• Thursday, November 16th, 2006


(Wisdom is Planted)

Why the darkness? People who cannot see through the darkness are unable to see the light. Truth doesn’t make any promises and it doesn’t speak. Time speaks for the truth and it informs us what has occurred in the past, what’s happening in the present, and what will happen in the future. As always, it’s telling us why, and for whom, we, the people, are fighting and killing each other, not ever having met, or known one another.

Five years ago, at midnight of the old 2001 and the beginning of 2002, I sat in the same chair where I am presently sitting, in the year 2006. I can still remember now how I stared, at a blank piece of paper in front of me, searching for a title to my essay. A chill ran through my body and I felt my bones hurting as I looked at America and the world’s future. I sat there pondering for some time, before my wife woke up and asked me if it were not too late to be writing. It was a painful question, just as painful as the answer. Isn’t it too late? There never was, or is, a “right” time for killing and for wars. NOW, the world is speaking, and I just hope that we can feel how little knowledge we have about time and the healthy power, and why it is necessary for the fruit to ripen.
It was at midnight of the new year 2002 when I discovered my title, “Don’t Lose Your Keys,” the title which can be found on page nineteen of my first book, REFLECTIONS: PERSONALIZING LIFE, NATURE, MAN and GOD. My title and America, the land that I love, are both deeply embedded in my heart. It was five years ago when I looked at America and the world’s picture, from one end to the other, the same picture I am now staring at, in the middle of the night of 2006. To me, the picture was, and is, very clear, but the future of the world is very dark.

No matter how I looked at it, and how I examine it, we, the world, are playing with honey on our hands, the honey which could only be washed off with the help of the healthy power, and the only power that we, the people, have. That is our soft tongue.

I feel extremely sorry for all of the innocent people, the heroes, most of whom aren’t holding a gun in their hands, who are daily dying and leaving their families behind, in their cold homes, to suffer and cry. I see this battle as a drop of ink, which for certain, fell into the deep sea, but the sky is still cloudy.

I continuously study and observe the world’s mind, and in the past, as well as at the present time, I see it is telling us that some very weak minds existed and still exist, and that bad things will happen over and over again, and they will bloom and blossom. The worst of it all is that we are poor farmers, and we don’t know how to pull out the weeds, without destroying the world’s harvest. World, this earth was big, and now, it is small. It’s NOT TOO EARLY for YOU and for ME to think as we have never thought before, and to stick together as we have never done before. How sad! Technology is unable to come to our aid. It brought us together too quickly, and our hate and unhealthy power, too close. Our world used to be big. What NOW?

We are fighting two sides. One side is more powerful than the other. The wounded nature is barely breathing, and it is thirsty, hungry and standing on one side, one line. The end of the line will be unfamiliar to us, to approach and to fight. On the other side, we, the people, are all standing on a single line, beginning to fight among ourselves. For too long we just played, but we haven’t learned how to fight, to help one another. This is quite a lot to think about for the bright and wise minds of the world. It doesn’t matter! All of the hard thinking and good deeds of the bright and wise minds may not win, but they will not lose. We are fighting two sides. One side is NATURE and the other side is the frightening life, an uneducated dishonesty. Who ARE our friends, who are destroying nature and who are telling our children to kill each other? It’s sad, and I ask you, “WHY?” These children never saw each other, and they don’t know one another.

In twenty four hours, our “soft” tongue, the only healthy power we possess, can do what a long century would not be able to achieve. Honesty, respect and love for ALL, God’s creation, CAN accomplish ALL. I know that ALL is a silly word, but please take my word – ALL!

Some of you may be curious to know who I am. Believe me, I am a human being, and my teacher was, and is, the same as yours – life’s teacher.  World, together we must learn to read quickly between the blank spaces of some of our people’s words. Might it be better, not to listen, or to read, at all? World, is there anything worse that could happen to a human being, than what has happened to us, not to be able to help our own children for today, and for tomorrow. Good God, what could they then, ask us, for the day after tomorrow? Why not, in twenty four hours? A bad thing can happen, so why not a good thing? God has not left this beautiful, rich soil. Without HIM, we would be a nothing, but we are not nothing. World, we must stay together and we MUST NOT wait. We need to make a sharp turn with our life’s philosophy as quickly as we can. If we do not, time will come when this world will be badly wounded, but not totally destroyed. Nature’s interference will stop us. The lucky ones will die. Others will follow on their knees, behind a few wild horses, who will search for, and taste the drinking water for them, first.


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