• Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

God this is my first and last life promise, to America and rest of the world. America so far, through our election days, what happened to all of us American. Life reality does not lie. Love and healthy life psychology and philosophy was not involved, was not include. American we can talk, we can fight, we can hate, we can laugh and cry. And we can pray, but God will not promise to us human beings, what human beings, can promise to each other on this earth. American, God will not punish me. What I promising, to us American, and rest of the world, and is my life responsibility to tell without God creation, pure nature energy, life and death power, and without love for love. We American and rest of the world. We could be on this earth, only 100% worse than nothing. God give us everything. Why 100% worse than nothing.

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