• Thursday, August 31st, 2017

World we know where bad weather storm moving, but we don’t know what God thinking. World we turn very bad world, but not all. We rob and destroy nature, life balance, beautiful God creation, why? What could be worse? Death could not be worse. We rob and destroy, us self. Our daily health, freedom, love and peace, why? What could be worse? From devil power and mind. Our lungs, is very hungry for clean, healthy air. I remember, water was clean and free. Today is dirty and is not free. World our minds cheat our bodies. Everyday with very unhealthy food. Food which nourish harmful disease, yes harmful disease. They are indirectly human creation, great money maker, very busy, deadly economy. World we are not screw up or down. We are nail, up and down, with ungalvonized rusty nails. I promise you world, we will not run away from nature, God creation, and we will not run away, from our own human creation. World we know, where storm moving, but seems to me, we don’t know where we moving. And so far what we doing. World, but almighty God still is with us, can we stay with God, without any new promises. I strongly believe this world could be heal and help because for almighty, love is never too late. World together pray and ask God for help.

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