• Thursday, March 07th, 2019

My dedication to America senate, health and peace creators. Americans, Republicans and Democrats, I was not the first to say we are what we eat. Almighty God was first, Americans, Democrats and Republicans, we breathe polluted, unhealthy air. Drink polluted daily water, and eat unmeasurable, unhealthy food. Americans we breathe, drink and eat what God could not create because world will not be able exist. American and rest of the world, only two answer, and world life question exist. How much time we have, and who we should follow? God and his nature, pure energy power, or money power, devil power, and mine. Americans and rest of the world this is my psychology, and philosophy answer for today. Asking for less, we can have more. And asking for more, we will lose everything and all. America and rest of the world before is too late can you tell, what is your healthy life psychology and philosophy, answer for future days.

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