• Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

World Falling in Devil Hands
World daily we are killing health, freedom, peace and love. Walking away from God and his nature, pure energy daily help. Walking away, falling in devil hands.
Life Pressure
I don’t trust science and money creation, and life promises. I trust God creation, nature daily very responsible unpromises. Life without life pressure.
Unhealthy Life
God and his healthy nature did not have anything to do with money, but money can not exist and can not survive without unhealthy life power.
Rich, Middle Class, & Poor Should Not Exist
And that is reason why God created our Mother Earth. And everything what breathe, grow, live, and die. For his nature to share. And devil also create power. Money is number one power. Power which rich middle class and power can not share. Healthy life can not share, but is perfect power, which makes us all in this world, suffer and share unhealthy life.
How Many Stupid Exist in This World
World do you know, what is difference between God and stupid? God forgives, stupid does not.
Truth Between Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump
American 2016 primary days, and presidential debate, I will share with Hilary Clinton all lies from the past, but I will not share Donald Trump truth for future days.
America Election 2016
We all need God and his nature pure energy, future days. America what is difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, psychology and philosphy is if Donald Trump win, America election 2016, big possibility exist, what people could forget, history will not. History will talk about. But if Hillary Clinton win, American election 2016, people will talk about and future will help them talk about.
Days is Not Far
Modern world will not be able to tell, if science exist, world will not exist.
Every Day For Ourselves
World science in the past would you help, what is done to this nature. In 21st Century, 100% worse we will get back, and we will use everyday for ourselves.
Genetically Modified World
World science and doctors, we humanbeing feed world harmful disease. How can we defeat them? If we feed them? Money will not help us defeat them, just create them.
God creation is only healthy medicine
World only healthy food is healthy life medicine. With great side affects. Health, happiness, freedom, peace, and love.
I Was Child and Grow Up Between Two High Mountains
What is difference between good parents and echo betweeen two high mountains. I cannot find any difference because difference does not exist, just life truth exist.
Last Day
World and right mind, fight never did and never will create health. World freedom, peace and love, fight can create last fight and last day.
Live with God, Peace, and Love
Woman dont’ fight each other. Help, respect and love each other. Because you are mother of the world. And is the only way, how you can help yourself, and heal and help from generation to generation. World live with God, peace, and love.
Who Exist
Some of you world, if God doesn’t exist, and devil doesn’t exist, how we live creating life poison and hate, who exist, and why exist.
I Love You
I love you world, and if you like me like I love you, do you know what will happen? Will not happen. Said world, why cannot happen?
How to Live With Nature and God
21st Century is and will be very sick, uneducated life history, but very helpful for new generation. How to live, daily with nature and God.
Never for Ever, How Long Could Last
Modern technology is only one season without seats. Modern technology can create pretty much everything, but can not create nothing, just worst then nothing. How lucky this world could be. Nikola Tesla did believe light is always on, and I believe is not never for ever. And is bright ligiht for blind, deaf, ill, hungry and poor, and also for modern technology, very dark end. Thank you God. How far can go, one season without seeds.
American Election 2016, History is Make
Presidential debate 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, remind me on days when former Russian President Nicholas Crushef visit America and beat table with his shoes. Only difference was Nicholas Crushef did not have hair and economy was much healthier then 2016. Grass hopper, catepillar, butterflies, bee and sky did live free. That was time when deadly economy began to grow with world science help. America we need God and his nature, pure energy daily help, but definitely we don’t need political promises and hate to be able bring America, health, freedom, and peaceful life back.
Hillary Clinton Is Not God
and She is Not Donald Trump
Seems to me Hillary Clinton is everything. What Donald Trump can think and tell. But she is not God, and she’s not Donald Trump.
Up to 1919 Women Did Not Have Right to Vote
Why Not
Future please don’t foget the past.
Women did.
Women does.
And women will do.
What man never did.
And never will do.
This is the difference.
Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
2016 present and long past, what you did for future day?
Is life reality what we daily face?
Life misery, life poison and hate.
Women did not change America and world.
But women can change America and world.
This is what is different between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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