• Saturday, June 01st, 2019

America election 2020 doesn’t matter who win, republican or democrat. So far did not make any difference because we American never vote for our bodies system health, healthy air, healthy water, healthy food, and so on and on. We vote mostly for our life, uneducated, unhealthy minds. We vote for our love, money power, and modern technology power is our big love. Definitely we vote for something. What modern technology never promised to us America and rest of the world yet. American our life psychology and philosophy live to far from God creation, pure nature energy, healthy power. American who told us and who teach us how to live. We live only for our, humans unhealthy minds. Minds which cheat our bodies health, everyday with unhealthy air, unhealthy water, and unhealthy food and so on and on. First our bodies then our minds, suffer and starve. America can we tell what is and where is what our bodies and minds, every second through our lifetime required. Most of us American and most of the world in 21st century, eat money and shit genetically modified human lies, but what modern technology did not and will not promise to us American and rest of the world, big possibility in 21st century exist. Whole wide world, will share together, almighty God, help this world peacefully live and peacefully die. I love you, my second mother, beautiful America and beautiful world.

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