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• Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Modern technology is dead and deadly power, and so far is best power to lead lost, guilty world. Modern technology possess happy power and is best washing machine, to wash dirty clothes and human minds, in dirty, polluted water to be clean. Human beings, we are lost and guilty world because modern technology does not and cannot lie, death cannot lie, and cannot die, but what death can do, money cannot buy.

• Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, God and his nature love you, and money power, worse world enemy hate you. America before we stop breathe is very important for us to know, how many second, or how many minutes we can live without nature involvement, but if we can criticize nature, also we can criticize, Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she is real nature and so far, ungenetically modified mind.

• Tuesday, July 09th, 2019

Everlasting healthy life psychology and philosophy, first birthday was when God create his nature, and second birthday was when Jesus Christ was born.

• Tuesday, July 09th, 2019

If money does not exist, healthy communism, love and peace, on this earth will exist.

• Tuesday, July 09th, 2019

Modern technology, put most of the world sleep. World which never will, woke up from dream.

• Saturday, July 06th, 2019

America, some republican and democrat exist rich, and very rich, middle class and poor we cannot win any election. Because we cannot donate money, we can only donate our life truth, but we should not worry about because rich and very rich will not let us die. Because we don’t be able vote for them, and work for them, and make them rich, and very rich, again and again.

• Thursday, July 04th, 2019

I Radenko Fanuka support America election 2020. Elizabeth Warren and whole wide world, love, and peace, I am nature, human being. I love and support nature because if I don’t, I could be only perfect stupid. I am not republican, and I am not democrat, but I am American. I love very much America and rest of the world, and I hate, our world politically life psychology and philosophy, which possess same life power, as harmful disease cancer. But one difference is and exist, our life psychology and philosophy will be destroyed, before cancer. America, I will not change my life psychology and philosophy, for whole wide world, money, diamonds and gold, but I love to share my life psychology and philosophy with nature, Elizabeth Warren, and whole wide world, love and peace. Elizabeth Warren is beautiful human being. Big healthy mind, and good warm, also big heart, God does not ask for more, but devil does. To end this world, with World War III.

• Monday, July 01st, 2019

America mother of the world, and rest of the world, in 21st century our present time, world life psychology and philosophy without God and his nature, pure energy, involvement. Possess power, as harmful disease, cancer, but only difference is our life psychology and philosophy will be destroyed before cancer is destroyed.

• Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

My dedication to America election 2020 and on. America we plant America flag on the moon. And I wish we can plant on our mother earth soil, human health, which can be nourished with healthy air, healthy water, and daily healthy, pure nature energy food. Almighty, God, moon, and every existing plant, definitely will love us American all. And I will be able, peacefully die. So and you American will be able peacefully live and peacefully die with America freedom, America flag, plant deep in our hearts. America and rest of the world, healthy life psychology, philosophy and science. In 21st century, how this world live and think, I love to know, what is your discovery and what will be reason if life exist on some existing plant. To accept and love us human being. My discovery is in 21st century present time, our human bodies, cannot except, our human minds, daily lies, above and under, God and his nature law, our human minds turning, 100% worse then nothing. In 21st century, time will be my witness, and will be able tell, worse then nothing.

• Sunday, June 16th, 2019

My dedication to world autistic children and parents of autistic children, you are not loser, God love you. American who make us laugh, and look down. Too many too young, in our cold graves. America what is difference between almighty God power and devil power is, what God create, devil could not. God create nature, and for his nature. Through his nature, everything what healthy life require, on this earth, healthy air, healthy water, and healthy pure nature energy food. Healthcare, medicare, healing, and healers, and pure nature energy teachers, was and still is include everlasting God, and his nature, healthy daily, life reality, law was create love for love. Don’t add don’t take, but make sure share God creation, beautiful healthy life, devil did not like what God create, devil create his own deadly system, money and money power, unmeasurable categories, life poisons, nuclear rockets, bombs and guns, medicine and vaccine, existing deadly economy, big money makers. Economy which cannot stop creating world pollution and also cannot stop creating and nourish known and unknown harmful disease. America and rest of the world, today medicine and vaccine holding key from whole wide world and lead us all, poor middle class and rich on one way dead road, and we are not free to live and we are not free to die, but we are free to suffer before we die. American do we know why God could not create what devil create because this world will not be able exist. America and rest of the world, our daily life reality is real, and is not joke. This world will not be able exist, above and under, God and his nature law better will not come before worst. God people don’t be afraid.