• Thursday, August 30th, 2007

A Woman Did Not Change the World


During the days of WWII, I was a young, little boy, a boy, searching for love and peace. Each day I searched, I found a big, cold, empty world. “Nothing” is a very wrong word to use, but, nothing could help to heal my tender, wounded mind, body and heart, nothing, except for the earth’s soil, a woman and the sun. Every morning when I woke up, I gazed through the window, waiting for the sun to rise. The warmth of the sun’s rays touched and healed my wounded mind and heart, but, there were days, and hours in a day, when the sun’s power was unable to reach and help heal my mind and heart. Layers of clouds, dark shades, decreased the power between the sun’s power, and my tender thirsty heart, thirsty for love and peace. The sun could not always reach, what the beautiful power of beautiful women, mothers, with their warm respect and love, always reached. Because we are human, and are the parents of Nature, war and fighting are very weak, unhealthy powers. Our love is our healthy power, a love which a little boy, now an old man, cannot forget; a power within power, the earth’s soil, women and sun, a power which cannot be washed away or dried up, but it cannot be wounded any more than it already is. World, we are losing the parents of our freedom and health, and the worst part of it is, and it can’t be any worse, is that more than half of this world is staring and looking, at what it is unable to taste and see. The sunpower could not reach what women, mothers, always reached.

I can still feel the warmth of the women’s warm arms, their embrace holding me tight, close to their warm bodies and hearts. I still have memories of their healthy warm wishes and words. They called me “child” and “son.” They talked to me and built my hope each and every day. I can still hear the words “Child, son, don’t be afraid. The bombing will stop very soon. The war will come to an end. Your father will return home, soon.” I can still feel their spilled tears, running down on my face and neck. Love is a beautiful power, a power that is still “melting” an old man’s heart. “Son, the war will come to an end.” Their warm healthy wishes have not yet, come true. To have one child, one parent killed, is too much, and it is TOO MUCH, but to have killings and loss of life by the thousands, is not enough.

World, we, in many different ways, have very badly wounded nature in our gardens, our green earth. We are definitely, and in every way, losing the battle. We are unable to ask our health and freedom questions. Why not? What is good, and what will help our green earth is that God possesses the power and His NATURE is holding the truth. Once a young, little boy, now an old man, I walk from one end to the other, but never far from Nature and God.

It’s a beautiful early morning of 2007’s spring and the sun has not yet risen. All nature awaits, as I do, for the sun to rise. Why ……. waiting for a healthy power to rise!? Standing in my garden observing nature’s power, the words cannot express how beautiful the truth is! As I await for the sunrise, world’s life questions fly through my mind, and there’s one answer, only one life’s answer __ the big Mother, the beautiful America.
It is springtime and it is a beautiful morning. The sun rose; love and peace rose just in time. America, “colorful” world, beautiful people, in our lifetime, time controls everything, and it could be, as it is, too late for many things, but, America, for love and peace in our lifetime, it is never too early and never too…! But, sooner is better than later! As I miander in my tiny garden, from one fruit tree to another, I see nature’s power, the beauty of the spring’s truth. The fruit trees blossom before their leaves grow. Why? Why is it before their leaves grow? I, a long time ago, asked my Mother this same question, over and over again. Why? “Why do you feed me, Mom, before you feed yourself?” I call fruit trees, beautiful women, beautiful mothers. A powerful power; power is love. This world, our nature, and our children, need only respect and love. My Mother fed me first, with the first and the best power, love. Just as my Mother has done, mother fruit trees also feed their babies, their flowers, their children, first. It is a sweetness and a power which endures a lifetime. It’s a power, which in too many ways, is taken away from our young children, women, mothers, earth’s soil and the sun. Why? Oh, God, how close, and yet how far we are, from your good Nature’s power! The time is here! We are facing time __ not politically, but physically, religiously and mathematically. We must give, before we can have, and, we will give. The future has been planted for our past, and it was planted, as well, for the 21st century. It was planted quickly in a thousand different ways, by the use of manpower over nature’s power, and the bad weeds sprouted before the good bread seeds. 21st Century’s spring was a dormant spring. The power, earth’s soil, women and sun are still waiting to sprout, bloom and blossom. The weather was, and still is, cold, cloudy, windy and dry, but before the 21st Century’s spring is over, this weather will change.

Physically, mathematically and religiously, a huge life’s wave is coming in, from the two ends. God possesses the power, and His Nature holds the truth, a colorful world for all of us. The power which exists between the earth’s soil and the sky, has the might to help the nature’s balance and the young buds, its young children, of this world. How little it is that we need to get, what we are not fighting for! Love! All of us were born and brought into the world with a tremendous love, and we didn’t have to fight for it. It truly was a beautiful gift for us all, for each other, and for the world, that women, our mothers, carried in them for nine months and, then, delivered to the world, just with love. If there’s no love, it is the end. How beautiful and healthy it is, just with love! Without love, physically and mathematically, God could not have created “nothing” before “something.” What God couldn’t, a human being could?!?! America, the world’s questions, one life’s answer, is lying on our table. American people, let’s not tear it apart! Nature is fighting us, as never before, and we, ourselves, are fueling that fire! Why? World, don’t you see that we, humans, are standing in the center of this battle, fighting each other? There’s no love!
“Global warming” may not say much, but it’s true that, the grass can stop growing before the ice melts. Global warming has created a very unhealthy world dish, and it is now serving it to the rich, to the poor, and to all of us, alike, in the form of air, water and food. This dish came about from many different unhealthy layers and shades. “Global warming” are only two simple words that may not say much to most of us, but autism, cancer, heart disease, obesity and bird flu are telling us our life’s truth. A very closely-related family is standing on one line, and the line is extremely long. Can we see where the line has begun, and can we see where is its end? Do we need God and His Nature’s help? Without the love and the respect for our nature, what God couldn’t, human being definitely could! More than half of our world is looking at a very unhealthy sight that it cannot see, and there are some who live with a hope that money can come to our aid of our green earth. Yes, it is true that money could’ve helped all of us, but not before life’s education, respect and love could, and can, help us. What money accomplished for our nature, money is still lacking the power to “buy” for it. Some of our life’s philosophy has the same power as the one who created the fruits without the seeds.

God, how close and, yet how far!!??!! We must learn quickly how to divide and we must learn a great deal about pressures, and life’s speed. Global warming, green earth, our world needs to build a strong economy composed of nature’s balance, freedom and health, a balance that is as sweet as it could be – a sweet God and His Nature’s law. World, a closely-related line began to form and grow when someone’s “unripe” life, yet, an educated mind, decided to step over the power of nature and play a game with Mother Nature’s huge breast, in a similar way as with the power of a woman, a mother’s breast. The end of the line is where the line began. Within our lifetime, we should never forget the two letter word, “IF.” We ran through too many life’s STOP signs and red lights, and, if we continue to do so, autism, in this young 21st Century, will not be able to help autism.

The world’s life questions, one life’s answer, and the life’s key, is lying on our American table. I strongly believe that America possesses the powers that the rest of the world lacks. America, and the world, stand close together, as one, and there shouldn’t be any questions, because there is only one life’s answer. In order that we may have peace and love, it is never to early, and it is never too…but, sooner is better than later.

One world, nature, is counting hours and days; it is waiting for us, for parents’ help. America, the life’s answer, and the life’s key has been lying on our table for a long time. Nature’s doors are locked, as is the world’s health and freedom. They are locked up behind the doors of Nature.

Women did not alter the world. Women, our mothers, delivered beautiful gifts into this world, for this world, simply with love, not battle. Physically and mathematically, not politically, our world is facing the power of pure nature, the power of women and mothers. How very little is so much! The weight of a bit longer strand of hair can help and hold nature’s balance; God and His Nature’s law, as sweet, as sweet could be!

Once a little boy, now an old man, I am now standing on one side of my life’s board. My love, my beautiful nature, as I have been walking from one end to the other, I found life to be so beautiful; at the same time, I also found that some human “huge” minds, not bodies, are a huge life’s waste. What we plant in our life, we must eventually harvest. Beautiful nature, my love for you I will not take with me, I cannot take it, it cannot die. Girls and boys, the day will come when my wishes for you will come true. Come to my grave, I will wait. Please, plant one fruit tree on top of my grave. I will wait, wait, for the first ripe fruit to fall on top of my grave. That will be the day, and the days, when love and peace will bloom and blossom. No matter what, this world must, and it will, make a turn.

Women have not changed the world. A woman will change the world. American people and the world united, it is better sooner than later – give the woman the key. I will wait, wait, for the first ripe fruit to fall on top of my grave. I will wait. That will be the day when the unborn children will no longer be afraid. Pressure! Women did not change the world. That will be the day when I will be able to turn in my grave, turn peacefully, rest, and wait. My love, beautiful nature, I cannot take with me what you will find is mine, my life’s gift for you. Beautiful nature, I will take your love, which I didn’t buy, but I do know it is mine. I will not say goodbye. I will wait.

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  1. Hello,

    You sent me this text to my email; I have started reading but I didn’t finish it yet (however I will)!

    Thank you for sharing this with me :).


  2. Hello Mr. Radenko,

    I have finally finished reading your text (the same as in this post); and I must say that it puzzled me: I understood that you said that a woman will save the world, and that the key should be given to her. If women will not save the world, who is this single woman who will?

    I loved the way you said that you will wait in your grave to see the fruit being ripen…powerful!!

    I must confess one thing though: in my humble opinion, the text has too many repetitive words (but perhaps it is intended to stress your feelings?).

    Once again, thank you for sharing this beautiful text with me :).


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