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• Wednesday, November 01st, 2023

Earth is God earth. God and God freedom, was and is here on two way road. Human beings on our one way road, creating our life future. Where we was and were we are today.

• Monday, July 17th, 2023

Human beings was not born and will not be born. Who can succeed for too long? Normally live and normally die without God truth, and that is only life reason why God did not and can not create what human beings create. Too early, and definitely will be too late. President Russian Vladimir Putin can tell China, America, and so on, big and small country can tell. What modern technology never promise to this world. From whole wide world, rich, middle class, and poor will share together, world don’t be afraid, I will tell Nostradamus, God creation, love never will end. World if God live in your heart. From the best will be best, pray and pray.

• Tuesday, May 09th, 2023

World, God people, my first and last life answer is, our Mother Earth and our human bodies, life’s system cannot and will not adopt what devil power and mind create and creating, whole wide world, if you have any positive life answer let today to this world know, almighty God and devil, will be very happy to know and to hear so and I.

• Friday, May 05th, 2023

Good God if whole wide world asking you, one very stupid life’s question. Whole wide world will die smart. This is human life question. Good God, what can you do for us human beings in our lifetime without your creation. Pure nature, life and death power.

• Monday, May 01st, 2023

I can see my life, soon will touch end, two stroke touch my body and mind. I feel responsible to says to whole wide world, before I die, modern technology, what human being create, without God, and his nature, footprint is and will end 100% worse then nothing.

• Thursday, April 27th, 2023

China you can create healthy life history, only with love for God, his earth and sky and please don’t forget China and only and only for yourself. World if God change his mind tomorrow. Water will swim forever on top of the oil.

• Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

Stupid devil education and stupid words, will kill me, and whole wide world.

• Tuesday, March 07th, 2023

World life and God truth is here, whole wide world, can talk, lie, cry and pray, definitely God creation, nature, cannot end and will not forgive. Two thousand four, five, six and on lies will not be accept and survive on this our mother earth. Lies will not succeed, step over twenty second century door step. Yes, long century will take before children is born to be able breathe, clean healthy air, drink healthy, clean water, and eat pure energy, healthy food from God creation, God hand, God land. Oh God, we live in twenty-first century, blind and deaf can tell what lies cannot see and cannot tell yet, God people don’t be afraid, love never will end, sun will set and sun will rise. New grass, dark green will grow, my bones will be dust, my writing words will bloom and blossom, but what I believe for first time on this earth will happen, what modern technology never promised. Rich, poor and middle class will share together, world love God creation, same as love God, only pray and pray.

• Friday, March 03rd, 2023

World stop talking because only one life, healthy question, from whole wide world on this earth exist. Humans beings who you like to serve first Almighty God, or devil power, and mind. World open your mouth and don’t close before life is yours. Thank you God for yours time.

• Monday, February 27th, 2023

World can you tell in our past, where we was and what we did face. February 27, 2023 only life reality can tell and cannot lie where we are today. What we face, God freedom is here.