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• Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

My dedication to world healthy life psychology and philosophy. If God truth and witnesses does not exist. Only devil and his friends on this earth will be able to live.

• Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

My dedication to every world election. World many planet and many sky exist, and only one God, and fight underneath our sky, between devil and God and. World I wonder without healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food, how God can help us, live and die. Devil is here.

• Sunday, December 15th, 2019

My second mother, beautiful America. From my childhood days, you live in my heart. American, republican and democrat. Please support America, before your own party. 2019, President Donald Trump, impeachment make me laugh and cry, and is very serious, and said life reality. How many of us American, truth cannot help, but doesn’t matter. How deep truth is buried, as virgin olive oil. Will come out on service, and swim forever, on top of the water. America, brand new history, will be create, life dividers, between us American, people, soon will not be removed. American and what is worse from everything and all is religiously, politically, physically, and mathematically too many of us, one truth, God truth, above everything and all, cannot help us. Very sad, life question, why not? For America and rest of the world.

• Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

America and rest of the world, wake up. Is not too early. America election 2016, America first. America great again. American, many of you, you was not born, and I can tell you, and whole wide world, life reality telling you, America was, always great, and always first. Many times, America save the world, and America together, and only together, save America, mother of the world. So far, great philosophy, love, respect and love, save life, on this earth. World help America, definitely, you will help, life to live, on this earth, before America, will be last mother of the world. God help us all, on this earth.

• Monday, November 04th, 2019

From World War II on, very unhealthy life history, begin to grow, America, President Donald Trump could be impeached, but Donald Trump, life psychology and philosophy, modern technology power, and money power will not be impeached. 21st century, life history will ripe, but for long century, days will not, decompose, unresponsible for life was support, to led this world, far away from God, and his nature, healthy life, and healthy free to die.

• Monday, November 04th, 2019

In 21st century, most of the world, does not die free. 21st century, daily life reality is witness to this world. More we learn, less we know. Without God, and his nature, daily involvement, our left education, have to turn directly and indirectly into life poison, life suffering, and lifetime waste. What could be worst then live and suffer, and not to be able, die free.

• Monday, November 04th, 2019

Devil never did, and never will destroy the world without some human support.

• Friday, November 01st, 2019

America throughout my lifetime, communism did not exist. Lies and money exist. Power which poor and rich, never did, and never will share together. Organically grown communism, underneath the sky, cannot exist before money power is destroy. America from organically grown communism we should not be afraid.

• Friday, November 01st, 2019

World in 21st century, our modern technology invest most of us wisdom in bank, wallets and our pockets, and help us fly above birds, highest we flying, lowest we falling down.

• Friday, November 01st, 2019

World we lost life balance, between east and west, and between south and north. And also between earth soil and sky. World who we should ask, devil or God? Where we will fall down.