• Thursday, June 13th, 2019

America if we bring nature in our school, definitely bible will be include. America almighty God did not write bible. But nature, God creation did write bible, and bible is nature, God creation. 365 pages book, one side of pages is white, and other side dark. White day, and dark night. Two best friend, which never fight, turning world around. Bible is beautiful nature, God creation, which most of us human being, directly and indirectly cannot stop destroying. America bring bible in our school, will be very beautiful and healthy. But without nature, God creation involvement, bible will be very lonely book, sitting in our schools. America bring nature, God creation in our school. Clean, healthy air, clean healthy water, and pure nature energy, healthy food. Dormant seeds, fertilize chicken eggs, flowers, plants, and small trees, pets, animals and birds. 100% definitely, bible will be include. American we will bring, in our schools, for our beautiful children, best healers and teachers. What God could create, also peace of the land, should be create, for children to be able plant flowers, vegetables, small trees, and so on. Playing and planting, is very healthy, free learning, growing and collecting, freedom, health, respect peace, and love for God and his entire nature. Beautiful, colorful America. Beautiful flower and roses. Bible is nature, God creation, create for whole wide world. To be able live together, and share together, love and peace, definitely 100%, beautiful life will be include.

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