• Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Every writer writes with a purpose, and for a purpose. My reason for writing is TODAY, TOMORROW, EVERY SINGLE DAY and EVERYONE in this world. I believe in God and I have high respect for his Nature. So far, I realize, I have had one teacher who has taught me how to live, respect ALL Nature, how to write, and has give me a purpose to write. My teacher’s name is, YOUR LIFETIME and MY LIFETIME. At the present time, I am realizing more than ever before, that every day, our beautiful innocent children and your life, as well as mine, ARE ASKING ME to write. My writing is elementary and simple and yet, it may be the writing that could make a difference in your life. I am aware that there are many teachers, healers, preachers, psychologists, philosophers, leaders and writers who are trying to help this world. That is also my intention. Your best friend and my best friend, our beautiful Nature, is trying to help all of us, walk down the road we have built. It is trying to help us walk and live between the two well connected everlasting ends, our beginning and our end. Will we allow Nature to help us? This is what has frightened, as well as, worried me, ever since my early childhood days. I am asking the world many questions and I strongly believe my questions are the answers for our present, as well as, the future days. Humans waited, and we are still waiting, for time, but time never waited for us. Time will come when many of us will not be shocked by what Nature will bring our way, but in the long run, Nature WILL HELP to save the world.

I am aware that I am a new writer, just like the new dreams, new germs, new diseases and the unfamiliar new weeds. I am not a writer who can help and please more than what one day can, every day can, OR, the four seasons of the year can. However, I AM a writer who believes that I can tell this world, that THIS LIFE, too, is beautiful. That is precisely the reason why we all love to live before we die. I love ALL LIVES, and forever, I will love YOU, WORLD.

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