• Monday, June 16th, 2014

I thank my children for making my wife a Mother and me a Father. They helped us to learn what no one in this world could teach us.


Marriage is like food. However, you cannot only smell it and taste it. You must daily “eat” and digest IT.


It’s hard to believe, “What could be better than NEW?” An older marriage could be better than a new one.


Marriage possesses similar power to a dish filled with sweet food, but be careful how you serve it. Be careful and don’t drop it.


Marriage possesses power like everything that could be fixed, but don’t forget and keep in mind, “How many times can it be fixed?”


Both of you, don’t get married solely to make yourselves happy and eventually your children’s lives unhappy and sad.


Good parents definitely still turn this world around, but for how long is not a question but an answer.


Think POSITIVE but not too late, because the past makes the future.


The difference between God and devil is the same difference that exists between lies and truth.


I wonder why the heart of the world, the middle class, is disappearing and why the poor and the rich are playing a life’s game, a game which the poor never lost. The poor will not be the losers.


Thank you God. I love the teachology’s wisdom “without the seeds.”


I always had an appreciation for women because my Mother was a woman who brought me into this world.


I love children because I, too, was a child.


I love and respect the poor who love to work and the disabled people who are unable to work. I also respect and appreciate the rich who have a good heart and a healthy mind.


In the 21st century, how most of us think and live is unacceptable for the human body as well as for the rest of nature’s body and mind. However, I would still prefer for the entire world to stop building jails. Build schools and turn all the jails into schools.


I love and respect one law which was created by our Mother earth and physical labor. It is the only law which both the rich and the poor can peacefully, and daily share.


POOR, believe me when I tell you, we have only one friend in this world who is never sorry for us, but who is always willing and ready to help us. This friend’s one everlasting name is WORK.


POOR, work is our luck.


POOR, what makes us fortunate is that we always live with a hope which never dies and which sustains our daily lives; it is something that money cannot buy.


POOR, we don’t know how the “poor,” with a lot of money feel. We should thank God for that.


POOR, there’s nothing in this world that is healthier, sweeter, and more beautiful than to live daily with a tiny, everlasting hope accompanied by God and work in our hearts.


I wish that we could all love one another in this world. I wish for this because I know that we would all live and die rich.


All saints and clairvoyants I don’t think ever realized that modern technology will forever prove that God exists.


My life’s questions and answers begin where my life’s experiences end. World, don’t lose any time because it’s not a question; it is an answer for the entire world.


World, I am an extremely fortunate man because I always have MYSELF.


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