• Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

NEVER AGAIN are two words
That are sad and too big
For night to have swallowed.
The sun has not stopped its crying yet
And the daylight still has its shame.
God’s creations are still affected and wounded
High mountains are echoing,
“Manpower turned out to be nature power.”
A dark cloud was created
Between the sky and the soil.
In the 21st century of the year 2006
Nature is afraid of who will be next.
Human being has created
Some healthy, powerful words.
God, help us to utilize these words.
Human being reached its highest peak that can be reached
When he created the spoon and the fork.
God, let us use them!
God, help us, and remain with us!
Infection that remains, and that which will spread
As well as nature’s wounds
Will take thousands of years to heal.
 Two sad lonely words
Are missing one word, the word, DON’T.
Wide world, “DON’T”
And don’t search for less.
World, don’t you see you are getting
And you will get more?
God, forgive us!
Help us and our children!
Don’t ever let IT happen again to any one of us.
I know the sun will rise again
With a smile on its face
But, I don’t know the day.
God, thank you for staying with us, as always!

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