• Friday, July 02nd, 2010

“Nothing” doesn’t exist, but what could be invisible and no one could say what it is, human being could create.

It would not be “nothing.” It would be less. It will not happen because God exists. I have been observing Nature and human mind from my very early childhood days and there isn’t anything that has surprised me yet, because IT hasn’t grown before IT was planted. No matter what we, human beings, do and plant in our lifetime, we plant today for tomorrow. We plant for the life time and the dead time, and if we didn’t plant, life and death wouldn’t exist. Throughout my life there isn’t anything that has surprised me and those who were surprised, when I compare them to Nature, it seems to me, that too many of them, the grownups of this world, are still in the elementary school. We have so much to learn just as Nature has learned. We must learn how to “plant” today for tomorrow before the new history begins to sprout and grow? Oh Nature, who could take your students of the world to the bottom of the sea and tell them why the oil is leaking from the bottom of the sea and why was the new history at the bottom of the sea born and began to leak and grow? God’s creation, the beautiful Nature, everlasting teachers and healers, there isn’t anything that has surprised me yet, because IT didn’t grow before IT was planted. Beautiful Nature, what is surprising me ever since my early childhood days, however, is EVERY DAY and what I “planted” yesterday, planted not too far, not too high and not too deep than what the rest of Nature planted.

Some of you world, do you like my life’s philosophy and God’s everlasting job and truth? I love God’s job and truth and I hate my and your life’s philosophy and everything that we, human beings, don’t need. The days are here. Short new history is ripening and high education is growing and living. It’s taking but not giving. Mother Earth soil is very unhappy. Mother Earth soil was robbed pretty quickly and her diet was altered. Bottom of the sea was raped how many times? Liars with a very short mind, you have a short mind and that’s the reason why you went too far, too high and too deep. You went too far and you led the entire world too close to one end. Stop lying in thousands of different ways and telling good, naïve, honest people, people who hold this world in their hearts, minds and on their shoulders that oil will pay for it. Pay for what and who? I will carve the following words under my name to last forever, and underneath the year 2010’s new baby history’s face, “WHAT MONEY HAS DONE TO MOTHER EARTH AND FATHER SKY, MONEY CANNOT BUY and MONEY CANNOT PAY FOR.” Bottom of the sea is raped and it bleeds. God help us and help us to heal the bottom of the sea. Yes, in thousands of different ways but not in God’s and His Nature’s way, life was planted for tomorrow and tomorrow will come. New history will grow but not all at the same time. If God doesn’t help us to heal the bottom of the sea, who will, and how many times? IT’s funny, if God doesn’t help us to heal the bottom of the sea, who will?

The ONE who never did help is waiting to help. Can this world live with God and His creation with less, and with less money and less oil? Why not?

I hear an echo between some high and all of the low mountains, “Less money and oil. God give us peace.” America, bottom of the sea is bleeding. The new world’s history is bleeding but it doesn’t matter where the bottom of the sea bleeds, and in which country it bleeds. We are all human beings, one God’s children. What happened to us America in our home, in our kitchen and if it happened to some other country, it could be much worse in many different ways, for America and the entire world. Well, the time is here. Whether one person or the entire world is criticized, makes no difference. All of us are suffering and it’s not funny, but it is very sad. Oh, human mind, where are you and where would you like to go? Human mind, where you are going in 21st century’s time, you will meet too much and too much is not enough, but it will be enough, but not enough to destroy God’s job and His Nature’s truth. God’s people, don’t be afraid. 21st Century’s frying pan is not in the devil’s hands.

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