• Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

God create earth, his land without hate, borders and walls. America only money, power does can and will destroy the world. America I never did and never will stop love Pope John II, former President Ronald Reagan, and former Russia President Gorbachev, life psychology and philosophy, and removing unmeasurable borders and walls, built from unmeasurable hate between people in this world. America we should not worry about Mexico wall, but we should worry about unmeasurable borders and walls. Which we American built between ourself very quickly from our election day, 2016 on, easy to build, but unmeasurable heart, to remove them from unhealthy human minds and heart. America and rest of the world, history of the hate is our daily witness, how easy is built base of the hate. Unmeasurable borders and walls from hate. And impossible to remove them. With the base, America and rest of the world in 21st century we cannot wait for modern technology hate because this world will not be help, but will be able share what modern technology did not promise yet to this world.

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