• Friday, January 12th, 2018

America only one healthy life system without any life promises underneath the sky exist. God and his nature, our mother earth, pure nature energy, life system which we American so far through all election days forget to think about and talk about because we are very busy, creating invisible, politically unhealthy, life borders between us American and is very unhealthy life power and could be unmeasurable power for us American and rest of the world. American if we believe in God and trust God, we should believe in his nature, special believe and trust our human bodies. Unchangeable system and only system, which can help our mind think and live between two end, life and death, healthy live and healthy die. America God did not create political power, and money, and God did not create rich, middle class, and poor. America do we know why? Because human being will not be able exist underneath the sky for too long, but money did create rich, middle class, and power. Thank you God. God did create our mother earth soil, and sea. One beautiful, healthy life system for every creature underneath the sky to be able share and live. Beautiful, healthy, peaceful life. Why we human being cannot.

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