• Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Today is the end of spring

Winter is beginning and it is so beautiful and cold

Everything is blooming and blossoming

Butterflies and honeybees stopped flying

Beautiful silence lives in peace

The world is laughing

I am so happy

I don’t know where I am

I miss summer and fall

Yesterday I dreamed and today I don’t know where to go


People of this world are daily getting into a deeper and deeper trouble; they’re facing huge suffering and a struggle, between their own bodies and minds.


Devil possesses a power to bring us, humans, against a high wall and leave us there.


People, no matter what, if you like to live, rest and sleep follow the “light” and don’t forget work.


What’s the difference between the adults and the children? Children learn quickly; we, adults, learn slowly and with a great difficulty.


A great teacher was “born” twice.


God, I am grateful for the job you gave me. I really enjoyed being a “life helper,” but when I die, could you please consider giving me the job of a doorman.


What’s the difference between Nature’s creation and human’s creation? The creation and the time are incomparable.


People who have a difficulty understanding healthy life psychology, are unaware where and from where healthy life philosophy stems, and what it actually is.


Our life possesses the same power as the day, from sunrise to sunset.


If you are interested in knowing where my philosophy was born, follow the time of the twenty four hours, and you’ll be able to find out.


Happiness and health are a very serious form of life’s entertainment. It’s a self-employed business.


Every woman is a book with a different title. If you are able to read one, you would like to read them all, and you won’t be bored.


If you study the mind of one woman, it will help you more than if you studied all of their minds, and that could be the real beauty of the life of love.


Women possess power like the time. Men, please don’t be too late and don’t be too early.

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