• Monday, March 03rd, 2008

America, Don’t Make Me Cry

I believe in God and as much as I believe in God, I believe in good health and honest work. World, can you tell what could have God created before he created health and work? Health and work are very powerful and they’re a huge power, but they’re not a bigger or a smaller power than this world. How beautiful it is that Nature’s reflection is knocking on America’s and the world’s doors. Hillary Clinton, a woman, a wife and a mother, is knocking on America’s and the world’s life’s doors. The cause of this is TIME, the power of nature , which is physically over powering our power. It is a power which could be politically blanketed in the same way that frosty dust of snow could cover springtime. At the same time that Hillary Clinton is knocking on America’s and the world’s life’s doors, horrible diseases of autism, cancer, heart disease, obesity, aids, bird flu and other diseases, as well as the unknown ones, are closing our life’s doors. People of the world, we need help, today, not tomorrow. World, what could’ve God created, before he created health and work? America, can you tell, at our present time, what could Hillary Clinton possibly create, before health care, and before introducing us to a big friend, work? World, health and work are very big and powerful, but they’re not bigger, and they are not smaller than this world. World, these words and Hillary Clinton’s newly made history, like raindrops, will never dry. Drop by drop, they will fall. God could not create NOTHING, before he created SOMETHING. America, what God could not, we can! America, you are holding the world’s key. Don’t make the children, and their great grandchildren cry.

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