• Sunday, January 08th, 2006

Where was God? This question is the same as if one were to ask, “Where was my love?” If you have one, it always remains close to your heart. When bad things happen, I often hear the words, “Where was God?” I think God always stays at home. Sometimes, Mother Nature is not so kind to us and we are unable to control it. We don’t know why unfortunate events happen. We live with the same question and the same answer, “Why.” I ask myself, “Why are we unable to learn that which we cannot know?” However, we should know that the road we walk on daily has one safe side, and that one truth exists, and that is that God just loves his Mother Nature. My life’s observations and every healthy step of nature is clearly telling me, “God doesn’t love me more than you, or, more than his Mother Nature.” Why not? It is very often that I hear my parents’ echo which is saying, “Child, don’t touch. You will hurt yourself.” God loves us all, and he is telling us daily, “Children, don’t touch. Don’t hurt yourselves.” My parents were good parents, good teachers. When I did naughty things they punished me. Why? Humans, we not only touched God’s creations, but we have in the past, and continue to destroy them each and every day. We can ask for God’s forgiveness, but I believe Mother Nature cannot, and will not forgive us. Yes, God loves his Mother Nature. As in true love, healthy life also requires a steady balance. Nothing, for nothing, is nothing. I don’t believe that we are getting something for nothing. Why are bad things happening to good, honest people? My heart bleeds for them. Truth has a secret and deep roots. It once happened to me. An old man, a shoemaker, stared at my shoes, as he was saying, “Who will pay for them?” I did not have an answer. I walked home feeling sad, and I asked my father, “Did you pay the shoemaker for my shoes?” His answer was “No.” I was afraid and I told him, “God will punish you.” Little by little, my father paid the man for fixing my old shoes. I was just so afraid that if my father did not pay, someone in our family, somewhere, at some time down the road, will have to pay. The rest of Mother Nature, the animals, the birds, the plants and the trees are saying, “We are the good, honest nature. We know and God knows, that we live with His absolute truth.” They are asking us, the people, the same question, “Why are bad things happening to US, NATURE?” Good, honest, smart people, where were we when bad things were happening to Mother Nature, and where are we now? This is, and will be, a sad history for the upcoming century, but, perhaps it will be very helpful to learn from.

I believe we are asking too much of God and where He was. God was sitting at home. In the past, as well as at the present time, God is watching us and how our hearty appetites are devouring our own minds.

Our life and the life of Mother Nature is like one big spider web, and it is anchored to the earth’s soil. No matter where, or how it is touched, the whole web will shake. The only difference is that the spider knows how to repair his web very rapidly, and we don’t know how to repair our own lives. We have a great deal to learn about ourselves and nature, in order that we may live and enjoy a more healthy and peaceful life.

I would like to ask all the people of this world the following question, “Who, and whose system pleased all of us, in the past and at the present time?” It’s a silly question, “all people”. Why not, “all people”? If you believe in God, than you better believe that he doesn’t love me anymore than he loves you and his Mother Nature. The three words, HATE, FIGHT, and KILL should be buried very deep, just like the bad weeds. You must forgive me, if I am wrong.

The word HELP was planted as a single seed and it grew into what we now call God’s beautiful creation. How simple, healthy and beautiful sounding are the words, “I’ll help you, you help me”. Between us, love can grown and climb like ivy. We know how to say, “A beautiful, life”. Yes, a beautiful, peaceful life can stop and prevent HATE and the unknown disease from crawling over our doorsteps. Tomorrow and the days that will follow could be too late for us, and too soon to say No. It is a simple God’s law that one should think, work, rest and share with others. There’s only one law from where health, love and freedom can grow. There is only one system which can help save us, may I say, save us all. “God, I do not see any other better road!” World, do you believe that we have any other better or wiser choice? Our earth has always been and it still is beautiful and rich. The earth’s soil, its creeks and its deep seas, its sun and moon, its stars, are all a part of one body, connected to our bodies’ blood vessels, minds and hearts. Our luck, our freedom and our health cannot be found any deeper than the point where the large tree’s roots grow, and not any higher than the heights reached by the tallest trees. We made a giant step which superseded our luck, health and freedom. We failed to examine our minds and we were not able to foretell what effect a ferocious appetite could have on our minds and our healthy lives. Yes, someone, some geniuses were born and then died without leaving a last will of testament for us. They left enough for the world to share and for the new, upcoming century to learn from and study. I often wonder, during their long days and dark nights, when they had the time to ponder and think, in what capacity was God and his Mother Nature, on their minds. My answer would be that TRUTH can fit into one word. As for the rest of the truths, to land on this earth, this earth is too small to contain them.

Some geniuses died and they left their children behind, some of whose appetites are quite large. These are the children who will point and touch and as a cooko bird, they, too, will lay their eggs in someone else’s nest and then fly away. Who can punish us more than we are already punishing ourselves? Where were we in the past and what were we doing? We are still here and what we are presently doing is much worse than if we were doing absolutely nothing. This earth is still rich and beautiful.

World, don’t lift and move one foot
Just turn around and bend down
Your luck is still breathing,
And it is not too deep or too high.
Stay close to nature and God
You’ll be able to teach your children,
How health and freedom can grow.
Most importantly,
You’ll be able to point and tell them,
The one truth,
And that is, how health and freedom can die.
It is December 26, 20005
This earth is still
Green, beautiful and rich.

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