• Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

How old would the daily news be from the birth of its first human created news up until now?

It would be very old, and yet, daily, it’s new. The N. Y. Daily News is the greatest daily, organically grown, 21st century title.

Through all of the days and nights, the daily news lives with Nature and Nature’s truth. In the spring of 2011, I, an old man, sat in my office facing a lonely, cold wall, and thinking about tomorrow and what it would bring. However, before tomorrow had a chance to arrive, a young man with a happy face and bright eyes walked in through my office door, saying, “I am Jason Sheftell from The  N. Y. Daily News.” After I spoke a few words with this young man from The N. Y. Daily News, it woke up my life’s psychology and philosophy, just as the sun’s rays do in the early morning.

This awaking was not just for me, but it was also for the rest of the magnificent Nature. The title of The N. Y. Daily News, N. Y., the most beautiful city and the heart of the world, touches my heart so deeply, but much more so, my mind, because YOU daily discover what is covered and forgotten underneath some very unhealthy human shadow, the human mind. The healthy Nature’s power and the future of the young world has been covered and forgotten, but fortunately, The N. Y. Daily News has shone some light on it.

That spring day of 2011, when I spoke a few words, in my office, with the young and wise man, Jason Sheftell, the word young, at our present time, meant a lot to me, and just as today for tomorrow, it made me think. The young, and the young world, together, can build and rebuild for tomorrow what we, the old, in our past, “successfully” did not succeed for today’s and tomorrow’s young world’s future days. As I spoke to Jason Sheftell, a relatively young man, I could not see the end of the young world. I asked myself, “What is impossible?” and I felt as though someone was trying to tell me, “Patience! Live longer and just wait.”

The short conversation, on the topic of Nature, that Jason Sheftell from The Daily News and I had that spring day of 2011, grew and disappeared just like an end to a day. Jason’s words to me before he left my office were, “One day I’d love to meet the Nature which lives in your garden and around your house.” I loved those words so much. They were healthy, powerful words which possessed the same power as the existing power between the nights and the days, and the earth’s soil and the sun. It’s an everlasting power, a very old power, and daily, it’s new. It’s the greatest news that it could be for you, the young world.

Some days and nights went by, but the day did finally come when Jason Sheftell of The N. Y. Daily News, kept his promise and greeted me in front of my house. He began to “fly” from fruit tree to fruit tree, and from one plant to the other. He “flew” just like the birds and the honey bees fly from tree to tree and from plant to plant.

They fly and land never asking any life’s questions; they just fly with life’s answers, theirs and our human beings’, life’s answers, and for every tomorrow’s beautiful Nature’s healthy future days.

The N. Y. Daily News, “flew” from tree to tree, and plant to plant and landed on my chicken coop, and it was a million times healthier and cheaper than it is to land on the moon. N. Y. Daily News, you are doing a great job on a daily basis. You are discovering and waking up what most of the world’s health has lost and forgotten, yet without it, we, the world, cannot survive.

The N. Y. Daily News and Jason Sheftell must be thanked for the weighty and important task they undertake on a daily basis. However, a simple “THANK YOU” is soon forgotten, and it’s not adequate. Today, as well as the tomorrows of this 21st century, will make history which will be very thankful to you as well, for what you are accomplishing for our wounded yet very beautiful Nature, for the rich, the middle class and the poor, for the cats and the dogs and mostly for those unknown people, who are still holding and turning this world around. N. Y. Daily News, I am grateful for everything, and, if I may, I’d like to say, “Thank you from all of us.” Please, don’t every walk away from God’s creation, the beautiful Nature.

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