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• Monday, February 27th, 2023

World can you tell in our past, where we was and what we did face. February 27, 2023 only life reality can tell and cannot lie where we are today. What we face, God freedom is here.

• Friday, February 17th, 2023

Holding in one hand, world can you tell. Do you are afraid from President Putin or from modern technology power. Power which modern technology never promise to the world. Yes whole wide world is very afraid from human creation and cannot stop creating. 100% human feature on this earth. I am not Almighty God, but love possess power as sunset and sunrise. I like to send my few writing words to Vladimir Putin, I see only one healthy exit, which you can make. Vladimir stop war between Russia and Ukrainian, you can make beautiful world history, which can help, your own, your friends, and whole wide world live on this earth, only in one condition, tell the world, you and your friends have to be free, and whole wide world have to destroy poison which is guns, bombs, and so on. What God could not create because world will not be able exist, President Vladimir Putin and rest of the world, I am sure sun will rise, only with love and for love, President Putin and rest of the world, you can tell me what love and God, truth cannot, President Vladimir Putin, sun will set and sun will rise, with love and for love, you can do it. You can do it. World beautiful history, just with love, and for love, for God creation, God earth, beautiful mother earth. World I’m sorry, I write in big fog, few months ago stroke destroy my right side of my body. Stroke change everything and left me with my love forever, I love you God, and whole wide world.