• Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Wisdom, I was born in Croatia where I lived a large part of my early life, and although I was only a young boy, I had the feeling and I sensed that something was missing. It was a “something” which still lives in my heart till this very day. My family, I, and all of the poor, “book-uneducated” people, farmers, were very hard working people, and we were the essence of society, yet, we were left for last. We were treated as a sub-class of our society, and although we were the “force” of their everyday life, we were treated as a NOONE. Croatia’s Wisdom, I still have these feelings that a child, who is not helped and cared for by his own Mother, has. For a very long time I have been carrying this in my mind, as well as in my heart, and the time has come for me to ask Croatia’s Natural Life psychologists and philosophers one simple question, “HOW ARE YOU?”


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