• Sunday, February 26th, 2006

When I was a young child one beautiful morning the warmth of the sunrise woke me up. I looked the warm sun straight in the eye and I began to walk east with one wish and hope, a hope and a wish to live. It was the same wish and hope with which I was born. Heading to the east as fast as I could I looked back to see what I had left behind. I saw my own long shadow walking behind me. I was then, a young happy child thirsty for beauty that love has and searching for the sweetness which life can offer. I was heading east as quickly as I could. The sun rose and so did I. I grew up to be a young man. I looked back over my shoulder and as I took the steps I could see my shadow was growing shorter and shorter. The sun rose in the sky and reached its highest peak. It was twelve o’clock the middle of the day, and the clock raised its hands up and overlapped them, one over the other. The shadow behind my back and from underneath my feet disappeared. I reached the highest peak a human being could possibly reach. Just like a day reaches noon, a strong mature man reaches his highest peak of life. I’m heading east. For a second, I pause to look. The sun, however, did not take a pause. It continued to walk over my head and shoulders. My new shadow began to grow from under my feet. The sun began to walk away behind my back, and my shadow started to grow and walk in front of my eyes. I looked back sadly and I saw how the warm sun simply just walked away. I could not walk back. Three quarters of my life’s time had passed away, as have the three quarters of a day. Sadly, I began to follow and walk behind my own shadow, and I was even more sad to see what I was leaving behind. The sun was walking away behind my back, behind my life, falling behind the tall mountains, the mountains which I like to climb over and over again always, just one more, one more time. The old man was heading east with only one hope. Tired and dragging his feet slowly he was walking and following his own shadow looking back one more time. Only life’s memories were left behind. The sun has set. The old man is still heading east. His own shadow in front of him simply and quickly disappears in front of his eyes. Walking behind his own shadow, heading east, he ends up in the west. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A HUMAN BEIGN TO GET LOST? IF SO TELL ME WHERE AND HOW?

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