• Monday, November 14th, 2005

I, truth, am for sale
What happened to me? “I ask myself
I wonder if it happened to you, too?
I did nurture this soil
I did nurture this world
It is now October, 2005
Word SMART, “Tell me, where am I hidden?”
World, where can I be found?
I did nurture the sky, air and rain
Where can I be found?
I did nurture the fish, rivers and the seas
Where can I be found?
I did nurture grass, flowers, herbs and trees
Where can I be found?
Oh, I did nurture the birds,
And all other animals,
From my lungs and my heart.
Where can I be found?
I did nurture vegetables and fruit trees
Where can I be found?
I did nurture beautiful, naïve children,
And you, world, body and mind
What has happened and why?
I was unable to please the word SMART
Yes, I nurtured myself,
From the very beginning,
So, why not to the end?
World, do you happen to know,
Who will buy me?
Consult your own health,
Before you consult your doctor,
Before you ask your teacher,
Before you consult your leaders,
Where, on this earth,
Can they find me?
Find me, the one truth
Oh, human mind, please do not resist me
Even though it is nature’s law,
As well as God’s law,
I must wait,
And, at one end, I will wait
Oh, human mind,
There are no other words left,
Except for these:
“God, please help us all.”

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