• Friday, October 08th, 2010

A generation of physical labor, hard work, and willful, determined minds has died. A generation that daily attached themselves to Nature, Mother Earth’s soil, with their hands, hearts and strong minds, has died. Five days of physical work used to heal man’s mind, body and heart, and it gave man two days to rest, pray and enjoy life. Five days of hard physical labor, the five healing days, made man rest and sleep peacefully throughout the dark nights. The nights were extremely short for man and the days were not long enough. Young world, believe me, because I worked and slept during those “old days.” Man slept without any doctor’s prescriptions, vitamins and pills. Thank God and His Nature for the five healing days of hard physical labor and the two resting days. Not too long ago, a new generation and technology were born, the latter possessing an extremely large mind and a long hand, but lacking a heart. The five days of hard physical labor, the healing days, and Mother earth’s soil now suffer. Freedom died. Most of the land has been turned into residential and commercial zones, offices and shopping malls. The very happy seven days are now suffering and the long nights are crying because people are unable to rest and sleep. The new generation has succeeded to create more vitamins and pills than Nature has ever created seeds, the wisdom seeds . The new generation has succeeded to create what Nature couldn’t, and did not succeed to create. This is a very short journey, but there is a very long distance between God’s creation and us, the human beings.

Not too long ago

And it won’t be too long…

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