• Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Some human minds, what have you done to God’s creation ,this beautiful earth? BIG FAMILY, HARMFUL DISEASES, in order for you to be able to live a healthy life and live in hell, a hell which you didn’t create, you have to be able to breathe, and you do breathe dirty air, and you’re eating very healthy food. Diseases – cancer, obesity, alzheimers, heart disease, autism, an immeasurable power; they are all not an immeasurable power for the pure Nature’s power; they are only immeasurable for the power which supercedes the power of Nature. Harmful diseases, there are too many to mention all of you, and those who will be born, and not aborted, they will be born, your family and all of your relatives are doing a great job and the time within the 21st century will be the best historical time for you. Living in hell, you created your own paradise. Diseases, you are Nature, think like Nature, work like Nature, live and fight like Nature, because you are never far from Nature. Harmful diseases, enjoy your freedom; you are free. Most of your predators are destroyed, directly or indirectly, and some of your good friends stepped over the Nature’s border and law and they are lost. They stepped over the round circle, the four seasons of the year; they stepped over the beautiful Mother earth’s power and face, the beautiful power of God’s creation, but not far enough, and it is impossible for them to put their one foot down, because everything on this earth that breathes and lives is relatively connected and it was created for a good life’s reason. And you harmful diseases, you too, have been created for a good, final reason. You never have, and you never will, step over the border of Nature and her law. You are the one who will save “little” from the big, and the “little” will grow.

I, as a human being, am very proud to thank you God for the good and the bad, because I couldn’t find more or less, but it was enough to find the reason why it’s good and bad. Harmful diseases, so far, I have never fought you because throughout my life I always avoided feeding you and helping you to live and to fight God’s creation, my body, my heart and my mind. Freedom, my mind is mine.

Mother earth, God’s creation, you are so powerful, beautiful and rich. I found a tiny space, a little piece of land and a great deal of love with you and for you, Nature, and I created my own life’s paradise, just like you, harmful diseases.

FREEDOM, big and free human minds, why good and bad? In this case, WHY is not the question, but if it were, it would be too late to think about it and to ask, because it is the first and the last answer for why. Harmful diseases, you are the only ones who will rescue and save the end of the world and for that I thank the almighty God.

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