• Friday, June 09th, 2006

Truth Has Not Died

I have a wish to plant my written words in a similar way that one plants dormant seeds, and I would like to dedicate my words to the almighty power of God, life’s lawmakers of the world, and the final word of HAGUE. We all pretty much know how a snake’s poison works; it is nothing new. Yet, it seems to me that we have no clue how the snake’s mind functions, and that is the precise reason why the venomous snake cannot be destroyed. Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, new poisonous snakes will be born.

Does anyone remember W. W. II? One snake bite had a profound effect on the whole wide world. The big, deep wound that was created, has not yet healed itself, and a few new snakes were born since then, and they bit again and again. Isn’t it sad, intelligent, powerful world? And, what is the reason, why you always like to wake up too late, too late to help your own children, and the good people of this world? Why are you always just too late? How sad and unripe this is! And then, you search for war criminals when it is already way too late.

When I was a young boy, I lived in Croatia during the very sad days of W. W. II and there were numerous times, I remember, when I asked my mother, “Why do some people fight and kill others?” Her belief was that there was something wrong with their minds. My Mother and I continuously prayed for peace, and we asked God’s help that we may survive and live through another day.

It is now May 13, 2006 and many years have gone by, but not too many great ones. Killing and fighting has not yet ceased. God, as well as many of us, know that my Mother was right. If this world is so big, smart and powerful, I wonder, why then, has the ONE with the devil’s mind not been stopped, and is not stopped, at the right time? The truth is that the devil has never received any help, or support, from God. Our soft tongue can fight a war for us and build what the war has not, and will not build. World, we need the deaf, and the blind, and those who believe that they cannot play games with the powers of nature, which is the power of God. We need them to help us walk on this road.

When I was a young boy, I often watched horses as they rested peacefully in the barn. When one horse started kicking, then all the other horses started to kick and run. My father used to ask me, “Which horse started to kick first? Which one is the trouble maker?” I ask you, people of this world, “Do you know why all of the horses started to run and kick back?” It is the law of nature and God. They attempted to protect themselves. Was anyone ever born, who would not try to protect himself, his children, his family, his friends, his country, his land, his home in his own home? I believe a human being is no different than the familiar honey bee or a tiny ant. They will both fight back and bite, before they will leave their territory, their born and unborn children, their families and their homes. Life’s lawmakers, make sure, that you make today’s laws for tomorrow, the laws which in the past have not helped me and many other innumerable innocent people around this world.

I was born in Croatia, former Yugoslavia, and I did not walk away from my home, I ran. I ran away and that is where I left the tips of my roots and a large part of my heart. It is difficult to understand the reason WHY, for the one who makes the laws, and for the one who has never tasted the PURE food from someone else’s plate. I happened to be one of those lucky ones who ran away, and the one who has found one more Mother, a mother who helped me heal and who still helps me heal my wounded heart. That Mother is the beautiful America, the true Mother of this world. America, and the world, remember, “What is yours is not mine.” America, and the world, please, help the children of this world; help them to live and to remain living in their homes where they were born. Nature, as well as life of every human being, is begging you, to help the ONE TRUTH- God’s TRUTH. America and the world, don’t break God’s LAW and take away God’s gift which honey bees and ants possess and use daily, because they won’t be able to survive without it and neither will you, world! Yes, the Croatia’s soil helped me nourish my baby teeth and my mind. Six republics lived together, prayed together, cried together, and laughed together. Cross marriages created healthy children and healthy families, and they grew in the same way fruit trees grow. My beautiful, fond memories still remain there, the memories, which from time to time, are tearing my heart apart. A new heartless snake, with a devil’s mind, was born. Healthy, powerful words, NEVER AGAIN, created by humans, are suffering again, and again. Croatian people, and their friends across the border, woke up NAKED one early morning. They were awakened from their beautiful, peaceful dream, unequipped and without an army uniform, without guns, bombs, planes and buses. Some of these people ran away from their homes, their lives, their hearts, their families and from everything they ever possessed. Only God understood, and he still knows their pain. Those who were unable to flee, spilled blood and died in their own homes. Others, who are still living, will continue suffering throughout their lifetime for their loved ones. Today, TRUTH, like an unforgettable flower, is still growing in their hearts. For many of them it is much more difficult to live, than it would be to die. Croatian people, as well as their neighbors, fought with one face, one heart, and one mind, and they fought in their homes where they were born. God, please tell US, “Was anyone ever born who would have behaved any differently?”

It is very often that when I place my pencil on paper to write, I always ask God, to please remain with me and stand by my side. Presently, I am also asking God for one more favor, and that is to give the Croatian General Ante Gotovina what he rightfully deserves, and to stand by his side. I am also requesting of God, that he may consider the same for all others, who are in the same situation as Ante Gotovina, and to have input and consideration for the final judgment which will be made by Hague. My best wishes remain with Ante and I deeply hope that ONE TRUTH, God’s TRUTH, will either punish him, or set him free, whichever one he deserves. Such a very sad world, why are you always waking up too late, and what are you doing to the tiny ants? Who will be next on line? This world has enough heroes who were sent to war to die, and too many of them did die. WHY? They were so quickly forgotten. People of the world, please open your eyes and minds, because our future days and our naïve, beautiful children need heroes who can walk, talk, and who can lead them and teach them about what freedom, respect and love are, and what this world would be without them. It would be a world as it is. Good, innocent people, and all children of the world, we are all standing on one road, a road that has two ends, and we are facing two words. I don’t know the extent of this road, but I do know that we are facing the two words, TOO EARLY and TOO LATE. World, and some of your life’s philosophy, please, tell us, “In which direction are you telling us to go?” God, let me be wrong, but by the way we are thinking and standing on this road, I forsee the two ends as one. World, life’s law makers, please, make today’s laws for tomorrow. HAGUE, the dead cannot talk. God! May he rest his soul in peace. He left his truth here for all of us. NEVER AGAIN!

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