• Friday, March 04th, 2011

America and the world need the kind of leaders Pope John Paul II and the former U. S. President Ronald Reagan were. A great American, Ronald Reagan, lived with a very strong and deeply planted healthy life’s, psychology and philosophy roots. He lived with the world children’s mothers’ and fathers’ warm, good hearts.

Just like the Berlin wall, but a much larger wall, was designed for this world in someone’s very unhealthy human mind before Berlin wall was ever built. However, in the meantime, good innocent children and young, as well as the old innocent people, were burned, killed and died. They left behind them a very wounded world, wounded in many different ways. The world always has, and it will wake up, very late. The world should not have to die for one, or for a very few unhealthy human minds. If the world must die, it should die for ALL. In World War II, in a short time, a very long life and death’s history was made. A long century, the deep sea, rivers and creeks, wild grass, flowers and trees will talk about it, and it will take too long to heal the remnants of that history. What has occurred to this Nature in W. W. II, directly or indirectly, could not be any worse, because this world is no different than one large family or a spider web. However, this was not enough so the Berlin wall was created without any human sorrow or without any sound and healthy world’s life psychology or philosophy. Sadly, IT was built, and it remained up for too long. Berlin wall was erected between parents and children, brothers and sisters, as well as friends. This wall was built between the world’s average good people of one nation. However, at the same time, a political war was established, and still remains, between all of us good people of this world. A sad, unhealthy history exists. We, people, build fences for the animals to be able to see through them and for the good innocent people, we build concrete, solid walls.

Ronald Reagan, a great American and our former U. S. President, introduced a very healthy power to the world, during his presidential term. It was a similar power that springtime introduces to its love, Nature. With simple love, sorrow and respect, Ronald Reagan helped to tear down and destroy the cold, concrete, solid wall and he built a strong life’s bridge between the Germans of the east and the west. He built a bridge without any promises, money, or technology’s help. Instead, he built it with love and from love. Just like Spring, and just like Pope John Paul, former President Ronald Reagan built bridges, not hate, between us people of the world. I loved hearing his speeches, his words, which came out of his mouth like an echo of the high mountains. They were all “deep” and sweet words, but not sweeter than what life could be. They were all words which lived in his heart, especially the one word, the word which made him a strong man, a great human being, a husband and a father – the word NANCY.

Throughout my life I have observed Nature and human mentality and I have concluded that this world has been composed good, beautiful people and too many very beautiful and very important but unknown people. It seems to me these people have not yet been counted in this world, but Pope John Paul and Ronald Reagan counted them ALL. Two stars to whom most of us cannot be compared, live underneath the sky. They are Pope John Paul the 2nd and Ronald Reagan. God rest their souls in peace because they most certainly deserve it.

They died but they haven’t said goodbye to the world. I am getting old and tired. Some of you healthy life’s psychologists and philosophers, take over. They didn’t say goodbye. Feed the world with the truth which cannot, and will not, die.

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