• Friday, February 09th, 2007

I cannot see any existing difference between the religions, and the various colors of flowers, in this beautiful garden. Which flower, and which color, is beautiful? What is beautiful? Is it the color, itself, or is it that, which we are looking at, that is beautiful, the beautiful truth? How would this world and the honeybees look and feel, if there were only one kind of a flower, or no flowers at all? What could happen to the honeybees and the world? Thank God, IT didn’t happen in W. W. II. Beautiful people, have you ever tried to taste honey that was made from many different flowers, of many different colors? It is the best! It’s not only sweet, but it is healthy. It is as sweet as the God’s sweet truth. It is nature’s power and truth. Without the raindrops, nature would slowly wilt and dry. Without religion, what would happen to this world? It would happen slowly, and much, much worse. God, help our minds, so that we may help our beautiful, honest children, and ourselves. Human, healthy power, hasn’t been born yet, who could destroy another healthy human power without destroying his own. A human being cannot harm any other religion without harming his own. WHY? It is because our human life is built the same as that of a spider’s web. No matter where, or how, it is touched, our life’s entire web will shake and it IS shaking. God, how great of a human being Pope John Paul the 2nd was! This earth’s soil will forever miss his respect and his “lips,” and all religions will miss his words, and his truth.

There are many existing books about religions and God, and many more will be written. Pope John Paul the 2nd’s philosophy and truth, WAS, IS, and WILL BE, one big umbrella which will always cover all of them.

My Mother often told me, “It’s enough! My son, please, just stop!” The world should just stop and start where His philosophy, and His truth left us. We should all look back just one more time, and see history which hasn’t helped this nature, cannot, and will not help our children’s future days. Just stop and think, “How can we cross over this narrow, long bridge?” Pope John Paul the 2nd, revealed to us, a thousand different ways where our shadow began and where the light, for us, exists.

As a young boy, I remember, I asked my Mother so many questions, BUT, remember, I WAS JUST A CHILD. I asked her questions about life, lives, religion, religions, and God. She gave me an answer consisting of a few words about religion, religions, life, lives and God. Small world, can you believe it! My mother was able to tell me everything in just a few words about what God is asking us to do, and to be. Her reply to my questions was as follows, “My child, you have to learn how, and why, you MUST respect all human beings. First, you must HAVE respect. Then, you will be able to respect, help and love all other people. First respect, then help, then love.” Why is love the last, and not the first? It is because our love could spill in the same way that the water spills and without the existence of respect, it cannot be controlled.

Many written words exist, and I only hope that many more good ones will be created which will always remind us of how important education about life and religion is, and religions and lives. My Mother told me everything in only a few words, how A LITTLE IS A LOT.

Beautiful people, can we walk quickly over this bridge, give a little and have a lot? Religions are the same as anything else that grows, sprouts, blooms and blossoms. It’s life! It’s the same as life, the trees and the fruit trees whose deep rooted roots need daily nourishment, first with our respect, help and then, love. Religions are the same as the food, a healthy, organicall_grown, food. I know that in every harvest there are a few bad seeds, and that we know how to separate them from the good seeds, but it is extremely important to know that a human being, as a human, deserves to be respected, helped and loved. It is God’s deep-rooted law to have respect for THAT, from where peace and freedom grows.

Parents, please teach your children and help your children. Healthy life’s education, and only healthy life’s education, will benefit our lives and that of nature. Good God, please do not allow to happen to our religions, that, which has occurred to our healthy, organically_grown foods. Our processed foods cannot grow, and, although it could be planted, it will NOT grow. How far are we from a dead road?

All our religions, combined, are one, big, shiny star that can be observed from a distance. With the use of good words, heart and mind, its roots can be nourished. Whoever you might be, and whatever you may be occupied with, please, don’t try to turn religions into what processed foods have become. Our web, like the spider’s web, you and I may be able to shake up, but you and I will not succeed to grow. It will be a very unhealthy and painful life for your own children, as well as mine, and for our world’s future generations to come.

It is a very deep, dark night of January 19, 2007. Spring is already knocking on our doors. Can we open our hearts and try to being planting, TOGETHER? World, lets plant the flowering plants God’s truth, TOGETHER. How beautiful it could be, IF we could open the doors, for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future days! Please, good God, give us your help so that we can do this. Let us plant our respect in only one planter. I believe that freedom, peace and love, will definitely, grow. Then, we will be able to look back and clearly see where our own shadows have begun to grow, and where the light, for us, exists. How LITTLE to HAVE A LOT! God loves US ALL!

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