• Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

My dedication to America election 2020 and on. America we plant America flag on the moon. And I wish we can plant on our mother earth soil, human health, which can be nourished with healthy air, healthy water, and daily healthy, pure nature energy food. Almighty, God, moon, and every existing plant, definitely will love us American all. And I will be able, peacefully die. So and you American will be able peacefully live and peacefully die with America freedom, America flag, plant deep in our hearts. America and rest of the world, healthy life psychology, philosophy and science. In 21st century, how this world live and think, I love to know, what is your discovery and what will be reason if life exist on some existing plant. To accept and love us human being. My discovery is in 21st century present time, our human bodies, cannot except, our human minds, daily lies, above and under, God and his nature law, our human minds turning, 100% worse then nothing. In 21st century, time will be my witness, and will be able tell, worse then nothing.

• Sunday, June 16th, 2019

My dedication to world autistic children and parents of autistic children, you are not loser, God love you. American who make us laugh, and look down. Too many too young, in our cold graves. America what is difference between almighty God power and devil power is, what God create, devil could not. God create nature, and for his nature. Through his nature, everything what healthy life require, on this earth, healthy air, healthy water, and healthy pure nature energy food. Healthcare, medicare, healing, and healers, and pure nature energy teachers, was and still is include everlasting God, and his nature, healthy daily, life reality, law was create love for love. Don’t add don’t take, but make sure share God creation, beautiful healthy life, devil did not like what God create, devil create his own deadly system, money and money power, unmeasurable categories, life poisons, nuclear rockets, bombs and guns, medicine and vaccine, existing deadly economy, big money makers. Economy which cannot stop creating world pollution and also cannot stop creating and nourish known and unknown harmful disease. America and rest of the world, today medicine and vaccine holding key from whole wide world and lead us all, poor middle class and rich on one way dead road, and we are not free to live and we are not free to die, but we are free to suffer before we die. American do we know why God could not create what devil create because this world will not be able exist. America and rest of the world, our daily life reality is real, and is not joke. This world will not be able exist, above and under, God and his nature law better will not come before worst. God people don’t be afraid.

• Thursday, June 13th, 2019

America if we bring nature in our school, definitely bible will be include. America almighty God did not write bible. But nature, God creation did write bible, and bible is nature, God creation. 365 pages book, one side of pages is white, and other side dark. White day, and dark night. Two best friend, which never fight, turning world around. Bible is beautiful nature, God creation, which most of us human being, directly and indirectly cannot stop destroying. America bring bible in our school, will be very beautiful and healthy. But without nature, God creation involvement, bible will be very lonely book, sitting in our schools. America bring nature, God creation in our school. Clean, healthy air, clean healthy water, and pure nature energy, healthy food. Dormant seeds, fertilize chicken eggs, flowers, plants, and small trees, pets, animals and birds. 100% definitely, bible will be include. American we will bring, in our schools, for our beautiful children, best healers and teachers. What God could create, also peace of the land, should be create, for children to be able plant flowers, vegetables, small trees, and so on. Playing and planting, is very healthy, free learning, growing and collecting, freedom, health, respect peace, and love for God and his entire nature. Beautiful, colorful America. Beautiful flower and roses. Bible is nature, God creation, create for whole wide world. To be able live together, and share together, love and peace, definitely 100%, beautiful life will be include.

• Wednesday, June 05th, 2019

In 21st century, world will touch end, but will not end. Lucky will die, world healthy life psychology and philosophy don’t you see, very unhealthy human minds lead this world, but human bodies win, fight, in cold dark graves. Please world, healthy life psychology and philosophy, tell the world, why human bodies winning fight in dark cold graves without any life waste. Above God and his nature, life and death law.

• Wednesday, June 05th, 2019

Too much and never enough is something what you cannot have. And you cannot tell, you own healthy happy heart is mine.

• Wednesday, June 05th, 2019

If you are man, can you tell the world, what could be worse for you, then to see womens, mothers, and childrens, suffers and cries.

• Saturday, June 01st, 2019

America election 2020 doesn’t matter who win, republican or democrat. So far did not make any difference because we American never vote for our bodies system health, healthy air, healthy water, healthy food, and so on and on. We vote mostly for our life, uneducated, unhealthy minds. We vote for our love, money power, and modern technology power is our big love. Definitely we vote for something. What modern technology never promised to us America and rest of the world yet. American our life psychology and philosophy live to far from God creation, pure nature energy, healthy power. American who told us and who teach us how to live. We live only for our, humans unhealthy minds. Minds which cheat our bodies health, everyday with unhealthy air, unhealthy water, and unhealthy food and so on and on. First our bodies then our minds, suffer and starve. America can we tell what is and where is what our bodies and minds, every second through our lifetime required. Most of us American and most of the world in 21st century, eat money and shit genetically modified human lies, but what modern technology did not and will not promise to us American and rest of the world, big possibility in 21st century exist. Whole wide world, will share together, almighty God, help this world peacefully live and peacefully die. I love you, my second mother, beautiful America and beautiful world.

• Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

World no matter how I look and turn, communism begin with too much and capitalism will end with never enough. 100% worse then nothing.

• Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Goodnight heal my body and mind and for good breakfast, I love to think and write.

• Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

World, my good friends, I will die, but my life philosophy will not. Love cannot die.