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• Friday, June 18th, 2010

Radenko Fanuka America, America


My left wing, my right wing

In the year 2008 you were wounded

You lost many feathers

You were badly wounded

You cannot land like you always did

My left wing, my right wing

Poor people are waiting

Please land


America, America

What happened to you

Promises died

Soldiers are fighting and dying

Poor people’s pockets are empty

Pants are too big

Days are painful and long

My left wing, my right wing

What happened to you in 2008?


America, America

Bottom of the sea is bleeding

Seawaves are drowning

Seaworld is dying

Just like the poor people seaworld is waiting for help

Oil swims too far too close

All 2008’s promises died

My left wing, my right wing

Our beautiful America

What’s happening to you?



Ending is the Beginning

My Love, if I die in spring or winter

And you’re still living

There is something I would like you to do

If you remember, you bought a plant on Mothers’ Day, in honor of our Virgin Mary’s statue

That plant didn’t’ die because I planted it close to Virgin Mary’s left side

Slowly, very carefully pull a few sprouts with roots

And bring them to my grave

Plant the young sprouts on my grave

But not too deep

Please, not too deep

Let the sprouts grow

Let the sprouts live


My Love, if I die in summer or fall

Bring a big stone as big as you can carry in your arms

Lay the stone on top of my grave

It doesn’t matter how you turn the stone

The stone has only one face

Leave the stone there

And go home

Please, don’t forget the plant which you bought on Mother’s Day

In honor of our Virgin Mary

The plant which I planted on the left side

Close to Virgin Mary’s heart

And nourished with my heart

My Love, please, you do the same


Wisdom has a Mother and a Father like you and me.


What couldn’t God have created without a woman? It exists.


There is no better wisdom than Mother Earth’s soil and Mother’s breast wisdom.


Wisdom, a woman is an immeasurable power and many Mothers like Mother earth, are single Moms.


WISDOM and MOTHER EARTH, Father SKY is a real man. He has never yet been underneath.


WISDOM, If the devil doesn’t exist, why would life philosophy exist?


No matter what it is, good healthy work is the devil’s worst enemy.


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• Friday, May 28th, 2010

Today is THE OIL

Power over God and His Nature’s power

The truth is spilling

The truth is swimming

Mother earth’s heart bleeds

Mother earth’s heart is wounded

The days are here

Big fish can stop eating the small fish

The days are here but not all of them

What is today will not be tomorrow

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• Friday, March 05th, 2010

Two Way Road Far from Home
Today, the old day Feb. the 19th in the year 2010
Is visiting his home
Where he was born
A home a land that’s covered with snow
Thank you God and your Nature
For enabling the old time
And the old day to come back

A cold and a beautiful day has risen
Before the sun rose and the snow melted
Thank you God for everything
And for the two way road
That’s far from home
A home where the truth was born
Magnificent Nature, you are so beautiful and good
Every Day is visiting his home
Where he was born
And friends visit friends
Throughout the days of the four seasons

Today is a beautiful day
And it is cold
Mother Earth’s face is covered with snow
I am so happy
To see my old friend
The one I fed last year
Has come back
My friend, the bluejay is back.

My old bones heal as does the branch of the old tree
Where my friend the bluejay
Sits and rest

Thank you God for everything
And for the two way road
That’s far from home
A home where truth was born
Today, the old day Feb. 19th
Is visiting his home
Where he was born
Mother Earth’s face
Is covered with snow
The bluejay searches for food
And so are human beings
They’re searching for truth
And for healthy food

Truth is here
God and His Nature’s truth
Are sitting on the health food store shelves

Liars, believers and non-believers
The smart and the wise
All stand and wait
On the same long line
To buy and to pay
For God’s and His Nature’s
Everlasting Truth

Thank you God for everything
And for the two way road
That’s far from home
Good God, please bring us home

• Saturday, September 12th, 2009


They called me poor.

I was not poor. I lacked food and clothing

I did not have money; I was not poor

My heart was rich, rich, the same as the heart of the rich

Poor, are beautiful people

Same as the rich, with a rich heart.


They called me poor

with their big sorrow

those who were poor in their hearts

those who always did and still do

stand like a fence between the rich and the poor

stand like a fence between people

who lack clothing and money

and people who have everything

and who have a rich heart.


They call us poor

with their big sorrow

Always, for the first time

they throw us their promises

The second time they throw us

bones with some meat

and for the last time,

through the long century,

again and again, they threw us “clean” bones and dirty hate

a hate which always falls between

what they call, us, the poor,

and the rich, with a rich heart


They called me poor

I was not poor; my heart was rich

rich, the same as those who have

everything, and a rich heart,

POOR, if rich, with a rich

heart, didn’t exist, there

would be no “poor,” and

there wouldn’t be those

who feed us with “clean”

bones and dirty hate

and no one would be able to say

that an animals’ world exists!


They call us poor, and the rich, rich

They feed us with sorrow and hate

POOR, we should never call ourselves, poor

but we should change our life’s

psychology and philosophy,

as quickly as possible

We must stop working, for THOSE,

and supporting and holding

the life’s fence,

between, what they call us,

the poor and the rich.


I wonder, “Who are THEY?”

Throughout the long century

THEY haven’t YET found and established

their first and last name

THEY don’t know any better

because they never worked

and they still don’t work.

They were never poor

and they were never rich,

but they eat, and live,

with an empty, hungry, heart.


World, the young, the poor

and the rich, with a rich heart

you can do it together

You can “turn” this world around

and feed those

who call us, poor, and the rich, rich

with so much less

Young world, God will not punish you

and I’m sure work will not

let them starve, but if it does,

the world will not be held responsible

Poor and rich, with a rich heart

this is my rich life’s philosophy

with one beating heart


They called me poor

those who never stopped flying around

the world, and leaving their eggs

in other birds’ nests, like

the cuckoo birds, and then fly

away, AMERICA, fly away

searching for a new home, a new nest.


Wisdom, here is the world’s answer. At our present time, if the devil were to die, some of us would be happy and some of us would cry.


World Wisdom, the termites are winning.


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• Thursday, April 30th, 2009

My walk around the circle has ended and I find myself still waiting here for quite a long time. I am very pleased. I remem¬ber when one of my chickens laid an egg and it dropped right into my hand. I was then only five years old. I wanted to know, ”Who came first, the chicken or the egg?” When man “walked on the moon and returned to earth, I would have been very curious to know, “In his mind, what did he leave there?” Some geniuses, as we have called them, were born and have died and others continue walking on their road. As I “wait here, I can feel the word “punish” standing behind my back. I am still a little boy closed in with my four chickens in the chicken coop.

As I wait here, I can see that this life is surrounded by beauty. During the night, I make sure that my mind has a break and a good rest, so that when tomorrow’s daylight comes I will be able to reach for the beauty that should not fall from the grip of my hand. I am waiting here, but there’s no one around who can tell me or who can help me. I know that with one question “which has an unsealed door, I will die.

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• Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

War is an unhealthy power
Love is a power
Love is the answer,
What the devil can do,
But the devil doesn’t do,
No matter where you are,
And no matter who you are
And where you’re standing in this world
Drop your gun
Stop fighting
Your love and mine
Our love, will feed the devil
And tell the devil what to do

• Friday, May 25th, 2007


Walking behind ALL
People, please don’t rush
Flying above the birds
Flying above the sky
The drops, the sun the moon the stars
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind ALL
People, don’t be afraid
One drop, the earth’s soil holding in my hand
The soil is not dry
The sun is powerful and warm, as the child’s eyes
Without the moon, what the world can see will dry
Life’s drops are all mine.


Walking behind the Time, the line is long
How can the earth’s soil be dry
When women and children cry
Tear drops are falling down
And they all fall into one drop
The sun, the moon, and the stars
The life’s drops – are all mine.


Walking behind a long line
People, why are you walking away from your home
Please, don’t rush
Those walking sad and in fear
And walking last on line
They will be served first
One drop
The world is mine.

• Wednesday, May 16th, 2007


God is good
God respects and loves
All of his Nature the same
The power of Nature is telling us
“We trust God. We obey God’s laws
And work for God.
As Nature, we work together
For ourselves.”


God is as good as a good teacher
Children in a classroom
Will work with warmth in their heart
For a good teacher
First with their hearts
Then with their minds
We need good teachers
The same way as we need a good God
All Nature obeys God’s laws
And we need teachers who can obey Nature’s laws.


Let’s start to feed the devil with little
Let the devil suffer, but not die
We don’t need a perfect world
We need a better world
Let’s leave the heights of the mountains as they are
Let’s stay away from a perfect love
Pound for pound will be enough
Let the devil suffer, but not die.


God, please tell me what the world doesn’t want to know
Almighty, is it too late to ask?
We can help ourselves and Nature
By working together
For a good God
Together, for ourselves
We cannot work and live, as we live and work
One against all Nature
If we live, as we live, the devil will die.


All Nature obeys God’s laws
This world needs teachers who can obey Nature’s law
Who can teach children and tell the world
“God will not increase his power, for us
Over his Nature’s power,”
Let’s feed the devil with very little
Let the devil suffer
But don’t let him die from hunger.

• Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

(It’s Beginning in the 27th Century and ending in the 21st)


Why, far away from home?
For the very first time I slept and dreamed peacefully about life,
As a tree dreams in the winter,
And as a fruit tree dreams its early spring dream, and blooms and blossoms.
It’s a dream that a fruit dreams in the summer and fall, and it ripens.
A dream, a very last dream.


In my dream, for the very first time,
I let my mind fly and speed,
As free as a bird from its cage could fly,
Underneath the clear, peaceful sky,
And above the blooming and blossoming creeks, rivers, and the deep seas.
I dreamed what I have been searching for since my young days,
My dream is to find love and peace underneath this beautiful sky.
Why, far away from home, in my home?


Far away from home.
It is the first peaceful night,
And the first peaceful dream.
In my dream, no one woke me up,
And no one asked me to write.
I let my mind fly and speed as a mind, but not faster than the speed of daylight,
With the intention of landing,
Before the night closes its eyes.
Speed up as a mind,
But, only, the quickest speed which God had the power to create.


Far away from home, in my home
In my dream, voices of birds, love and peace
Woke me up, before the sunrise.
This happiness made me cry.
I found myself living in a small house,
A house with one door,
A door without a lock.
In my dream, I found the living truth
Existing between the reality and the dream
Far away from home.


Far away from home,
A beautiful morning has risen,
Filled with peace and love.
All nature bloomed and blossomed, like truth.
In my dream, as in my life,
I looked down before I looked up,
And I could tell how happy and peaceful the face of the earth’s soil was.
It was as happy and peaceful,
As a good lover can make
A woman’s face
In the later years of her life.


In my dream, I looked down before I looked up,
And I found the human footprints positioned unusually close to each other.
These footprints made me ponder, “If God created another quicker speed than that of the
human mind, what could IT be?”
I lowered myself to my knees,
And I touched the footprints with my fingers and my mind.
I found the answer to what IT could be
Underneath the footprints


In my dream, a beautiful morning was born.
Forests were covered with large dew tears, love and peace,
And the sun’s healthy rays
Aided the lizards and snakes in removing their winter clothes,
The same as they made me remove mine.
It was the very first moment in my life’s dream
When I could not see anything else in front of my eyes, except the truth, peace, and love God and his nature, truth, peace and love.


It was a peaceful dream, and a peaceful morning
Underneath the crystal-clear, blue sky.
I looked up and I could see
Many angels who were flying very high in the sky
And, flying very low, just above the trees,
Were three angels with large wings,
Holding onto something large and white.
As they flew, far away from home, in their home


I shouted up to them, very loudly,
“Friends, who are you?”
One of them answered,
“Now is the time to say it, “We NEVER WERE, friends.”
The angels flew very low
As they held a blank map of the world in their hands,
The likeness of an animal skin with two large ears, and not too long of a tail


The three angels whose wings were large
Were flying very low.
Two of them held the map of the world, by its shoulders,
And the third one held it by its tail, not willing to release it.
They dropped this map from their hands
And, then, flew away, very low.
I woke up from my beautiful dream,
And I’m unable to stop myself from crying.


World, please, remove your shoes and your socks
And step, with your bare feet,
Onto the face of the earth’s soil.
That answer, to what IT could be,
Will be found there!
Good, almighty God,
It is a long, rough road!
Why, far away from home?

• Tuesday, May 02nd, 2006

A child is unable to tell,
What the old is able to forget.
It is sweet!
Thousands of years ago,
Like yesterday,
And like today,
It is still a sweet taste.
Why has God created soil with rocks,
And meat with bones?
It’s a taste which can be tasted,
For tomorrow, today.
What’s the same between rich and poor?
What is between two rocks,
And between the two bones?
Between the two rocks,
The soil is rich and sweet.
Between the two bones,
Meat is so tasty and sweet,
And it is a taste,
Which can make the rich beg,
Like the poor,
Beg like the poor,
With the same hope and an identical yearning.
It is a taste,
Which helps to turn the world around,
And the flowers to blossom and bloom.
You my love, TO MAKE SURE,
Pray for my soul.
If I could find,
I’d be able to leave,
One answer here,
The answer that the world,
Has not yet found.
My dear love,
It is the one,
I was unable to tell you.
A child is unable to tell,
What the old is able to forget!
And, pray for yourself, as well.