• Friday, January 09th, 2009

Throughout the centuries, people have been searching for help and it is much more difficult to help people than it is to be elected. Some people never vote and others like to vote every other day. Many of our dreams have begun in America and throughout the world, dreams about what the 2009 year will bring us. I believe it will bring us what we have worked for, what we will give to the year 2009, and for sure,  the rich will be rich and the poor will be poor. As always, time will teach us, but too many of us will not be able to learn, and we will not know the reason why. Americans, we are facing new days, and we have elected a new president, Barack Obama. Americans, we must help America and Mr. Obama, so that he can help America. He will have a tough job to help the minds of too many people. It will be a tougher job than any other president has had before him. What is most important for America and the world’s peace is that the world must face the truth that America was, is, and must remain strong. America’s wisdom must fly “under” and “above.” Young world, especially the America’s young people, you must quickly learn about the world’s honesty, psychology and life’s philosophy and what some of the world most of the time, doesn’t know and cannot see. America, the world loves changes, the change of “less for more.” Throughout America’s 2008 Election Day, political philosophy was “scratched” and “wounded” as the back of a mirror. Some of the world’s people live with a huge hope that they could possibly take a peek through this “scratched” off surface. I lived twenty two years of my life in Europe and forty eight years in beautiful America and I must tell you that I have never seen or heard what I have seen and heard during the days of America’s 2008 Election Day. The words I heard were “dirty,” “sour” and unhealthy. They were the words that could be mixed with the best dog food and a hungry dog wouldn’t eat them. I wonder, “Who ate them?” As much as I believe in God, I also believe in the daily life’s education and in you, Mothers and Fathers. It is very difficult for our leaders to be elected but not helped. Throughout the primary and the election days, we all spoke a great deal about the economy, the war, oil, money, jobs and who could accomplish the most for us. During all that time, there was no mention of God. There are no other words for me to say except, “Beautiful America, what is happening to you?” Where was God and His Nature during all that time? WISDOM, not where was, but where IS our health? Oh God, can you stop us? For too long, we have been beating the same straw. Please stop us, before nature stops us all. The world of the doctors, professors, writers, lawmakers and political leaders, Nature will stop us from thinking the way we are thinking. Throughout the primary and the election days, a woman, Mother earth, women, and two great American women, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were insulted. They were insulted with very bad unhealthy minds and words. I wonder, “Who ate those words?” What happened to Hillary Clinton? Nothing happened to her. She is what she was. She’s a good wife, a Mother, and a great American and she will fly back and forth over the deep seas, high like an eagle, and land like a dove. Barack Obama is what he was. So far, he made a turn of a healthy life’s philosophy. Sarah Palin is a young woman, a good wife, a mother and a great American. She possesses wisdom, power and speed, a speed which America needs in the 21st century. Sarah is a good woman and good is better than perfect, or the best. What I am stating for Sarah Palin I would also say for John McCain, but I never believed that he was a war hero. I strongly believed that he was, and is, a PEACE HERO. Our world is a FREE world.

                Our New Year 2009 started off with the Israeli’s and Arab’s innocent men, women and children dying. The moon and Mother Earth are telling us that we have lost our instinct and we are losing love. We should be ashamed and afraid. The “spring” of 2009 will be frosty. A woman did not win. Thank God, a woman has not ever lost before, but the world’s peace has been postponed; it will wait for your women’s, help. I would give the future, and my children, as well as the world’s children, to be led by Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

                MOTHER EARTH, a beautiful God’s creation, the next election could be the new history, the women’s long history. In the meantime, let’s pray to God for America and the world, so that we may live as one unified family in love and peace. I see a young bud, a young American woman behind the political power, and it will not take more than a decade to bloom. Women around the world, stand together. Women, Mother Earth needs your help. Women, your power will step over the existing power and it will lead this world through the new very rough and tough history times. God exists and He will help you to find love and peace.

                Young Americans, young world, pray to God and elect Him one more time for your leader, the world’s leader. Help God’s Nature. Don’t kill. If there are little ants on your way, step carefully over them. Take my word, you will be helped and you will be saved.

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    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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