• Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Young world, God creation is very old. From every old fruit trees, fruit is very sweet, and from old chicken soup is very good. From God and his nature, life law is from old have to be young born and young modern technology is young and proving to this world, what God could not and cannot create. Sooner then later, whole wide world will share together without God freedom and love. I am American, born Croatian, America is my second mother best mother of the whole wide world. World fathers think, why America mother, mother of the world. World maybe God have more to say, but I don’t. America with President Joe Biden try help, today, lives to live on this earth and on advance life history more then one. I only can says world love and help America, you will help life on this earth. God freedom and love, but if you don’t winner will not exist. Will be hundred percent worse then end of the world.

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