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• Sunday, January 08th, 2006

Where was God? This question is the same as if one were to ask, “Where was my love?” If you have one, it always remains close to your heart. When bad things happen, I often hear the words, “Where was God?” I think God always stays at home. Sometimes, Mother Nature is not so kind to us and we are unable to control it. We don’t know why unfortunate events happen. We live with the same question and the same answer, “Why.” I ask myself, “Why are we unable to learn that which we cannot know?” However, we should know that the road we walk on daily has one safe side, and that one truth exists, and that is that God just loves his Mother Nature. My life’s observations and every healthy step of nature is clearly telling me, “God doesn’t love me more than you, or, more than his Mother Nature.” Why not? It is very often that I hear my parents’ echo which is saying, “Child, don’t touch. You will hurt yourself.” God loves us all, and he is telling us daily, “Children, don’t touch. Don’t hurt yourselves.” My parents were good parents, good teachers. When I did naughty things they punished me. Why? Humans, we not only touched God’s creations, but we have in the past, and continue to destroy them each and every day. We can ask for God’s forgiveness, but I believe Mother Nature cannot, and will not forgive us. Yes, God loves his Mother Nature. As in true love, healthy life also requires a steady balance. Nothing, for nothing, is nothing. I don’t believe that we are getting something for nothing. Why are bad things happening to good, honest people? My heart bleeds for them. Truth has a secret and deep roots. It once happened to me. An old man, a shoemaker, stared at my shoes, as he was saying, “Who will pay for them?” I did not have an answer. I walked home feeling sad, and I asked my father, “Did you pay the shoemaker for my shoes?” His answer was “No.” I was afraid and I told him, “God will punish you.” Little by little, my father paid the man for fixing my old shoes. I was just so afraid that if my father did not pay, someone in our family, somewhere, at some time down the road, will have to pay. The rest of Mother Nature, the animals, the birds, the plants and the trees are saying, “We are the good, honest nature. We know and God knows, that we live with His absolute truth.” They are asking us, the people, the same question, “Why are bad things happening to US, NATURE?” Good, honest, smart people, where were we when bad things were happening to Mother Nature, and where are we now? This is, and will be, a sad history for the upcoming century, but, perhaps it will be very helpful to learn from.

I believe we are asking too much of God and where He was. God was sitting at home. In the past, as well as at the present time, God is watching us and how our hearty appetites are devouring our own minds.

Our life and the life of Mother Nature is like one big spider web, and it is anchored to the earth’s soil. No matter where, or how it is touched, the whole web will shake. The only difference is that the spider knows how to repair his web very rapidly, and we don’t know how to repair our own lives. We have a great deal to learn about ourselves and nature, in order that we may live and enjoy a more healthy and peaceful life.

I would like to ask all the people of this world the following question, “Who, and whose system pleased all of us, in the past and at the present time?” It’s a silly question, “all people”. Why not, “all people”? If you believe in God, than you better believe that he doesn’t love me anymore than he loves you and his Mother Nature. The three words, HATE, FIGHT, and KILL should be buried very deep, just like the bad weeds. You must forgive me, if I am wrong.

The word HELP was planted as a single seed and it grew into what we now call God’s beautiful creation. How simple, healthy and beautiful sounding are the words, “I’ll help you, you help me”. Between us, love can grown and climb like ivy. We know how to say, “A beautiful, life”. Yes, a beautiful, peaceful life can stop and prevent HATE and the unknown disease from crawling over our doorsteps. Tomorrow and the days that will follow could be too late for us, and too soon to say No. It is a simple God’s law that one should think, work, rest and share with others. There’s only one law from where health, love and freedom can grow. There is only one system which can help save us, may I say, save us all. “God, I do not see any other better road!” World, do you believe that we have any other better or wiser choice? Our earth has always been and it still is beautiful and rich. The earth’s soil, its creeks and its deep seas, its sun and moon, its stars, are all a part of one body, connected to our bodies’ blood vessels, minds and hearts. Our luck, our freedom and our health cannot be found any deeper than the point where the large tree’s roots grow, and not any higher than the heights reached by the tallest trees. We made a giant step which superseded our luck, health and freedom. We failed to examine our minds and we were not able to foretell what effect a ferocious appetite could have on our minds and our healthy lives. Yes, someone, some geniuses were born and then died without leaving a last will of testament for us. They left enough for the world to share and for the new, upcoming century to learn from and study. I often wonder, during their long days and dark nights, when they had the time to ponder and think, in what capacity was God and his Mother Nature, on their minds. My answer would be that TRUTH can fit into one word. As for the rest of the truths, to land on this earth, this earth is too small to contain them.

Some geniuses died and they left their children behind, some of whose appetites are quite large. These are the children who will point and touch and as a cooko bird, they, too, will lay their eggs in someone else’s nest and then fly away. Who can punish us more than we are already punishing ourselves? Where were we in the past and what were we doing? We are still here and what we are presently doing is much worse than if we were doing absolutely nothing. This earth is still rich and beautiful.

World, don’t lift and move one foot
Just turn around and bend down
Your luck is still breathing,
And it is not too deep or too high.
Stay close to nature and God
You’ll be able to teach your children,
How health and freedom can grow.
Most importantly,
You’ll be able to point and tell them,
The one truth,
And that is, how health and freedom can die.
It is December 26, 20005
This earth is still
Green, beautiful and rich.

• Saturday, January 07th, 2006

Oh God

In this world, words cannot be found, words which can describe,
How warm and beautiful SHE is.
Truth cannot reveal the secret
The world cannot find the words
She is just warm, beautiful and sweet
Who is SHE?
Is SHE like the sunrays?
Is SHE like the daylight?
Yes, SHE is
Is SHE like the raindrops?
Yes, SHE is just like the raindrops,
Drop by drop.
Is SHE what I can touch and hold?
Maybe, if you know how to touch and to hold
Why maybe?
Because, it’s just like that
Oh God
SHE is very warm, beautiful and sweet
How warm?
How warm? It is the secret,
For you to discover
How sweet?
How sweet? Words cannot describe it
How beautiful?
Very beautiful
SHE is the heart of the truth
What is SHE made of?
SHE is made of truth,
Secrets, sweetness and love.
She is very warm and has a big heart
Sweetness can always be tasted,
As a fruit that’s picked off the tree,
At the right time.
She must be powerful
Yes, SHE is as potent as the earth’s soil,
And the truth.
Who is SHE?
And who is the earth’s soil?
Standing in a vertical position,
More than half of the world,
Is not yet able to identify them.
Oh God, SHE is like a beautiful rose
Why did God create,
A beautiful rose with sharp thorns?
The truth is, that it’s not for every hand
To touch and to hold
Who is SHE?
SHE is the one,
Who is still turning the world around
And keeping the earth,
Beautiful and green.
If the sweetness and the beauty,
SHE possesses,
As well as the morning’s sunrays,
Cannot wake me up, I ask you God,
Please take me away,
As quickly as you can.
God will not punish me,
If I ask,
“Is heaven as beautiful and as green
As is this earth?”

• Friday, January 06th, 2006

My dream began to form in the year 1944. In my dream I dreamed a frightening life’s dream that the earth was losing balance and it was trembling. I called my mom, “Run, help me. Follow the title and turn the world around.” The echo that traveled throughout the small mountains raised its voice and said, “Why not?” The tall mountains began to tremble. I fell down on my knees. The sky turned into an unhappy human face, opened its mouth and raised its voice. Lightning and thunder struck and shook, the earth. The sky turned into what looked like the rivers and human blood vessels. The earth began to weep. I began to scream, “Mom, turn around and look back. The earth is trembling and losing its balance. Follow the title and run.” Daylight suddenly transformed itself into nighttime. What a frightening dream; a night without the dew, a tired earth with dry lips, and high mountains with long wrinkled faces wobbling and shaking. In my dream, I saw Nature as an unhappy human face. It was an expressionless face unable to express the words before tears began to roll down its eyes. Truth was unable to rest and sleep. That’s when the dark night turned into a beautiful day and a beautiful morning. Warm sunrays nourished the earth’s soil, as a mother’s warm look nourishes her child’s mind, eyes and heart. In my life’s dream I dreamed of walking through the end of the long tunnel where the sun rose. I screamed once again, “Mom, follow the title and run.” The high mountains with their long wrinkled faces did not stop wobbling and shaking. In my dream, I stepped on a beautiful, blessed land, the land I call America. It was a beautiful morning as I stood there observing the sunrise with my mind, eyes and heart. As I remained standing on the American land, I will tell you what I saw. I observed the sun that looked like the letter “O” standing in the middle of two M’s. No matter which way I looked at it, how I turned it, or how I spelled it, from the American land it always spelled “Mom”.

I am sorry about my title. On this earth, MOM can run in any direction. High mountains with long wrinkled faces did not stop wobbling and shaking. An echo traveling through the small mountains, as a river whispered,” On this earth Mom can, and will run in any direction.” How sweet! My dream came to an end when my wife woke me up by saying, “Here is your coffee. Take the day off.”

• Monday, November 14th, 2005

I, truth, am for sale
What happened to me? “I ask myself
I wonder if it happened to you, too?
I did nurture this soil
I did nurture this world
It is now October, 2005
Word SMART, “Tell me, where am I hidden?”
World, where can I be found?
I did nurture the sky, air and rain
Where can I be found?
I did nurture the fish, rivers and the seas
Where can I be found?
I did nurture grass, flowers, herbs and trees
Where can I be found?
Oh, I did nurture the birds,
And all other animals,
From my lungs and my heart.
Where can I be found?
I did nurture vegetables and fruit trees
Where can I be found?
I did nurture beautiful, naïve children,
And you, world, body and mind
What has happened and why?
I was unable to please the word SMART
Yes, I nurtured myself,
From the very beginning,
So, why not to the end?
World, do you happen to know,
Who will buy me?
Consult your own health,
Before you consult your doctor,
Before you ask your teacher,
Before you consult your leaders,
Where, on this earth,
Can they find me?
Find me, the one truth
Oh, human mind, please do not resist me
Even though it is nature’s law,
As well as God’s law,
I must wait,
And, at one end, I will wait
Oh, human mind,
There are no other words left,
Except for these:
“God, please help us all.”

• Friday, November 11th, 2005


The door is still open,
For the four beautiful colors,
Of black, white, yellow and red,
And the ones born from them
Peace, we can find
This beautiful earth belongs to us


We must build one step,
A step which can sustain love and peace,
And that is what this soil needs,
And that is what we need
Poor and rich, alike,
We can all be rich


How far can we go?
Far, very far
We can stop wars,
Save innocent people,
And our children’s lives
We can walk on the new road, far


We can find what we did not yet find,
And what we have lost
We can help ourselves,
And it will be the first step,
A strong, healthy step,
For our beautiful children to stand on


We will be able to laugh, suffer and cry
Clean the sky,
And the long rivers and the deep seas,
And breathe fresh air,
Share pure drops of water and tears,
And live a healthy, beautiful life


Black, white, yellow and red,
And the ones born from them
Do we have any other better choice?
Whether we like it or not,
This earth belongs to us


We’re missing the power
We’re missing the words
No one was born,
And no one will be born,
Who will be able to say,


• Monday, October 24th, 2005

It’s the end of school
A few will not pass
The space between life and death,
Will not change.
Neither will the space,
Between night and day.
Wickedly unpleasant wind will stop blowing
Clouds and air will rest
A few will not pass
They will be the ones,
Who will be able to tell,
That truth and love,
Did not end.
New school will begin
New grass will grow
Birds will fly
Rivers and seas will rest
Violent winds will no longer blow
The children will play
The sun will rise,
And heal their bodies and minds.
They will be the ones,
Who will be able to tell,
That truth and love,
Cannot end.
Sadly, for some,
This realization,
Was too late!

• Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I dedicate this essay to every person who loves and belives in America.

November 2, 2004 was Election Day in America. The sun rose just in time on that day, as did the American people. The two political parties moved forward with great balance, just like a seesaw. On November 3rd, both parties landed on their strong feet with certain balance, just as God’s creation requires.America always was, and still is, a blessed land. It is a land where immigrants from around the world land, and like the birds, safely build their nests. This world is surrounded by a mirror. America, look and you will sure see your own beauty and worth.

November 2, 2004 was a day that must be recorded in history, for it is a day of hope for a better world and a healthier nature. Our world needs help, and within it, there is absolutely no room for hate. It is sad, for in my mind and in my eyes, I feel and see that the world has turned around only once just like a wheel since the days of World War II. The turn made was not a very smooth one.
America has always been, and still is, the greatest mother our world can
have. Current times are begging America for help together with the rest of the world. With truth at its side, the world can help itself.

Presently, the world needs to slow its pace and think and evaluate much more than it has ever thought before. This must be done, however, without wasting too much time. Current times and the world’s nature depend on us. Health and peace is what human life and the rest of nature require. Health and peace are the biggest, most valuable fortunes humans can ever find on this earth. Past history has reflected, and present days are still craving nature’s unfulfilled needs. The worst has happened. Nature has been, and is repeatedly wounded. Steps were taken which superceded God’s creations and taken his law, in vain. Nature has not been helped or improved.

Earth and its soil of innumerable, sweet, minute components of various shapes and colors has been bound with love and respect. It is God’s law of love and respect which holds together the soil, the earth and all of nature’s life. Without it, nature will suffer in the similar way a flower suffers without water and sunlight. Eventually, both will wither away slowly.

Love and respect are two beautiful, healthy gifts given to us by God. They should be shared by the entire world and its nature. I don’t believe that there is anyone who doesn’t like to be loved or respected. It would be difficult to ask, and even more impossible to know, or think, that such a dismal world could ever exist. I do believe that no philosopher can ever be found who would not agree that love and respect are two beautiful essential gifts, and that they should be utilized daily.

Our earth’s soil has similar needs as our bodies and minds. We both need one truth, pure-organic food, clean water and air. We must be aware that whatever our minds can adapt to, our bodies and our health are unable to do. This world needs healers, teachers and leaders who can help all of nature, starting from the simplest, and smallest, to the most complex living things. We need healers, teachers and leaders who can help today’s innocent children who suffer. They can make possible their mother’s needs for a better world. This goes for the rich and the poor, and people of all colors, races and creeds, who can help children who will be born to those mothers.

In a relatively young 21st century, a new base must be built and a key which will fit in each decade’s door lock must be found. The key must be made with respect and love. A key made of anything else will rust, and the world consequently will get stuck behind two doors. Someone who has accepted in heart and mind an artificial flower that lacks any scent, will say that I went too far. My reply to that person is, “No, I did not go too far. I am attempting to return home.” It is also possible that my readers might say that my writing has too often shown words of nature and God’s name. If people do not help nature’s balance to heal, we won’t be able to defend ourselves or fight against the tiniest living things. Our health, bodies and minds will not be able to fight back.

Yesterday, I had cause for a good laugh. It occurred when someone told me that my book mentions America so many times, and he wanted to know why it did so. My response to him was, “And what are you doing here in America?” At that exact moment, the unmentionable days of World War II and specifically the days of 1943, when I was nearly 5 years old, came to my mind. I remembered one unforgettable, cold morning when my father walked in through our doorstep and announced that he was on call to fight the Nazis. My mother began crying as she lifted me up and put me on her shoulder. Then, she proceeded to follow my father. I remember asking her, “Where are we going?” Her reply was, “Don’t worry, America will help us.”

It is now 61 years later and I would like to tell the whole world that my
poor mother’s words were correct. America did help us! American has not changed. The whole world should know that there is no room left on this planet for hate. America and the world together, only with peace, will be able to achieve peace for our innocent children’s future lives. World, we better be good to one another! When we ask for less, I assure you, we can receive much more. World, don’t you see, we lost all our friends. Indirectly, entire nature is fighting back against us, humans. This is a very sad moment for me and for my writing, but I do know this world is filled with good people and God is good. Therefore, I live with a new hope. Nature will accept human help and heal itself quickly. God’s law is based on love in turn for love, and it will work without any questions asked. It has been working for ants and the honeybees, so why can’t it work for us, human beings? My hope is as high as that of ants and honeybees. I have faith in America. America remains and must remain strong. What can this world do and what would it be like without you, America?

• Friday, October 21st, 2005

“World, what has happened to God’s creation? Nature’s balance is lost. Why? Step one, step two, step three and on, and on, and . . . . .? World, do you know how many steps this ladder has? I wonder if the creators of the ladder and of the words in the dictionary were twins? The night is dark, nature is resting and waiting for another day, another sunrise. Three dictionary words have been on my mind for a very long time and they woke me up. They are the words SMART, TRUTH and NOTHING. The word SMART is laughing and climbing, the word TRUTH is worrying and the word NOTHING is underneath the ladder, waiting. TRUTH is begging, please write a review, but not tomorrow, write it today.”

Reflections: Personalizing Life, Nature, Man and God

• Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Dream Without a Title
Life Without Truth

Drop by drop. How many tear drops can fall into one drop? This earth was created for all nature one huge, deep nest. Itwas made with love, drop by drop.

Not too many decades ago I had a dream. In my dream, someone frightened me, and I turned around quickly. As I did this, my umbilical chord woke up the mother. She looked up at the title and began to cry. For the next nine months, I laughed, and lived with hope. Then, I was born. Thank you.
Suddenly, I found myself landing with my two feet on an unfamiliar, unpaved road. It was then when I took my first deep breath. I started to walk around the same circular road, a road shaped like a deep gutter with two attached ends. As I continued walking on this road, I heard a voice calling out to me, “Child, can you follow me? Walk with me around this circle only once from one end to the other, and meet what a “waste” cannot meet.”

A “funny” dream – “an umbilical chord with two ends, a life with two attached, inseparable ends.” I continued to walk on an unpaved road, but never alone. “Child, follow me”, was an echo I constantly heard in the back of my mind. Then, one day, as two drops of water touched one another, one drop disappeared. The voice vanished.

My curious eyes and mind followed the daylight. A powerful, healthy, silent voice of nature nourished my heart. The tips of my fingers touched and the tip of my tongue tasted what human mind and hands created, could not. As my dream continued, I followed the road in one round curve. My mind soon discovered what my two eyes were unable to see behind the curve. “The umbilical chord with two attached ends, human life as the four seasons of the year which repeat their cycle, a road with desire, beauty and a secret hidden behind its curve.” I found a beautiful garden here; a beautiful green earth with healthy lungs, fresh clean air, and a clear high sky. Grass, weeds, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees surrounded me. To my left, and to my right, I could see flowers of all sorts, colors and shapes holding together balance and value of life on earth. Wild and tame animals grazed in the green grass. Birds were flying and building their nests without fear. Beautiful earth, healthy nature was all around me. Fish were swimming in the clear waters of rivers, creeks and the deep seas. Human footprints were planted just right, I thought. It’s a beautiful, healthy dream! I saw farmers working on their farms with shovels, spreading pure manure, pure “food” on to their fields. In my dream, I heard the voice of a wise, elderly physician calling out “Health must pass through the kitchen door.” I witnessed children sitting in nature’s lap. Nature was helping their bodies and minds the way human words and minds could not. Women, mothers, were walking with facial expressions resembling an early blossoming spring.

In my dream, I also faced a late fall which fell into the arms of a cold winter. Once again, I heard a voice, an echo, from a high mountain. It was saying, “Child, can you follow me?” Walk only once from one end to the other and meet what a “waste” cannot.”

I walked an unpaved road through all four seasons, and in my lifetime I was unable to find any kind of a waste in God’s creation except some human minds. On the other hand, human body I found not to be a waste.

I’m walking closer to the end of my road. There I can see a clear image of a woman. She is holding an egg in one hand, and a glass of milk in the other. I could hear her as she clearly says, “Child, this is a raw egg and raw milk. Drink it.”

Memories suddenly squeezed my heart. The earth began to tremble and I lost my balance and fell. However, don’t ask me where I fell, or into whose hands I fell. I woke up from my dream and I heard myself saying, “Let’s make a picture from one end.” Why?

• Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

A pure, humble life is a healthy, beautiful life. That is my philosophy. The word beautiful belongs to pure, healthy nature. As someone once said, “Health is beauty, beauty is health.” In order for this quote to have been said, someone had to study the laws of Mother Nature.

As I sit down to write, my thoughts are taking me on a long journey. It’s a walk through a big, rich, beautiful garden underneath our sky. As I am walking, I look at the life of nature. I observe the plants, the trees and the fruit trees. I see some fruit bearing trees and others which are fruitless. They are all beautiful trees. The fruit trees I call beautiful women, mothers. They need healthy strong support in order to bare healthy fruit, year after year. As I continue to walk through this garden, I envision a woman, a mother, standing behind every flower and every fruit tree that I encounter. The woman has tears in her eyes and there is a child standing behind her waiting. They wait, but they haven’t been helped yet. Is anyone there?

Earth’s soil, fruit trees, women, children and truth are all waiting and crying for help, but no one is here and no one is there. Who can help this earth to stay green except them? These latter words cannot melt away. Health is beauty, beauty is health. God’s name has most certainly come into consideration when laws of nature were examined. It is they – the soil, the fruit trees, women, children and truth who are waiting. Nature’s law has dedicated the word beautiful to them.
I see our 21st century weak, sad and lacking healthy investments. The unripened green fruit is tasteless; yet, it is being ripped from the arms of mother trees. Innocent young children are torn from their nests, their cradles, their dreams, and their mothers’ arms before their time. They are as green as the green fruit, and like birds without feathers. However, somewhere, during their lifetime their health will be captured, and they will suffer the consequences. How sad! Taken away! But why? First they are pulled and then they are pushed. Why?

We are building walls between plants, animals, fish and the birds. These walls are between nature and us. They are walls which we will not be able to tear down. These walls are not high enough to stop the unknown diseases from climbing over from the other side. Too many women and mothers are also pushed and pulled in their homes, at work and in the streets. They are asked to be what they are not, and what they were not meant to be.

Earth’s soil is not responsible for the changes that took place in this world. Innocent children did not change this world. Women and mothers did not change this world, and, yet, the world did change. It’s not their fault. Family values have been lost. It’s not their fault. Pure truth did not change this earth. The earth’s soil, fruit trees, women, children and truth are still waiting. It’s a hot summer day. World, can you take a step and walk away from the ice? Can we help them? How lucky can we be! For the first time we will be able to help ourselves in our beautiful garden.

This is my philosophy and my old news. World, can you put together the mixed-up puzzle and tell me what is your philosophy? The wave is too high. These words cannot melt away. I can see that it will be the good old Mother Nature’s law coming to the rescue once again to heal this earth.