• Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Croatia’s Wisdom, my beautiful native land, my young heart is still there. A long, long time ago, I collected a few organically-grown wisdom seeds. I cried and I ran away, but I didn’t run away from you, my beautiful land. WISDOM, I was unable to plant my wisdom seeds in Croatia, far away from God and His Nature’s power. Those organically-grown seeds are still with me today, which from time to time, cannot be planted in a frosty spring. Wisdom and Life, what is so good about life is that the wisdom seeds can sleep for a thousand years and they can still be planted and they will bloom and blossom. However, this cannot be done far from God and the honest power of work.

Croatia, during my early years, I did learn some life’s philosophy under the “uneducated” pressures of life, eventhough it was accomplished without the presence of any pleasures of life. At that time, work was starving and Croatia’s businesses and riches were dying. It was a very simple and painful life, and the truth did not have enough richness to spread around and share with the existing lie, the lie which work and the truth never did, and never will, please. I did not learn my life’s philosophy from the top going down. I continued learning my life’s philosophy in America, and FROM America, from the very bottom and all the way up to the top.

God and Croatia, or, Croatia and God, no matter how you phrase it, is a beautiful title, but it’s a title which is missing one very important word, the word WORK. The title, without the word WORK, will please those who love to eat, but not cook and work.

CROATIA’S WISDOM, Croatia’s LIFE PHILOSOPHY, there is nothing perfect in this world, but between the two words of God and Croatia, there is one word that would fit perfectly, and that’s the word WORK. LIFE, if anyone can tell you more, or less, than what I am telling you here about WORK, please don’t believe them. It is a lie, a lie that has no heart, and it is a power which possesses the power, like a fruit without its seeds. CROATIA, I am extremely proud that I was once a poor Croatian. As I lived and worked in America, WORK and AMERICA made me proud enough to say, “I am a proud American and I live underneath the same sky.” Croatia, my Mother died, but I consider myself fortunate to still have a Mother, the beautiful America, and I will plant and leave my Croatian and American wisdom seeds on the highest Top Life Philosophy that a human being can reach, and will reach.

My wisdom seeds, as well as America’s wisdom seeds, which can be dormant for thousands of years, could be planted through all four seasons of the year and they will grow, bloom and blossom. CROATIA, who will feed this world if WORK dies? Spread the word around the world! God, work and  CROATIA! CROATIA, don’t ever stop loving God, work and America!

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