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• Tuesday, September 07th, 2021

I believe Nostradamus was most intelligent human being so far on this earth, because he read very well in advance what human mind can do., and also I believe Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and some other genius did not learn what children from parents never should learn. Today life reality is here, but not all yet for some of the genius to think too late.

• Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

American election 2016, possess power, like frosty spring, but no one can tell for how many season, how many years, and with America and rest of the world will deeply interfere, only united America create America, beautiful mother of the world. One world, one God and I hope is not only one me. Who asking today. America and rest of the world, please be united just with love and God truth. Because tomorrow could be America, last mother of the world. 100% worse for whole wide world then end of the world. World remember only without love and God truth sooner then later will happen. America will be last mother of the world.

• Monday, August 16th, 2021

Human beings why my human body was and is very intelligent and stupid my mind. World this is what was, always on my mind, I could not discover for 100% why stupid my mind and I couldn’t ask question anyone, before I die. But I can tell you world, physical work possess unmeasurable life power and has a lot to do with time and our human body and mind.

• Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

For how long, 21st century, life starvation will last. Human beings, we are completely lost, for long century days. Too far from God creation, daily life reality. Whole wide world, facing reality. Reality what God could not create, including silent, unmeasurable daily fight between human bodies and human minds. Known and unknown harmful diseases will not leave us before we leave them. World God could forgive us, what we’ve done to his nature, but nature cannot, and will not. World will touch end, but will not end, silence will cover God land, freedom love and peace will sprout, bloom, and blossom. God truth will not die, and stone will not change mind.

• Friday, July 30th, 2021

From America election 2016 on, I loosing my mind, and I am not able to find in America help who to talk and what to ask. Beautiful America, my second mother, and mother of the world, I am old man, please help me one more time, live with smile on my face, and help me peacefully die, and rest in my grave. Grave cover with God and America, one truth. America my second mother, my love for you, never will die. But what is more important for me, to tell you. America live and die and meet God, with his truth.

• Friday, June 25th, 2021

America election 2016, create unforgettable life history, truth will win, and lies will suffer and end will be very sour and divide. Thank you God, truth will rest in peace.

• Friday, June 25th, 2021

Most of this world never did and never will taste healthy life philosophy. World don’t call me philosopher, please call me handyman. God and his nature helper. Simple words which will help children to learn what healthy life philosophy is and how test. I will die, God and his nature helper.

• Tuesday, June 01st, 2021

World lawmakers, lawyers and judges, truth was born naked, and lies very well dressed. Human assholes, and human bodies, system is witness to many in this world, cannot shit lies without doctors prescription. World science, you did not discover yet, lies cannot survive for too long without God truth. Lawmakers, lawyers and judges, what can be done on this earth without God truth. I’m sorry world, I know this is very stupid question, but I cannot ask or tell, more or less in 21st century, history will tell, what most of the world will forget.

• Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

America and rest of the world without nature, God creation, pure nature energy, healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food, we are completely lost, but God did not tell, yet we cannot find our self. Yesterday I heard America Senator Liz Cheney, beautiful voice. Voice with possess power, as echo between high mantels, and four season of the year, year after year. Beautiful nature, God creation, which required, God and his nature truth, clean air, clean water, and healthy food. World science, God create healthy air, healthy water, and healthy food. Everything what life required before life was born, how beautiful and healthy was before children was born. World, please stop beat empty straw. Good God, help me to think and ask, whole wide world for who we fight, and do we know for who we love to die, before we die.

• Monday, May 17th, 2021

America country does not exist, who could and who did divide us, American. As we did, divide our self. America if God creation and God truth cannot help us, America will be last mother of the world, and will be worse then end of the world for whole wide world.