• Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Communists walked away from God and “truth” and the Capitalists walked too far from Nature’s pure healthy energy, the daily meals. Some of you, world’s scientists, doctors, professors, psychologists and philosophers I want you to know that my origins stem from Nature, and I am very proud to say that I, too, am a human being, born in Nature’s nest. I grew up big enough to fly, but not over God and His Nature’s creation. Throughout my entire life my healer and my teacher was Nature, and I could not learn what Nature was unable to teach me.

I remember my very “warm” childhood’s life nest, and the beautiful healthy time which was never too early and never too late for me to rest, play and learn without any life’s pressures. I didn’t sit and spend any time in modern technology’s nest and fly over Nature, God’s creation of pure energy, the daily healthy sweet meals, like you, some of the “big” world’s minds, I can still remember all of my meals and how healthy and sweet they were. I shared them daily with the animals and the birds that were nearby. I shared everything what Mother earth grew and I helped Mother Earth to grow the pure Nature’s energy, the healthy daily meals. It is very important for the New World to know, those were the meals which could not “cheat” my body and my mind, like they do at our present time. What I was doing at that time is what in our 21st century’s present time, our human life’s base, body and sperm and every child in this world is searching for. Oh God, at this moment, please help me rest my mind, and help every child and his Mother to survive through the 21st century’s days. Quite some time ago, from the very first day when I “discovered” myself, as I observed Nature and the human mind, I was unable to find anything that I could tell you about today that would identify Nature’s waste. I thank you God for your beautiful and healthy creation without any promises and life’s waste. I apologize to the modern technology fans. I could not discover what God and His Nature did not, and could not create, and that is the life’s waste, and there’s only one life’s reason; that is, that this world would not be able to exist. However, so far, my daily discoveries have been that mostly of what modern technology did discover and create, directly and indirectly, leads and is, for the 21st century and the long century’s days to follow, a big life’s waste.

Good God, if my way of thinking and writing and my “life’s discoveries” are far from our daily life’s realities, please don’t remove my guilt. Let my soul suffer and let the world enjoy. Some of you, the world’s scientists, doctors, professors, psychologists and world’s “misery” philosophers, you were born in the modern technology’s nest and you cannot fly from the nest farther than the cuckoo birds fly and lay eggs in some other Nature’s nest; what you are doing to this Nature, and especially to the too tender, too young children in this world, is that you possess the power just like the young baby cuckoo birds, of squeezing, pushing and pulling in many different ways with very big unhealthy life’s pressures; too young Nature, too early is falling from its life’s nest, very successfully, but not for an entire day. Good God, please help us to help the fruit to ripen and the young children to walk out of their life’s nest at the “right” time, ripe enough and strong enough to be able to face and taste, just like the rest of Nature’s daily life’s sweet and sour taste, but not too early and not too late.

World’s parents, the unripe fruit which was picked too early is talking to you daily, how the “unripe” children taken from their life’s nest will feel and taste their own life’s foundation. Pain can be too long, but it could definitely be too late to heal. Parents, why doesn’t Nature rush? Time doesn’t rush, that’s why, and it is never too early or too late for the young and the old. It’s always at the right time. It’s beautiful Nature’s Life Law, which nourishes throughout the year’s four seasons, the tender young Nature’s body and mind. These are the most important first life’s steps which nourish throughout the year’s four seasons, the tender young Nature’s body and mind. These are the most important first life’s steps which nourish only ONCE, for lifetime, without any life’s pressure and life’s waste. World’s parents and Life’s Education, remember, it’s only ONCE in a lifetime.

Modern technology, the one season without any seeds, how long will you be able to plant what human body and mind cannot share TOGETHER? World’s parents, too early always turns out to be too late and definitely it is too late to be helped and completely healed and that is the main life’s reason why too many psychologists and doctors exist in this world. However, their help never happens at the right time. It is always too late. Oh God, how can you tell all of us, the young and the old in this world, “Who leads us walking down from the life’s hill?” Who leads us is some very unhealthy human mind, money, and one season – modern technology without any seeds and healthy roots.

Beautiful world, beautiful just like the wild flowers of different shape and color, what God created with love, the Devil loves to destroy very successfully with hate. I cannot find any difference between the power of modern technology and the devil’s mind. Some of the world’s scientists, doctors, professors, psychologists and world’s philosophers, were helped to create what God and his Nature could not create, because the world would not be able to exist. However, so far, the truth is here. God’s creation without any promises and waste, exists. What is left for us, the human beings, in this world is to pray to God and to ask Him daily to help us live and die and to prevent our avenues and streets from being flooded with warm human blood.

Today is March 19, 2014 and it is my 75th birthday. Throughout all of these years I have observed Nature as well as some of the very unhealthy human minds planting life’s waste for our present, as well as, the long future days, but physically and mathematically Nature’s time was not taken into consideration. Today, what was planted with the help of modern technology is growing too fast and for the soil of Mother Earth it is, and it will be very difficult to digest; and for the entire world it is already too late to ask how and where to flush one world’s toilet’s life’s waste. However, definitely, some of you, the world’s “very unhealthy” big minds, you can use very unhealthy psychology and philosophy very close to the one end, as did those who planted in the past, the very unhealthy life’s waste for the long future days, and pleased only the human minds but not the human bodies, the one unchangeable system, the beautiful art given to us as a gift from God. World’s people we can change our minds every day and someone else can daily please and change our minds, there is no existing system and no system will be created that will be able to change our bodies’ system as well as the mind. Our body’s system is extremely intelligent and wise and for any slight change it will fight, suffer, starve, and die. World, I hope you are aware of something. The devil doesn’t rest before the human beings fight, suffer, starve and die. Modern technology, you have created what God and His Nature could not, and so much that it is too much, but you won’t be able to create just enough and please Nature, the human body and mind. World, don’t ever forget, I repeat, modern technology will never please human body and minds; in one word, it will not please human health, which should live daily between the human body and the mind and sprout, bloom and blossom and bear sweet, beautiful fruit which we, the world’s parents, love so much and live for; this is the new world, our love, our beautiful tender children and grandchildren. Oh God, when I think about them, how will I leave them. God, I won’t be able to die. World, we should not wait for God, because God and His Nature’s love and truth are here with all of us in this world, and it is just enough to very peacefully, with love, between us, defeat the devil’s mind, so that we can help ourselves, for some to die of natural causes and for some to live. What is good for Mother Earth’s soil and all other God’s creation is that one short season, the modern technology, cannot create as the rest of Nature can, any life’s seeds. World, so far, I strongly believe that what God has not created cannot, and will not last; however, in the meantime, for the rest of Nature, it will not be too late to stop us, humans, from playing with Nature’s unknown uneducated, very unhealthy and sad, deadly, life’s games. The time of the 21st century and the future time will be able to tell what was on the mind of an old man, RADENKO FANUKA – ME. Some of you scientists, doctors, professors, psychologists and philosophers, in the 21st century of our present time, I am staring at this world where this world is lying, resting and waiting on the big modern technology’s promises, like the ice before the hot weather’s days; however, definitely , where human promises live, human luck and peace never did and never will. It always melts. Young world, ask some of your leaders, teachers and healers, when and how, and it doesn’t matter what it is will the modern technology be able to create just enough, but not too much. However, please don’t ask the impossible, “Why not?” Young world, too many systems, too many educators, and too many books in this world exist, but only one system, God’s and His Nature’s system, wrote only one book of 365 pages, 365 days. From every page one side is black and one side is white, the black night and the white day. Once a year for the last 75 years I read them all. I thank God and Nature for my beautiful, daily life’s help. World, can we tell one another how beautiful and healthy the four seasons of the year are, the one and the only system which is always ready to help all of us in this world? Wow, can this be true that it helps us all? Why ALL?

Young world, young future, black and white and of all different colorful shades, don’t forget and don’t ever lose my words. Follow only one system, read one book – the 365 pages of the year. Follow your everlasting two best friends, the black night and the white day which daily help only one world’s government – God and His Nature’s government, the Mother Earth’s soil, the Mother of the world. Young world, I believe how important you were and you are because if the children, the flowers, and the bees could not have helped God, this world would not exist. Young world, think about this and how important you were, and think about how important you are, for the flowers to smell, bees to fly and for the new generations to be born. Young world, God loves you all. Without you, God and the planet, our Mother Earth, would be unknown.

Some of you world’s scientists, doctors, professors, psychologists and world’s “misery” philosophers, you don’t have to tell us what you did for this Nature, just tell the world what you cannot do for this Nature without Nature’s pure energy’s daily help. It seems to me, when human being created a circular object some very unhealthy human education jumped on it and spun around much faster than the four seasons of the year and it cannot stop to rest on a one way road. World, do you have any idea how long and laborious this road is? God, bless those who created the four wheels and connected them together and those who created spoons and forks, in our 21st century’s the present time, the very sad and depressed spoons and forks.

Some of you, the world’s dieticians and doctors who always talk about diets and health, please help me. Who should I ask, how many diets and how much health exists? Should I ask you, should I ask modern technology, or should I ask our very old Mother Earth’s soil for the best information? World’s dietician and doctors, correct me if I am wrong, I think that for our very old Mother Earth soil’s health our new diets, which we impose on her, are more detrimental than helpful to her health. How then, can Mother Earth help us? Modern technology, you are a one seedless season. It doesn’t matter what I think, without seeds, it is too late for you to think.

World’s surgeons, this world is as excited about your maintaining of our human body parts, changing, grafting planting and transplanting them, as are the children on Christmas Day. Can you please help us understand the reason why you must constantly change, plant and graft? What feeds the very powerful and harmful diseases and how does that come about? I have a certain feeling that our good food, clean water as well as clean air, if we had an ample supply, would NOT help these diseases and sicknesses to live. World’s surgeons, you are doing a great job by helping the human body to live, and the mind to think. Honestly, I am certain that God loves you so much; so do I. God is with you and with all of us in this world when we help each other with our pure Nature’s energy power, a  power which possesses power just like love, and love is the only power which can help heal love and live with love. World’s surgeons, you are using a very old world’s technique, a very old life’s remedy which was created and born before technology; it was created with Nature and in Nature – and that is grafting, planting and transplanting, which is a pure energy’s power just like love. Pure energy power is the most important life’s power which connects Nature, just like spring connects summer, fall and the cold winter days. World’s surgeons, soon enough you will meet the cold winter days without the presence of spring, summer and fall, and you’ll be far away from pure nature energy’s help. I remember it so well. When I was seven years old, I very successfully helped Nature by planting, transplanting and grafting, and when I was ten years old I discovered that I was able to then, say, “Thank you God and thanks to your Nature for the healthy bases on which I graft. It is the healthy bases that enables my grafts, planting and transplanting to grow, sprout, bloom and blossom. World’s surgeons, please remember these words, “I used healthy bases which helped my work to sprout, bloom, blossom and live. The time is here and the new cold winter days will come soon enough. Your job of grafting, planting and transplanting of so many human body parts onto the unhealthy bodies or bases will not be able to successfully sprout, bloom, blossom and live. This could be rectified if people could genuinely respect Nature and what it offers each one of us daily. World’s surgeons, it doesn’t matter what will happen to us. God and His Nature’s system will not change, and I am sorry that at the present time of the 21st century, I have a difficulty calling you healers, because most of your prescriptions cannot heal before they harm. Harming is not synonymous with healing. However, after bad days, good days for all of God’s creations will resurface, and the surgeons will not be forgotten. The energy of pure Nature will be able to help the healer heal, and the teachers to heal and teach. Life will go on. Nights and days will come with the same mind, the same lifestyle, the same clothes and the same shoes at the same time without the “breaking news.” I hear people saying, “Boring days.” Let’s go, my pencil. We have to think and write without insulting nights and days and tell the world why the rest of Nature cannot yet create the “breaking news.”

Nature, God’s creation is extremely beautiful and rich. Is there anyone existing in this world who can tell us, “What hasn’t God and His Nature created for us, humans, in order that we may live a simple, beautiful, healthy and a peaceful life?” Can you also tell us, is there anything that physical labor cannot share between the body and the mind, between the rich and the poor? Having to say goodbye to physical labor would be saying goodbye to human luck, health, freedom and world’s peace. Through the four seasons of the year God created many categories of life’s examples for us, humans, in order to teach us how to live, and not to live, and to be able to live a beautiful healthy life and die with a ripe, peaceful mind. How a cuckoo bird lays eggs in some other Nature’s nest and just flies away, is a great life’s example. Modern technology seems to be doing the same, but what is different is that it leaves a deadly waste without any fertilized eggs for better future days. In case you don’t know enough about the cuckoo bird, you might want to ask single parents, mostly mothers and the children, who were abandoned in a very cold life’s nest, because “cuckoo” just “flew” away from them. You will be able to learn very little because single Mothers, fathers and their children’s pain, is extremely painful and way too big for the entire world to be able to heal and share with them.

A mushroom is another powerful life’s example which perfectly matches the power of modern technology. A mushroom grows extremely fast, big and soft and a mushroom’s health doesn’t last. With the help of modern technology everything that grows, grows fast, soft and big and its health doesn’t last. However, there are some existing differences between the mushroom and modern technology. What the mushroom is “telling” the world, the world of technology is uninformed, unaware of and “in the dark.” In our present 21st century time we call technology, “our technology.” It definitely is our technology and no one else’s, and it is something what the pure Nature’s energy between the earth’s soil and the sky and life and death cannot accept, because life and death would forever be disconnected. However, that will not happen because energy between God and His Nature will not stop helping Nature. There are only two words, energy and love, the existing power between Nature and God that are above and below all other existing words which can help this world heal and live healthy. Hahnemann, father of homeopathic medicine, discovered the existing power between Nature and God and it is not a different power than the energy power of a raindrop. Raindrops help the wilted, drying and dying Nature to heal, sprout, bloom and blossom, but the existing energy between the day and the night, the earth’s soil and the sky, modern technology is asking you, “Who are you and what are you?” Your best answer, technology, would be, of course, if you have the time and if you can read the sign, to stop at the Nature’s stop sign. Homeopathy, the pure Nature’s energy medicine, possesses the power to help heal autism and all other illnesses of this world, and it helps “wake up” warm human hearts, bodies and minds, just like the energy of the raindrops helps to wake up the wilted, drying and the dying Nature’s sprouting, blooming and blossoming. “Why couldn’t this be possible?” I ask you. Nature’s energy was, and is, an everlasting power between Nature and God and it is the only power which helps Nature to breathe and live, a power which cannot yet help this world to heal and to live peacefully. It is because money and devil’s mind are not yet ready to give up playing with Nature’s historical deadly life’s game, which is very close to the one end. When I write, I find myself, most of the time, thinking about Pope John Paul the 2nd, Native American Indians and America, the blessed land from where God’s name has not yet been chased away, but if It were, what would happen to us Americans and the rest of the world? Our modern technology would not be able to help anyone in this world. Americans, I am not criticizing communism or capitalism. I do, however, criticize anything that is “too much, but it’s never enough,” just enough what the dead cannot, and will not be able to reveal or talk about.

Americans, I can remember the days when Russia’s former president Nikita Kruschev came to visit America and beg for wheat and corn, and spend poor Russian people’s money “climbing” up to the moon. That was a perfect day and days for the Americans to help themselves, the Russians, and the rest of God’s creations around the world. My foresight in the long and the short run was that Nature’s time was, is, and would be, wasted and life’s freedom and health would be deeply wounded. The Americans did not utilize healthy life’s psychology and philosophy, because if they had used it, they would have been able to tell Nikita Kruschev, “We will give you wheat and corn as much as the American people can afford to give, but only under one condition, and that is that it must be used to make the bread for the poor Russian people. The other half must be planted on the Russian soil for next year, for the Russian poor and the rich.” We should have told Nikita Kruschev, “Good luck “climbing” to the moon. Please let the world know what you found and discovered.” Some of you Russian, American and the rest of the world’s scientists, as you’ve “climbed” through the sky, please don’t tell this world what you have so far discovered and found. Please, just tell our Mother Earth’s soil and human body’s health and freedom, what you have NOT yet discovered on the land where you were born, and on the familiar land where you daily exist. If you can’t come up with an answer, don’t ask for modern technology to help you get one. Simply, ask your own body system about what it is missing each and every day. World’s “healthy” life’s psychology and philosophy, help me to understand what was on the minds of Nikita Krushev and Pope John Paul the 2nd. Russian people are good, hardworking people and the Russian soil is very rich. It is forever offering Russian people more than it is taking, but what was on Kruschev’s mind, will THAT help any other planet or our Mother, planet  earth’s, freedom and health? I often wonder, “What was on Pope John Paul the 2nd mind when he so often knelt down on both knees and then kissed the face of our Mother Earth? What could have possibly been on his mind and in his heart? World, what are your thoughts on this?

Who should we kiss, our Mother Earth soil’s face and mind, or our modern technology’s “just the mind,” because it doesn’t have a face?

God’s people, don’t you see how beautiful and healthy it is, why God did not create what the poor and the rich cannot share, and that is the main reason why Pope John Paul the 2nd hugged and kissed our Mother Earth soil’s face. It is because the earth’s soil cannot create what the poor, the rich, as well as the rest of Nature, cannot share. In 21st century, there is an abundance of “breaking news” simply because lies cannot live without the truth.

World’s scientists, I strongly believe that on some other planet life does exist. It doesn’t matter how far they are from our Mother Earth planet, they cannot be further than our love is from our loved one, and if our loved one needs our help, we will help him/her and fight as well as die for him/her and them. Nature is God’s creation and it is just like a spider web, God’s web. It is very well connected to our entire universe, just with love. Our Mother Earth soil needs help from love and with love. It needs help from the sky, the sun, the moon and all other planets which I call the stars. World’s scientists, if life does exist on some other planet, can you tell us, “For what reason should we be liked or disliked by them?” My prediction is that we, humans, are searching for something that we will not be able to help or fight, but IT will definitely fight us. I would strongly suggest what I believe and that is that with our technology, it would be best for all of us in this world to stay home and plant pure energy, the old genes – corn and wheat. Some of you scientists, doctors, professors etc; so far, your discoveries and creations possess power which only the dead world cannot and will not be able to tell and talk about. Something is very wrong with our modern technology’s big and too big education, and it is not life’s education; it is an unacceptable system for the human body system as well as for the rest of Nature’s system. This is a tremendous “unknown” problem for many human minds of this world, but I must say, not for all.

America, I love you. You are my second Mother and father. You have united yourself by all of the immigrants of the world. We call ourselves Americans; it is, thanks God to the old generation, that we can call ourselves Americans. This was a generation that built this land not with too much but with just enough – hard work, respect and love. They were always extremely proud to call themselves Americans, because whatever they invested into this land, this land in turn gave back to them with the same respect and love. They built America, but, through the good and bad times, they never forgot to help their own “native world,” the world where the roots of the American immigrants were born. They were a generation who followed the daylight from sunrise to sunset. They didn’t waste any life’s time. Their physical work, without any promises, nourished their bodies, minds, freedom and health. They helped one enormously large organically grown health food store to grow. They helped our Mother Earth’s soil healthy food, healthy medicine, to grow. Today, I find that most of us, Americans, run with phones in our hands and sit in offices in front of a computer, “facing and chasing” the daily world life’s “miseries,” which cannot help our human body system, but for brief periods of time it may help our minds. This very healthy and great generation built this great country of America, far from the unhealthy daily anxiety and far from too much. God lived in their hearts, daily, rent free. They had a great love for him and for America. They were THE great Americans. America, I cannot criticize any other system except the system of “too much but never enough.” This system helped Nostradamus psychology and philosophy “hunt” for his predictions. It’s a system which was, and is, helped by some communists and capitalist to still grow. It always steals from each other the unhealthy creativity, life’s poison, creating hate and destroying Nature’s balance, freedom and health. What could be worse, and it is still not enough? World, do you know why they couldn’t steal from each other with the help of modern technology – the healthy life’s education, freedom and health? Americans, it doesn’t matter what we own and what we have. We live with “very little” and we live with “too much,” which always turns out to be “not enough,” but it is enough to destroy ourselves, the Americans, and the rest of the world. A very sad life’s education landed on the moon and on the rest of the world. World, I can promise you all, that little, but not too little, can help this world to heal and live, without Nature making the “breaking news.” Americans, I feel that it would be unfair to ask the people of other countries what I’d like to ask our American people, because I don’t live there. I live in America and I daily taste our America’s life balance and our taste of life’s education. Our daily life’s balance is what most of us, Americans are missing daily; daily life’s education possesses power like the seedless fruit of our 21st century. Americans, do we know who leads us, Americans, and do we know who leads our leaders? Do we know who cooks for too many of us, Americans? Our life’s education leads us, Americans, leads our leaders and cooks for too many of us, Americans. The rest of the world, please don’t laugh at us, before you turn over the first page of life. Native American Indians lost land, and we Americans are walking away from Nature, are losing pure energy, the daily healthy meals, freedom and health. Not only we, Americans, but the entire world is facing the daily deadly revolution, the big fight, between our human body’s system and our human minds, causing us to die pretty far from natural causes. Americans, I believe we Americans, saved the world more than once. Can we do it again, just one more time? First, we must heal ourselves without any fighting. We will definitely, then, heal the world. Americans, if we would like to continue living we must realize that our body’s system cannot be changed, but also, if we desire to live a healthy life, and die at an old age from natural causes, we must change some of our mind’s system. This must be done in this last life’s revolution and last fight between our own bodies and our own minds. World, I would like you to call me a helper, God and His Nature’s helper, rather than a philosopher. When my time comes to depart from this world, please don’t ever pull out the weeds from my grave, because God loves His Nature. However, if you’d like to plant a fruit tree on my grave, please plant it, but make sure that it’s a tree whose fruit will contain seeds for future planting. Americans, we pray daily, and we very often mention God’s name; this is very beautiful and healthy but at the same time, we should think what we did and what we have done, and are doing, for His Nature and to His Nature. How can God help us without His Nature’s pure energy, daily healthy meals? Yes, we Americans live with very little and too much, but never enough. How many more cars, planes, boats, poison, bombs, and guns do we need? How many more doctors, psychologists, politicians, hospitals, lawyers, judges, jails etc… do we need and why? America’s healthy daily life’s education, do you know how many times we, Americans, need to die? No matter what’s happening or what’s going on, we, Americans, and the rest of the world, daily suffer in one world’s jail and hospital, from too much, but, yet, not enough. Can we, Americans, as well as the rest of the world, serve only once a year every person in this world with one hundred percent pure healthy Nature’s energy meals, and how many clean drops of water falling from the sky can this world share? God, I’m sorry, as a human being I am very ashamed what is daily awaiting the yet unborn children; I call them angels. They will inhale their first breath of air, the dirty air. Some of you, the world’s scientists, doctors, psychologists, professors, and philosophers, if you ever happen to meet on any other planet, whether you find life or death, please don’t’ open your mouths or talk. Inhale through your nose.

World, you’re healthy and wise. Are you able to tell God more or less than I? God, help us and save us from our own human’s very unhealthy creations. Some of the world is awaiting Jesus Christ and some for Messiah. I think it’s very beautiful to live with love and hope, the beauty which never dies. This is how I was brought up and how I feel. I believe that most of the world feels the same. My family and I always greeted our guests with open hearts and the best food and wine, the pure Nature’s energy, the best food that Mother Earth’s soil could give us.

That was fifty three years ago, in Croatia, the town of St. Ivan, where my father labored on his farm from early morning to sunset to provide for his family. It was not too long ago that the dark bread was always the main course. If Messiah and Jesus Christ came to visit us, with what kind of energy would we serve their body and mind? We would not be able to tell them a lie, but we would be able to tell them the truth. This truth is that they came too late because, with our modern technology, not too long ago, we changed our Mother Earth soils daily diet. However, we shouldn’t discuss with Jesus Christ and Messiah anything about life’s health, because for every question we have an answer. We created our own freedom. We are free to die at any time. If Jesus and Messiah happen to be accompanied by children when they come down to earth, do you think we should offer the children glass of whole milk or a glass of skim milk? Truth exists, which Jesus and Messiah would be able to accept. What the devil’s mind can create, God and His pure Nature’s energy cannot. World’s parents, if spring drank skim milk, the four seasons would not be able to sustain themselves and exist, but that will not happen because God and His Nature’s system, alive or dead, cannot change. As a honeybee makes its rounds flying from flower to flower, I observe Nature and religious and political powers. I feel extremely sorry for the bees and the poor, as well as the rich, because my mind cannot successfully step over Nature without insulting it and God’s creation. I find that what is the difference between me and my wife, could possibly be the difference between me and most of the world. My wife prays a great deal. We have been married for over fifty years and during all those years I share my daily life with Nature, working, planting and transplanting and bringing organically grown food through our kitchen door and unto our dining table without mentioning God’s name. My wife just prays. I also pray and daily, I praise and thank God for all his beautiful creations and His organically grown meals. World, remember, God loves and respects His Nature. World stop for a second and ask yourself, “Who would God be, without his beautiful, bountiful Nature and who would be able to call God and mention His name?” I consider myself to be a human being who happens to be God’s and His Nature’s helper, no more or less. I am a helper, who on a daily basis, has some of the earth’s soil underneath my nails, and in my old worn-out shoes. I would love to send a similar message to the Vatican and all the other religions around the world. That message is the same as the message that’s emitted by the sun as it rises repeatedly each and every early morning. The sun’s rays in the early morning send messages and help to wake up Nature without mentioning God’s name. However, it’s helping to wake up God’s creation just the same. I would also love to send another message to the Vatican and to all other religions of the world, and to my beautiful wife, Mira. If you remember, Pope John Paul the 2nd always sent very quiet messages by hugging and kissing the earth soil’s face for all of us in this world, without having to mention God’s name. Why was it done without mentioning God’s name? It was, because God and His Nature lived, and were present, in His heart and mind.

When our earth’s soil begins to suffer, the world’s religions should know and be aware of, that religion, Mothers and children, immediately begin to suffer, and so do the fathers, the good healthy life’s providers. Religions around the world, in our homes and schools we need God and His Nature’s help, regardless of where we live or stay, or what we daily preach. We need Nature’s and God’s help. World’s religions, I was a very young child when I first discovered, through Nature, that God and love have a place in my heart and that they live there daily. Without mentioning His name, or asking Him, I always help to heal His Nature to grow, live, sprout, bloom and blossom.

Americans, we are great people, much greater than some of us can ever imagine.

We can often be naïve and tardy, but we have not, so far, allowed God’s name to be chased away from our homes, avenues, streets and the American land. Americans, we are not perfect, the world is not perfect, and what cannot be helped is perfect. This world is not there yet, but it is not too far. Americans, we cannot lose faith in ourselves. We are responsible for ourselves and for the rest of the world, just as are the people who feed the birds throughout the summers and falls, and who stop feeding them in the winters, the very coldest days.

Americans, with our modern technology and big promises , do you believe or not believe, that we are stuck walking on a one way road that is still wide enough to make a life’s turn? However, if we don’t make that significant turn, we will physically and mathematically save so little and we will lose what the long history days will be able to reveal. Americans, if we make the life’s turn, the rest of the healthy and wise world will follow us, Americans. They will definitely follow us just with love. We will then be able to open wide, the Mother Earth soil’s doors, a tremendously large and extremely old health food store. We can successfully open these doors simply with love and no fighting or huge sums of greedy, “unhealthy” money involvement.

America, we can grow everything that once grew and how it once grew; grow a healthy economy, healthy diet without any diets, and a healthy medicine which is healthy food, lacking any side effects. God will be able to live in our hearts very peacefully.

In WWI and WWII, as well as in many other wars, people asked this question, “Where was God?” This was a very sad, unhealthy and uneducated question. Some of the ugly and some of the empty cold hearted people who lacked love and a belief in God, I ask you, “Where WAS God and love?”

American people, how do you think we can begin to make the life’s turn and life’s steps; just as every spring steps over the cold winter days, we, too must step over our modern technology, the cold and unhealthy daily reality and new life’s promises containing no seeds or dormant seeds. Americans, who will help us, Americans, make the life’s steps? It is the very beautiful, honest face, the Mother Earth’s soil, who always helps spring without any promises. Physically and mathematically, an early spring can save many more life’s numbers than the long, cold winter days, and by far, more than our modern technology’s cold and long daily life’s promises. Americans, God loves us, just as he loves the rest of the world and that is a healthy good reason why we can heal ourselves and help heal the rest of the world. We have helped this world in a way that the rest of the world could not, and we can help one more time in a way the world will not – just like every spring steps over the cold, harmful winter days, in silence and peace, with respect and love for ourselves, God and His Nature.

The huge world says that it is for today already too late to make the life’s turn, BUT I believe that for TOMORROW, it COULD BE too late, just as it would be for the arrival of a late spring and for the dead to talk and tell what the long winter days have buried and just forgotten.

As I speak about spring, I cannot “walk away” from some of the Americans and some of the world’s healthy, wise and big minds, who always have, and still do, daily support God and His Nature, or Nature and God. Without them, this world would not be able to exist. Many more of them are dead than alive. May God rest their souls in peace. For those who are still living, let’s pray for them and ask God not to take them from us, because this world needs them no more or less than for that same reason why this world was born, and will be born. Americans and the rest of the world, I ask you to please tell me if I am wrong in assuming that I have the best possible existing job in this world. I consider myself to be God’s and His Nature’s helper and I consider the privilege of being God’s helper, as my daily pay. It is a beautiful gift and a beautiful art which I love to share with you, world, and especially with the youth of this world, the very important and significant part of this world. Young Americans, youth of the world, Nature always leaves the best for the last and so do I. Young, you are the best, and always the first and the last. Without you, God’s name and our Mother Earth would be unknown. I love you world!


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