• Monday, January 07th, 2019

American and rest of the world, stop flying away from nature, God creation. American we should not worry about expense, how much will cost. Build wall between beautiful Mother America, mother of the world and Mexico. But we should worry so far, what money did, and what money will do to this world is what money will not be able buy and heal for us American and rest of the world. All American together, and only together in our present time, year 2019. Think healthy, and work hard. Help America fly and land with two strong and healthy wings, us always used to do and remove unvisible walls, which was quickly, in few years. Built between us American and some of them big world, walls which was create from unvisible and unmeasurble hate. World again, we can do it, only together destroy world hate without any expense, only and only with our warm beating, healthy and good hearts. Beautiful Mother America, beautiful colorful world from my childhood days, you live in my heart, I love you. Please don’t forget, keep daily on your mind, this few my words, help America. You will help, life underneath the sky.

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