January 25th, 2008


She Can Fly Like an Eagle and

Land Like a Dove

Mother Nature is making a turn and the good thing about it is that the four seasons of the year, the earth’s soil, and women, have not yet stopped leading this world. America, 2008’s election day will not only be our election, but it will also be the world’s election for future days. I am looking at our world as it is and I see it as one beautiful flower underneath the sky. It’s a flower composed of many shades of different colors. I see America as a point, a dot, that is the center of this flower’s heart. As I look ahead to the 2008 election, I am unable to walk away from one simple word, HEALTH, because IT is the power between life and death. Election day doesn’t make me worry about death, but it does worry me very much about health.

I have lived through so many election days and big promises. These tremendous promises never took into consideration God, the rest of His Nature, and good, honest work. They were the promises that made me leave my comforting, simple home on the island of KRK in Croatia, where I was born. These sweet, big promises made too many of us leave our homes. God knew how fortunate we were, and, WE WERE fortunate. The “big promises” never succeeded to keep us from work. They were the promises that were so far removed from God’s name, Mother Nature’s power and, good honest work. These same promises turned into a power which has made, and could make, the rich and the poor extremely poor. It was, and still is, a power with one end, a short end.

A few weeks ago, at midnight, the year 2008 met the old year 2007, and they shook hands, the same way a warm spring shakes the hand with the cold winter, saying, “I have no time to waste. I must go to work.” The dark night soon turned into daylight, and so did Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s words. They, too, rose, just at the right time. They were powerful words whose widespread roots touched my heart.

These same type of words caused me to wake up so many times, before the sun rose, when I was just a young boy. I heard the words, “Son, I know you love to sleep, but we must go to work.” May God rest my good Mother’s soul in peace! She was the woman whose voice I heard, and until her dying day I can honestly tell you, she never stopped loving her America and the world. I am my Mother’s son! Mrs. Clinton’s words must have touched and moved my Mother’s grave the same way my Mother, many years ago, touched and shook my old, rickety bed as she repeated her words, “Son, we must go to work.” America, we need to go to work and so do you, world! Both of us, must work together.

I have a vision. I see our world as it is. I see it as a beautiful flower and there are only three words which can help it to remain green and to bloom and blossom. These words are: God, Nature and good, honest work. World, let’s face the rest of the Nature’s truth. We are moving further away from God’s name, the rest of Nature, and good, honest work, not with our new discoveries, but with our new studies and our processes. We are continuously moving on and destroying our own pollination, the one spider’s web __ our world. No matter what we face, or whether we are ready or not, we are facing the power of pure Nature. On 2008’s election day, no matter what we, Americans, wear, a skirt or pants, if we wish to be free, we cannot walk away from God’s name, pure Mother Nature’s power and good, honest work __ our best friend. I cannot tell, and I don’t believe there is anyone who has yet been born, who can tell us, more or less than what the raindrops are telling our world, every time they fall. How intelligent, brilliant, healthy and beautiful it is that we, Americans, as well as the world, are facing America’s election day, and there’s no one in their right mind who can yet criticize God’s name, the rest of Nature, and good, honest work. People, do we all know what we should know, and what we should learn? I ask myself and I ask you, “What is the difference between the power of God, His Nature’s power and good, honest work? I believe God always has the power to say, “I” and so does good, honest work. It possesses the power to say, “I.” We, Nature, possess the power, “We” and only, we, Americans, and we, the world, can send, and bring our world’s soldiers home, and have one world’s beneficial side effect.

Colorful and beautiful world, we, WE, have the power to restore the two bottom world’s life’s steps_ HEALTH and FREEDOM, freedom and health, the life’s peace on this earth. Everything else, even our economy, no matter what it is, must be healthy and good, and it must fall in, just like real love and the pure raindrops. I can almost hear the echoes between the tall mountains saying, “We, We can do it, but not without God, the rest of His Nature’s power, and our good, honest work __ who is our best friend, our best teacher healer and leader, the world’s leader.” Our honest friend, WORK, is always ready to help us all. What is so good about honest work for our world is that it is never too early, or too late to WORK.

On 2008’s election day, no matter what we Americans wear-, skirt or pants, we will not walk away from Nature’s pure power, the earth’s soil, and the four seasons of the year.

I asked myself so many times, “What is the difference between our man’s power and woman’s power?” I came to a conclusion that the answer is NINE MONTHS. Just as the woman’s gestation period is nine months, the earth’s soil also carries and delivers its birth, but physically and mathematically, nine months couldn’t succeed without the other three months of the year. A woman cannot succeed in this matter, without a man. Isn’t Nature beautiful? It is all in one – a very close knit family and successful at its parenting.

Similarly to the four seasons of the year, and the earth’s soil, women have not yet stopped to lead this world. America, I believe and know, that it will not be easy, but we must go to work and “wash” our world. I wonder, if there must be a reason in life why the old year doesn’t ever criticize the new spring.

In my vision, I view a very strong woman, a wife, and a Mother who just like an eagle has powerful eyes. I have a strong belief that she could fly high above the other birds, the tall mountains, the long, wide rivers, and over the deep seas, and land as a dove, with love and peace, continuously search for love and peace. I also strongly believe that we have a great need for God’s name, His Nature’s power and the truth. We can succeed to respect and love one another and live in peace, but by hating one another we cannot succeed and save numbers of numerous lives on this earth. I am looking at the happy days, and the days WILL come. The four seasons, the earth’s soil, and women will lead what hate has not led, and will not lead. The election day of 2008 must, and will, leave behind the new roots of history that are thin as the strands of human hair.

I hope and do pray to God that America and the world, especially the young, innocent people and the children’s wishes, will slowly begin to grow. It might not be easy to aid the world, but God and the rest of His Nature have never said, “It cannot be done.” I ask you, America and the world, can we accomplish our task by using love? I believe we can, simply with love, for our love __ our innocent children, and their children’s future days. God, I am asking you for your help. Please, help our America on 2008’s election day. I know, God, that by helping America, you will help the entire world, and for that you have my full gratitude.

• Thursday, January 03rd, 2008

I dedicate this to
Autism Awareness Day
The Power Over the Devil and Manpower
Flies and Walks


Nature, God’s creation, has the power to save the world. It flies and walks directly, and mostly indirectly, over manpower, health and freedom, freedom and health. It walks and flies, but never too far! I wonder if Albert Einstein was ever bitten by the flies. My guess is, probably not, because flies did not wake up this world yet. Nothing is perfect in this world, but insects and flies, fly, land and walk at a perfect time, mostly in the spring and on hot summer days. World, wake up because there are so many life’s reasons! Don’t you feel and see that the 21st century’s big muscles are turning into fat! We made a wrong life’s turn! In our lifetime, the live numbers, one and one, physically and mathematically must be more than two, but they are not. In too many ways they are less, and if we don’t stop destroying nature’s balance, it will not take too many decades before our numbers get very small. World, wake up, and don’t harm anything that flies and walks. Just follow the path of the insects and the flies. They have no secrets to hide. They will be able to open the doors for this world, its nature, freedom and health. Help us to step over our high door life’s steps. Their sensitive noses will be able to discover the old truth for the new world and the future days, the truth where they will not land and walk, and the reasons why. The truth will be there, where they will not walk and land. God, if I am wrong, please tell the world WHO is right! I searched for what I could not find. I discovered only Nature’s truth. God created a huge dish for his Nature and everything is in it that Nature, freedom and health require. It’s a dish which doesn’t need our spices that destroy nature’s balance, as well as ours, and the rest of nature’s freedom and health. The truth will be there, where they will not walk and land, the truth which can change our thoughts and replace toxins and pesticides. Help us to build a life’s economy which is Nature, freedom and health. Save us a tremendous amount of money, and help us make a lot of blessed money. There is not much to say about the devil. The devil is not interested in dead bodies. The devil is happy and he laughs when God’s creation, and particularly, the people, suffer, but he’s never happy nor does he live in peace. Why? A small army, tiny nature, which we, directly and indirectly, succeed to destroy, possesses the power, in the same way as the four seasons of the year. One and one must be more, and not less. Our life’s philosophy and life’s education are withering away and dying with less and less. We don’ t have the breast to feed Nature, and we don’t have the power to lead Nature, but, we, people, possess a great power to help ourselves , and that is our only one life’s turn, and it should be a quick, sharp, life’s turn; – stop destroying Nature’s balance, a beautiful God’s creation.

If I had the power, at our present time, regarding how we live underneath this sun and the sky, the power to take life’s puzzle apart and put it together again, I would ask and trust Albert Einstein’s help, but beautiful people around the world, good God is still with us. We must pray and ask God to help us save this world one more time.