• Saturday, July 26th, 2008

What is Tomorrow?

Earth’s soil and woman’s breasts are a God’s gift, a gift for every child and his world. “Nothing” does not exist, but if it did exist, it existed before God created in his mind, the earth’s soil and the woman’s two breasts. I am not asking the blind and the deaf who will be able to hear and see, I am asking the deaf and the blind who are not, at our present time, able to see and hear, “What happened to the earth’s soil and to the woman’s two breasts and why is it happening?” If it is a bad year, we’ll live with a hope that next year will be a better year. If two breasts are both removed, beautiful child, a piece of our world, what then, is your hope? Cancer, a power higher than that of the devil’s power, is destroying one earth’s soil and the two breasts of a woman. It is destroying the world, our God’s gift. This world is younger than love. Love possesses the power which is mightier than the devil’s power. We cannot dedicate and give this world, our beautiful God’s gift, earth’s soil, women, children and man, to the devil. A very unhappy devil could take what existed before the earth’s soil and the woman’s breasts. Deaf and blind, please give the world a hand and take us home, today, before it gets too dark.


A bad teacher is a very expensive life’s teacher.


What the OLD once believed, the new world still needs to discover.


NATURE, I will not be here, so I forgive you in advance. IT will not be your revenge, IT will just be your truth.


America, Mother Nature is telling us that we were the FIRST, but we will not be the last.


God needs a rest, so let’s help each other!

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    Hi Radenko,

    Hope all is well with you and family…
    I have tried to contact you by email before but was not successful?
    Just wonder how I can get in touch with you personally by email?
    I am also from Croatia,have escaped from Yugoslavia in 1966.and live in Canada ever since.
    When did you come to U.S.?
    What kind of work are you doing ,or were doing all this time?
    Have you published any books?
    Where you live in U.S.?
    Married any kids?
    I am married,we have 3 kids 2 sons and doughter,and also 2 grandkids,plenty to keep us busy.
    All the best,keep in touch,if you wish.

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