• Monday, July 10th, 2006

Truth Will Not die

If nature is unable to give, then, it will definitely take away from us. I am unequipped to be a witness, or to say what happened to this earth, and on this earth before I was born, but I am positively sure that someone did worry and was in charge, just as they are today, of nature’s future, the education of our daily lives, the earth’s soil, women and children. This someone tends to, and worries about, nature’s tree, and the tips of its roots, in order that it may bloom and blossom. This someone also worries about power and the existing space between night and day, which is no larger than the space that can fit a strand of woman’s hair. Although the space is microscopic, it has enough room for human mind to gently touch and study/learn, over and over again. Whenever I observe nature’s powers and needs, I always conclude deep down in my own heart, as well as in the heart and mind of the rest of nature, that the words WISE and SMART combined have not yet successfully led or pleased NATURE. SMART has a tremendous appetite but, so far, it has not fulfilled nature’s requirements and the one truth, God’s truth. SMART, in a relatively short time, has lost four of its most important feathers from each of its wings. It lost its tips, and, therefore, new feathers cannot, and will not, grow back. Regardless, it still keeps on flying very high. I often wonder if SMART has the ability to predict when, and where, it will land, possessing the knowledge that the highest power truth possesses is nature’s law, a law which is presently, and very quickly turning into nature power, and it could very well be a negative, untouchable power for the human minds to approach. Please listen, SMART, earth, its soil, and one old truth are all waiting for your help. Please, come down and give them your help because the earth’s soil and most of nature, just like the wilting grass, is starving, yet, at the same time many well known and unknown diseases are well fed, daily. Too many of us fed them by our minds and bodies directly, or indirectly.
How sad all of this is! God blessed us by giving us the gift of power and a good mind, so why are we unable to fight our enemies, DISEASES, when they were only given the power, and not, the gift of the mind that we solely possess. What has happened to our minds, and why, is the question which burdens me daily. What we consider to be a healthy food for us, and most of mother nature, is not a healthy food for many known and unknown diseases, and it can, and it will, starve them to death. I believe prevention is the first healthy, early step in life, and cure is the last step. We must derive our help from good old mother nature’s power. We are in need of fresh, unpolluted air, pure, clean raindrops and food that grows from nature’s organic fertilizers. I believe that the only road we must walk on is the road of simple nature. Nature can help us, only if we can get off the road we are presently following, and I am sure that noone who has ever been born, or who will be born, would say that there is a better or safer alternative for us to take. God has granted us the power and the mind possessing the quickest speed that could ever be created for today, tomorrow and all the days that follow. Noone, however, ever promised us, that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, may not be too late. Dark night has the power, daylight possesses speed. There is, was, and always will be, space for a strand of woman’s hair, but not for the man-made creations and for the MANY truths. God, your creation is smart, powerful and beautiful. Every mother is a hero, and every child is born a hero, and each one of us can die a genius. Isn’t it, and wouldn’t the truth of life be beautiful and healthy? Tiny pieces are underestimated, but they are sweet, powerful and posses a potential to grow big. My only fear is, “How big can they grow?” I personally believe that our lives would be more enriched, happier and healthier, if we took a break and helped one another carry our cross.
I was born on March 19, 1939. If you look at it closely, you’ll notice that the day, month and the year are all odd numbers. I was born during W. W. II also odd days. I can truly say, and be a witness to the following belief of mine, and that is that life’s healthy puzzle could not possibly fit into the one truth – God’s truth and mother nature’s truth. There is that certain SOMEONE who chose to conflict with nature, directly and/or indirectly. As my life is lived, I see that it is lived on all odd days, and I believe that it will continue on odd days until my dying day. I find it very sad, unhealthy and unwise to see that some human beings’ weaknesses of minds has helped and caused our world to turn for the worse, a state that somewhat reminds me of the days of W. W. II. The conflict with, and the rejection of mother nature, and the one truth- God’s truth – continues to blindly march on. Those same weak minds are diminishing human’s power of good health and freedom on our earth. They, and their studies, cannot, and will not, succeed in this world, where NATURE should assist and rule. It may be inappropriate to say, “We all fight,” buy my belief is that if we are unable to help those who are fighting,” then all of us will fight, we will not cease to fight, until we are stopped, and we will be stopped. One good hope remains and that is that we cannot, and will not, steal from mother nature its pureness and virginity, just as we are unable to destroy God’s truth, the ONLY truth.
As history is made, unwise, unfortunate experiences of life will eventually turn into life’s healthy experiences and learnings. I am able to see for now, number three, as a big and powerful number. I see this number and all newly_ created words as odd. They will not add up and please the ONE truth. In order that we may be able to ask questions and help ourselves, WORLD, we cannot afford to stay far away from the ONE and ONLY TRUTH.
In the 21st century, I strongly believe, the power of nature will travel at a great speed, and it will nourish that ONE truth. Our earth always was, is, and will be, rich, and beautiful. Virgin mother nature will not cease to bloom, but it may take some time to blossom. The fact remains that truth, love and beauty was always here and there, and it is still present, because God has not left this earth.
I appreciated the few first steps of life from the very moment I was born. Mother, earth’s soil, women, children and mother nature always had a great, respectful significance in my life. I find it all so very sad, that I was born on odd days, I live through odd days, and I will die on odd days. I know that for me it is already too late, but I can envision my life’s one major wish for all mothers,  children, the earth’s soil and mother nature, that it will come true. It may take some time for blossoming to occur, but blooming will never cease.

March 19, 2006

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