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• Sunday, January 27th, 2019

Unmeasurable life waste, what the rich waste, the poor can live on.

• Friday, January 25th, 2019

American we should help America big birds. Fly with two strong wings before we help our own party, in year 2019. As never before what most of us American think is who will win election 2020. I believe left wing will win. America beautiful birds should fly and land as always used to do with two strong healthy wings. But doesn’t matter who will win election 2020 . Left or right wing, what was plant in past and in last few years will not fall asleep and disappear, but if we American and rest of the world can forget love and peace on every election day like every spring will spruce, bloom, and blossom. God please open life doors for us American and rest of the world on every election day world let’s pray.

• Friday, January 25th, 2019

How long is one way life road, world in 21st century we walking on very unhealthy life road. Most of them scientists and doctors never did discover pure nature energy truth. But what is even worse about is they never did discover they lies between they own bodies and minds. Between human bodies and minds. But if they did discover pure nature energy truth and they lies, lives underneath the sky. Will be able live peaceful, healthy and happy lives. Walkking in round circle on two way life road. How long is one way life road, time will tell.

• Monday, January 21st, 2019

My dedication to America, mother of the world, and world healthy life psychology and philosophy. Pretty quickly America was create and born mother of the world. Born on God land, Mother Earth, God creation, God land. Create only from love and for love. Without any life borders and walls. Just enough land for every creature to be able share healthy and peacefully with love and for love. So far daily life reality underneath the sky exist, why exist because this world still exist. And daily life reality is witness, healthy mother of the world did not build any walls or dividers between they children in this world yet. So far many cold graves underneath the sky exist. But not one grave which could whole wide world share together. Thank you God, and thank you very much. Healthy minds, mothers and fathers of the world, and thank you my second beautiful mother. America mothers of the world, one world grave so far was not create yet, God please help us all in the world.

• Thursday, January 17th, 2019

World what we know, world in our 21st century present time, I cannot find any difference life power between money and sweet, and between most of us human beings and flies. Us, human beings, money power lead, and flies sweet, but only one difference exist sweet power always did and always will help flies, healthy live and survive. But money power never did and never will. Help us human beings, healthy think live and from natural causes die. Money talk and is very sad, most of the world cannot learn, and dead people cannot tell us truth. World what we know.

• Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Times and flies will be able tell too late. Human minds playing life games with nature. And passing thru many nature stop sign. But time and flies will be able tell we will not be able pass thru all of them. Nature stop sign.

• Friday, January 11th, 2019

For long century waste, not too late. Time will be able tell. Modern technology was 100% worse than unfertilized chicken egg.

• Friday, January 11th, 2019

World build the walls, hate will create what love could not for this world. World build the walls, many as you can. Hate will remove them all. This world will be free from love.

• Monday, January 07th, 2019

American and rest of the world, stop flying away from nature, God creation. American we should not worry about expense, how much will cost. Build wall between beautiful Mother America, mother of the world and Mexico. But we should worry so far, what money did, and what money will do to this world is what money will not be able buy and heal for us American and rest of the world. All American together, and only together in our present time, year 2019. Think healthy, and work hard. Help America fly and land with two strong and healthy wings, us always used to do and remove unvisible walls, which was quickly, in few years. Built between us American and some of them big world, walls which was create from unvisible and unmeasurble hate. World again, we can do it, only together destroy world hate without any expense, only and only with our warm beating, healthy and good hearts. Beautiful Mother America, beautiful colorful world from my childhood days, you live in my heart, I love you. Please don’t forget, keep daily on your mind, this few my words, help America. You will help, life underneath the sky.

• Sunday, January 06th, 2019

Oh mighty God let me be wrong. America and rest of the world, what I can remember, from World War II on so far underneath the sky, never did vote for daily healthy, life requirement, pure nature energy life power. Healthy clean air, healthy clean water, and healthy pure nature energy food. Definitely world peace and love will be include. World through all my life, I observe death and deadly power. Deadly economy, poison and hate, leading life underneath the sky. Modern technology is death, and deadly power, new history, speeding with many life promises on one way life road. America and rest of the world, I promising you all speeding on one way road, with one life unpromise, unpromise which will share whole wide world together. My only answer is oh mighty God help us all.