• Sunday, November 13th, 2016

America our election day, 2016 daily remind me, on American dream, I wonder what kind life dream could be without healthy air, without healthy water and without healthy food. Daily existing life reality, promises dream, young parents. Think what is and where is your future dream. How far from pure nature energy God creation.

Nostradamus is not known enough yet
World if life poison promises and money, doesn’t lead this world. Nostradamus name forever will be forget, but will not happen.
Day Will Come
Normally what is not impossible, turn to be possible, too late. For one day.
Forget Everything Together
Many category life poison, and life promises lead this world in its unhealthy power, power which middle class, poor, and rich will share. And forget everything together.
One creature against all
World we are not far from one election. God and his pure nature, energy election, our big education and big mind, power above nature power, will not be elect or accept to vote.
I Am Nature
People telling me, I think different, then other people. I don’t know why. Because I’m nature.
I Dedicate to God and His Nature and World Autism, and Life Truth
World remember only and only, pure nature energy, exisitng power can lead and heal daily life and love on this earth. I strongly believe in God and his nature, pure energy daily power. Healthcare, healthy food because healthy food is heathy life, and healthy healthcare. Healthy love and healthy sperm. I hate devil energy, very expensive medicare promises. Medicine and vaccine, world science if nature pure energy can not heal nature energy. Life on this earth will not be able to exist, but what will happen to us human being will not happen to rest of the pure nature energy God creation.
In 21st Century Sick World Healing Sick World
No matter how I look and turn, here is 21st century time. Mentally ill world directly and indirectly taking care from mentally ill world. Healthy mind, healthy world is loser. Because can not and will not, in 21st century help very sick world. I believe some healthy mind. Healthy science, and some healthy life pscyhology still exists in this world, who can tell, why healthy world can not help sick world and God creation truth.
Adding and multiplying people mind and words
Through all my life, I did not have time to watch TV and read books, newspaper, and magazines. Daily I only read people minds. Adding and multiplying people words. I discover many surprises, pure truth and nasty lies. Which help me live my life. And late in my life, to be able to write. Write mostly for new generation to come. I feel very sad. Why mostly for new geneation to come.
Life unpromises will not end power
Which I dedicate to world election days
What is difference between life promises and unpromises. Unpromises can not end because unpromises can live without promises. But promises can not live without promises. And what is difference between life promises and unpromises power. Its the same difference between devil and God power.
Count numbers and remember and add peple words
If you talk to your friend or any other person, more then once and remember his or her words, put then together. You will be able discover what you love to know for yourself, and only for yourself. Because from enemy is better create friend then create enemy. From good person, and good friend.
Life Education Could Be Include
Children could not be include, life education could be include. Many people in this world exist, who hate life for many reasons. And I believe life hate them too.

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