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• Saturday, November 26th, 2016

I Love You Nature
Native American
Native American, if planet earth is divided in half I will be very happy. Stay on nature side, and share my life with beautiful nature, Native American. World I strongly believe so and healthy wise world will stay on nature side, safety and healthy life side. Only and only, healthy life power, which money cannot buy and devil lead and destroy.
Tell Me One Healthy Life Reason
Why Can I Trust Money and World Science
I trust nature love. Pure nature energy power, God creation. I don’t trust human promises, medicine, vaccine, life poison, and unpromise, human hate.
Normally Bad Is Planted
Life education, do you know
Why bad grow because most of the time bad thinking is planted, transplanted, and grow and is life education fall.
Step by Step from Devil Away
World when you pray and allow God, you walking step by step from devil away.
Very Big Lead This World
People we all like to be big and biggest as can be, big. Book educated and known, but how we think, live, and how human promises lead us all. No one can be biggest stupid then existing stupid, who lead us all on this earth. Farway from God creation, beautiful nature.
Most of The Science Don’t Know
For every human being who live on this earth. Is most important to know what our modern technology and most of the world science don’t know. How to live, healthy peaceful lives on this earth, with nature and God.
American Dollar Is Not Our Good Healthy Friend
Dollar destorying our life and health. Without nature, pure energy help.
American Together, Why Not Win Together
American can we tell to ourself, without political help. Why our political leaders very quickly forgive each other. And we people, who vote for them never stop fight each other for them. Who always win and why. And never lose, why not?
One My Childhood Day
Remind Me On World Science Today
Most of them, world science very often remind me on one my chidhood day. Staying underneath tall pear tree, and throwing rock in one pear. Rock which fall on my head. Many years pass by and I still feel same pain, when I think about our world science. How about you world, I don’t mean numb world, I mean wise world. Do you feel any pain, or life pressure? When you think about world science. And what happen to nature health.
Thank You God Soon As You Can
World what happen to our lives? With what kind of life promise we can live? Without nature and God, pure nature energy, daily help. World we facing life system, human creation. System which telling us, and promising us, whole wide world, long as we live. Daily suffering, will increase, and I Radenko Fanuka, handy man, God and his nature helper telling you world, daily we will pray, asking God for help. Soon as he can, help us to die. Thank you God, soon as you can.
World what is worst, killing unborn?
World what is worst, killing unborn? Or invite born to this earth. To take first unhealthy breathe, dirty air, drink unhealthy water, and eat unhealthy food. World did we say, goodbye nature or will we say goodbye nature?
World help nature, Native American
Native American, what happen to you and rest of nature in 21st century, will happen to whole wide world, but 100% worse. World help Native American, nature before nature destory us all, on this earth, without any promises.

• Saturday, November 19th, 2016

World Leading Healthy Life Psychology and Philosophy Is Dead
Goodbye God creation, beautiful nature, world our science load whole wide world on one life boat. And we living together on one life boat without healthy air, without clean water, and without healthy food, but its okay because what we own and what we have we did not forget, load on our life boat, lot of money, life poison, and life hate, and is okay because we can and we will fight ourselves, fight suffer, and die before healthy and happy peaceful life to live. We have a few captains on the boat, Russian, Chinese, and so on. But mother America our new president elect 2016 Donald Trump is most important from all of them. For survivors and life boat without healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food. Too far from God creation pure nature energy, daily help. Mother America and rest of the world I telling you on advance because possibility exists, I will not be here to tell you again. Life boat have enough fuel without healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food to hit end. Without making any turn because world leading healthy life psychology and philosophy power is dead.
Radenko Fanuka
November 19, 2016
Pray God You Will Not Waste Time
If you feel boring and you don’t know what to do, and you cannot sleep. Pray God for help. You will not waste time. You will live with life hope and God help. Just pray and pray. You will feel God help, again and again.
God is Good so and Good Friend
Respect and love God and friend, before you need help. Don’t knock on life door, too late.
Don’t Waste Time
I always told my workers, think and work. Don’t speed, and don’t waste time.
Middle Class is Not Included
America I wish I am wrong. I believe 2016, America election day. Will bring us and rest of the world zero love, and hate in numbers and zero. America only love can save the world, and only hate poison and money, power, destory this world. This is this, for stupid and smart, and rich and poor, middel class is not included because I don’t know, how long will middle class exist.
Oh Mighty God Can You Make America Great Again
Dedicated to America Election 2016
Oh mighty God, can you tell us American, how you can make America great again? Without healthy clean air. Without healthy clean water. And without healthy daily food. Oh mighty God, I’m sorry, I believe you will not be able help and change our life system. Money power, poison and hate. Which lead us American and rest of the world. Oh mighty God, forgive me if I’m wrong, I suggest for Jesus Christ and Messiah not to come before. Money power, destory life poison and hate. To be able new grass and weed, to grow and nature live free without money power.
World We Should Not Pray Too Late
World we should stop share with the devil before we pray. Too many of us in this world directly and indirectly daily nourish devil power and mind. With our giving gift from God. Sharing with devil, God creation, and in the same time we praying and asking God for help, health, freedom and peace. We asking God, for everything. For everything. What we daily share with devil power in mind. World our children is not included, before they started school. World something is very wrong with our life education and schools and books. World we cannot make it healthy life deal with devil and God.
Hate Also Live With Love
What is difference between God creation and human creation, everything what God create is create with love and forever lasting love. And mostly with the seeds. And what human being create is without seeds. And is sooner or later power, which have to turn to be love for hate. Hate also live with love, hate for love.
World Science Children Can Learn So Much More From No Then From Yes
Young pyschologists and philosophers write today about past and present because 21st century life is and will be very helpful life school for new generation to come and live healthy peaceful life. Very close to nature and God name. Young psychology and philosopher tell the world science children can learn so much more from no then from yes. This is my life discovery, nature life message.
This is Me Radenko Fanuka, Nature
Some people will say, what this man writing about, he must be boring, crazy, and very unhappy. I am very happy. Never boring. And for some very smart, I could be crazy. But am very very happy because I serve daily nature God creation, and I am very unhappy for our world children and people who suffer and they don’t know why they suffer. Far away from God creation, pure nature energy power, daily help.
In 21st Century World Can Touch End, But Will Not End
I promise you world, mother earth soil, women, mothers, and strong healthy man, who believe in God and his nature, poor people, young people, and children is only existing power, which can help and save this world, but not all. And also I promise you world, number one, money power. And different category life poison, and life hate, also is only power, which can lead this world in cold grave, but not all. World doesn’t matter what happen to us, zero have to and will lose life value. We have only two life choses stay close as we can with God creation beautiful nature or stay with devil power in mind.
21st Century Living Hell
Some of you world science, seems to me, you are very proud because you think you create genetically modified paradise on this earth. You make big mistake, you make unforgetable life history. Because you create geneticaly modified living hell on this earth. First history trap, great trap for devil body and mind. And devil will not run away from genetically modified hell. And the rest of the world, would devil will share genentically modified hell. I can’t tell for how long, but not for too long. Devil will suffer and starve with one wish, run away from living hell and from unguilty, unhappy honest, good God. People who will physically fight, devil body and mind before they die in living hell.

• Sunday, November 13th, 2016

America our election day, 2016 daily remind me, on American dream, I wonder what kind life dream could be without healthy air, without healthy water and without healthy food. Daily existing life reality, promises dream, young parents. Think what is and where is your future dream. How far from pure nature energy God creation.

Nostradamus is not known enough yet
World if life poison promises and money, doesn’t lead this world. Nostradamus name forever will be forget, but will not happen.
Day Will Come
Normally what is not impossible, turn to be possible, too late. For one day.
Forget Everything Together
Many category life poison, and life promises lead this world in its unhealthy power, power which middle class, poor, and rich will share. And forget everything together.
One creature against all
World we are not far from one election. God and his pure nature, energy election, our big education and big mind, power above nature power, will not be elect or accept to vote.
I Am Nature
People telling me, I think different, then other people. I don’t know why. Because I’m nature.
I Dedicate to God and His Nature and World Autism, and Life Truth
World remember only and only, pure nature energy, exisitng power can lead and heal daily life and love on this earth. I strongly believe in God and his nature, pure energy daily power. Healthcare, healthy food because healthy food is heathy life, and healthy healthcare. Healthy love and healthy sperm. I hate devil energy, very expensive medicare promises. Medicine and vaccine, world science if nature pure energy can not heal nature energy. Life on this earth will not be able to exist, but what will happen to us human being will not happen to rest of the pure nature energy God creation.
In 21st Century Sick World Healing Sick World
No matter how I look and turn, here is 21st century time. Mentally ill world directly and indirectly taking care from mentally ill world. Healthy mind, healthy world is loser. Because can not and will not, in 21st century help very sick world. I believe some healthy mind. Healthy science, and some healthy life pscyhology still exists in this world, who can tell, why healthy world can not help sick world and God creation truth.
Adding and multiplying people mind and words
Through all my life, I did not have time to watch TV and read books, newspaper, and magazines. Daily I only read people minds. Adding and multiplying people words. I discover many surprises, pure truth and nasty lies. Which help me live my life. And late in my life, to be able to write. Write mostly for new generation to come. I feel very sad. Why mostly for new geneation to come.
Life unpromises will not end power
Which I dedicate to world election days
What is difference between life promises and unpromises. Unpromises can not end because unpromises can live without promises. But promises can not live without promises. And what is difference between life promises and unpromises power. Its the same difference between devil and God power.
Count numbers and remember and add peple words
If you talk to your friend or any other person, more then once and remember his or her words, put then together. You will be able discover what you love to know for yourself, and only for yourself. Because from enemy is better create friend then create enemy. From good person, and good friend.
Life Education Could Be Include
Children could not be include, life education could be include. Many people in this world exist, who hate life for many reasons. And I believe life hate them too.

• Tuesday, November 08th, 2016

America, mother of the world, your doing a great job. Helping and saving our relatives, friends and children around the world. America please don’t build walls. America create friends, many as you can. You will keep from America, enemy away. America, lets pray to God tonight to save America tomorrow from World War III.

• Saturday, November 05th, 2016

Free to Die Before Free to Live
World science, money power, and political power create big unhealthy world. Geneticaly modified power. Politically correct, free to die, before free to live.
If I am Teacher, I Will Teach Children
If I am teacher, I will teach children in school. First how to spell God, air, food, water, mother and father, grandma and grandpa earth soil, nature, work and rest, and life and death. I will teach children how to spell and connect alphabet with God creation, pure nature energy, life resume.
Modern World
Modern world, in 21st century if you ask for less, you will get more, but that will not happen because you will be able to destory money power and value, but what will happen, you will spend for more and everyday you will get less and less.
Nature Law
Ask for More and With Less
If science doesn’t exist, world will exist.
Help to Live and Help to Die
World healthy life psychology and philosophy. Something is very wrong with us. Because those who we help legally directly and indirectly to die, did not help us yet. Why not?
World Will Not Be Too Late
World sooner or later, directly and indirectly, money power have to and will help Nostradamus prediction. Could be too early, but never too late.
Big Life Education
World our 21st century big life education, power and money power is only power with one end.
World Have to Happen
American observing world past and future days, including our election day 2016. I can read, unforgettable world history title. Title says, in God and his nature trust, Native American land.

• Sunday, October 30th, 2016

But Not All American
American most of us how we live and think is politically correct, and we should not criticize politicians. We should criticize ourselves.
To Be Religiously Uncorrect
To be religiously uncorrect I believe God wil forgive. But to be politically uncorrect, definitely devil will not forgive. Revenge will conintue all the way to the end.
Oh Mighty God Election – Is my life a gift. Which I dedicate to world autism.
America I wish 2016 election will be God election. Science life psychology and philosophy. Oh mighty God elect and create woman, Mother Earth. And women same power, just like Mother Earth power, life creators. But I am not sure which year was that. Later or before 1920. Because women did not have right to vote. Before 1920. I love to know from some healthy world and right mind, why women did not have right to vote. Before 1920. World science, I should not mention science because science never vote for Mother Earth and mothers. Pure nature energy, daily, healthy, life power, and life seeds. Only healthy life power. World science, life psychology and philosophy, I am very sorry, but I have to end, just like silence end. Oh mighty God, please help this world now.
Including America
In 21st century country does not exist. Who will be healthier and better, tomorrow then was today. For how long? For too long? I dedicated to America election 2016 and Hillary Clinton and Dona Trump. But woman and mothers did not change world and did not create unhealthy world. They did not have right to vote, up to 1920. Intelligent world, why not?
World unadvanced, our healthy life psychology and philosophy we buried underneath our graves.
World how we live and think, for us too early turning to late. Before middle of the day. Before 12 o’clock abnormally we speed, following our shadows, heading west. And unadvanced our healthy life psychology and philosophy, we bury underneath our graves. For long century days to come. And for new generation, grass and weeds to sprout and grow healthy and free.
My everlasting life promise is for my everlasting love.
America our election 2016 will posess power like existing medicine and vacine and definietly will not help reach middle class and poor. For one full day. And doesn’t matter how many days will come, every day will get less and less. America I wish us luck, but I promise us American and rest of the world, without God and his nature. Daily, pure energy help, we will not have or find, life luck to be able live, healthy, peacefully, and free. My everlasting life promise is for my everlasting love. Please help us God.
God Land
Most of us people in this world, we are wasting our sweet lifetime talking, creating hundred percent for ourself, worst then nothing. Our words, which come out through our mouth should be productive seeds, nothing more or less then seeds which old farmers used to spread by their hands on their farms. Genetically unmodified wisdom seeds, seeds which sprout, bloom, blossom, and ripe. Seeds which nourish, nature life, body and mind. Parents, teachers, and healers, teach your children, home and in school. How to live, think, pray, and spread their wisdom seeds, on very rich and beautiful God land, for themselves and rest of God creation, future days.
Native American Don’t Fight and Die
Native American is treat just like God creation, pure nature energy power. Native American, dont’ fight and die. Be patient, 21st century time is here. God an his nature, energy will fight for you and rest of God creation. Native American, does matter what happen, in 21st century to this world. Big changes will happen. Nature will be winner and you will not be loser. Loser will be losers. Native American don’t ever stop love, God creation, and yourself.

• Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

World Falling in Devil Hands
World daily we are killing health, freedom, peace and love. Walking away from God and his nature, pure energy daily help. Walking away, falling in devil hands.
Life Pressure
I don’t trust science and money creation, and life promises. I trust God creation, nature daily very responsible unpromises. Life without life pressure.
Unhealthy Life
God and his healthy nature did not have anything to do with money, but money can not exist and can not survive without unhealthy life power.
Rich, Middle Class, & Poor Should Not Exist
And that is reason why God created our Mother Earth. And everything what breathe, grow, live, and die. For his nature to share. And devil also create power. Money is number one power. Power which rich middle class and power can not share. Healthy life can not share, but is perfect power, which makes us all in this world, suffer and share unhealthy life.
How Many Stupid Exist in This World
World do you know, what is difference between God and stupid? God forgives, stupid does not.
Truth Between Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump
American 2016 primary days, and presidential debate, I will share with Hilary Clinton all lies from the past, but I will not share Donald Trump truth for future days.
America Election 2016
We all need God and his nature pure energy, future days. America what is difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, psychology and philosphy is if Donald Trump win, America election 2016, big possibility exist, what people could forget, history will not. History will talk about. But if Hillary Clinton win, American election 2016, people will talk about and future will help them talk about.
Days is Not Far
Modern world will not be able to tell, if science exist, world will not exist.
Every Day For Ourselves
World science in the past would you help, what is done to this nature. In 21st Century, 100% worse we will get back, and we will use everyday for ourselves.
Genetically Modified World
World science and doctors, we humanbeing feed world harmful disease. How can we defeat them? If we feed them? Money will not help us defeat them, just create them.
God creation is only healthy medicine
World only healthy food is healthy life medicine. With great side affects. Health, happiness, freedom, peace, and love.
I Was Child and Grow Up Between Two High Mountains
What is difference between good parents and echo betweeen two high mountains. I cannot find any difference because difference does not exist, just life truth exist.
Last Day
World and right mind, fight never did and never will create health. World freedom, peace and love, fight can create last fight and last day.
Live with God, Peace, and Love
Woman dont’ fight each other. Help, respect and love each other. Because you are mother of the world. And is the only way, how you can help yourself, and heal and help from generation to generation. World live with God, peace, and love.
Who Exist
Some of you world, if God doesn’t exist, and devil doesn’t exist, how we live creating life poison and hate, who exist, and why exist.
I Love You
I love you world, and if you like me like I love you, do you know what will happen? Will not happen. Said world, why cannot happen?
How to Live With Nature and God
21st Century is and will be very sick, uneducated life history, but very helpful for new generation. How to live, daily with nature and God.
Never for Ever, How Long Could Last
Modern technology is only one season without seats. Modern technology can create pretty much everything, but can not create nothing, just worst then nothing. How lucky this world could be. Nikola Tesla did believe light is always on, and I believe is not never for ever. And is bright ligiht for blind, deaf, ill, hungry and poor, and also for modern technology, very dark end. Thank you God. How far can go, one season without seeds.
American Election 2016, History is Make
Presidential debate 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, remind me on days when former Russian President Nicholas Crushef visit America and beat table with his shoes. Only difference was Nicholas Crushef did not have hair and economy was much healthier then 2016. Grass hopper, catepillar, butterflies, bee and sky did live free. That was time when deadly economy began to grow with world science help. America we need God and his nature, pure energy daily help, but definitely we don’t need political promises and hate to be able bring America, health, freedom, and peaceful life back.
Hillary Clinton Is Not God
and She is Not Donald Trump
Seems to me Hillary Clinton is everything. What Donald Trump can think and tell. But she is not God, and she’s not Donald Trump.
Up to 1919 Women Did Not Have Right to Vote
Why Not
Future please don’t foget the past.
Women did.
Women does.
And women will do.
What man never did.
And never will do.
This is the difference.
Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
2016 present and long past, what you did for future day?
Is life reality what we daily face?
Life misery, life poison and hate.
Women did not change America and world.
But women can change America and world.
This is what is different between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

• Monday, October 17th, 2016

Life education which is not connect or disconnect from God creation, pure nature engery daily power is and have to be directly and indirectly life poison. Worst life poison as poison could be.

• Monday, October 17th, 2016

In 21st Century most of them human minds will not ripe. But in 21st Century human history will ripe.

• Monday, October 17th, 2016

World I think what is worst for all of us is. We are lost in our home and nobody will find us, where we are. God help us find our self.