• Thursday, December 21st, 2006

An Immeasurable Power

In this, 21st century, I believe that a woman will make great, giant contributions, or steps. Our powerful, wounded nature, our freedom, and our health, have for too long been asking us, as well as telling us, some unanswered questions, “Why, and why not? A power, which can make a successful step against MOTHER NATURE’S power, earth’s soil, women and sun, doesn’t exist, and it hasn’t been born yet. This power, earth’s soil, women and sun, is embodied into one body, and it is an inseparable piece, and no matter how it is positioned, or turned, physically or mathematically, it is a piece which holds together all life. It is this power which cannot be separated, or torn apart, unless life on earth is destroyed. This is nothing more, or less, than nature’s power and truth. Whenever I look at the sun, earth’s soil and the old, hard, drying tree branch, I see an image of a woman’s power behind that branch, as a new, strong and powerful spruce that is growing quickly and taking the power away from the old branch. It is, however, a spruce that is inseparable from its old branch. I can sense nature’s worldwide awakening, and it is asking us many simple, unanswered questions, “Why couldn’t the uneducated help the educated, and why couldn’t the poor help the rich?” These are some of the questions lying behind the 21st century’s back door.

Yes, there are many unanswered questions, and the newly-made history is standing behind the unlocked back doors of the 21st century, and, there is no one who can say that our century’s front door is shut. The powerful spruce behind the old, drying branch is overtaking the power and growing quickly. I do believe that it won’t be too long before a woman steps in over the back doorstep of the 21st century. However, I also believe that this task of pushing the heavy front door wide open, to allow the good things to come through, will not be an easy one, because 21st century was turned into one season, SPRING, a season which leaped over the other two seasons, and stepped on the cold doorsteps of winter _ the harsh, long winter! It’s a season that will bloom and blossom, but its truth will not be tasteful. This truth, in comparison to all others, is, I believe, one of the most significant and potent one of all. Many maternal trees will not be able to retain their fruits. As a result, many parents and tender children will cry and suffer.

Humanity is not fully aware and doesn’t quite grasp how essential NATURE is, and how deep down we have dug ourselves, underneath its power. To tell you that we should be “close” to nature is “too far” and an underestimated statement. I believe that before anything “better” can take place, the worst will happen, first. 21st century’s dreams will begin to turn into reality. If we wish to continue living, and live healthy lives, we must all think about, and examine, what our vital and essential needs are by which we can obtain healthy life. I can only speak for myself and my children and grandchildren, when I state that as a family, we do not possess, or have, what we desperately need in order to have health and freedom. If I didn’t have a strong belief in God and in the powers of His mother nature, I would tend to say that my hopes of looking ahead at a two way road and raising any questions that would relate to life, would diminish and cease.

In my eyes, and in my heart, America always walked first on line, and although it wasn’t perfect, it always was better than perfect. America was, and is, good, and whenever I write about life, I find it impossible to pass by America and not to give it a greeting. I believe, we, as human beings, are quite fallible, and this is visible in the steps that we, as Americans, and we, as the world, have taken over nature’s power, nature, human freedom, and our health. Although many research studies show significant, positive results in various fields, I believe that the study of nature and our grave steps will not be as revealing or successful. Only time will tell. Perhaps I am wrong, I really don’t know. I often find myself wondering what could’ve and would’ve taken place in our world, if America didn’t exist. I only know that NATURE avoids, or runs away, from bad things, and it searches for a better existence. It swims, flies, crawls and walks, to find a better life for itself. In America, it is possible to find all different, beautiful colors of roses and other various flowers, women, children and men, from all over the world. I wonder and ask myself, “Why in America?” and “Why?”

As I continuously observe and study, the strong spruce continues to grow and it takes the power from the old, drying dormant branch of the tree. It is the power of nature _ its last step of survival. It is nature’s power over the power of man, embodied in one body, an inseparable piece. It is my strong belief that 21st century will see a powerful woman lead America, and women throughout the world will make remarkable steps in history that will be accepted by the earth’s soil and the powerful, healthy sun.

21st century’s front door is not shut. I ask you, Almighty God, to please give us the time and the might, so that we may push the door of this century wide open and reverse the bad things, in order to let some good things enter through our door. I believe women’s new achievements and steps that will be taken in history, this 21st century, will begin to grow and advance. It will be the kind of history which will walk through some of the other centuries’ front and back doors.

I view the 21st century as a rich season for some of the writers, and for others, it will be a sad and monotonous truth. The borders of the upcoming centuries are wide open and its doorlocks unlocked. It is apparent to me that the further I go and look, the easier I am able to breathe.
I often visit my children and grandchildren and whenever I do, as I am leaving I hear my grandchildren asking me, “Grandpa, when will you be back?” I can tell you, that for so many reasons, it is at that moment that I find tears rolling down my face. My answer is always the same to my grandchildren, as it is to all of the children of the world, “I’ll be back without losing any time. I will continue to write, and, hopefully, I will plant my dormant seeds. I will continue to fly as far as my mind can see. The borders of the centuries to come are open and its doorlocks are unlocked. I will continue to fly back and forth, land and plant. I will write.” I must tell you, my children and friends of the world, that, which you might not be expecting to hear. There hasn’t been a writer yet born, who could find or reveal a bigger surprise, than the one which we can find in our rich and beautiful earth’s soil. This surprise is simply the LOVE and the RESPECT, the inseparable love. There is such an abundant richness for us, writers, to write about, and there is so much to leave to this world, so that it can have what is presently lacking. In the meantime, may I ask, that you do not lose any time. Pray to God, and love, as well as respect, his MOTHER NATURE.

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